Fact or Fiction- Exploring Pest Control Myths

There are old wives tales surrounding so many topics in our lives including pest control and while some may be true (chicken soup can cure a cold), there are some that are just silly. Here are some common pest control myths  used to keep pests away and whether they are true or false.

Can Vinegar Eliminate Fruit Flies?

Cider vinegar
“You can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar” has been said for decades. Fruit flies are often attracted to your kitchen by the sweetness of rotting fruits. A cup of vinegar with plastic wrap (with a small hole) is incredibly effective in combatting a fruit fly infestation. Fruit flies cannot resist the smell of fermentation and since apple cider vinegar is from fermented apples, it is the perfect trap. Heat the vinegar beforehand to release more of its fragrance.

Spray Peppermint Oil on Webs to Eliminate Spiders

Essential mint oil
According to several online sources, spiders do not like the smell of peppermint, so by spraying it on their webs you are forcing the spider to abandon their web and move on. Sure, a spider may abandon their current web but they are more likely to set up in another area after the smell has deterred. This isn’t exactly solving the problem.

Place a Penny in a Bag of Water to Repel Mosquitoes and Flies

This has been attempted several times over the last few years after gaining popularity online as a natural way to keep unwanted pests away from your picnic. While some posts have been positive, no scientific proof has been shared regarding the reasons such repellant would actually work. In fact, some scientists have suggested that a penny in a bag may end up attracting pests rather than deterring them.

Bait Your Mousetrap With Cheese

Thanks to classic TV and cartoons, we all believe that the only way a mouse will ever go near a mouse trap is if it is attached to a cube of cheese. The truth is, mice actually prefer peanut butter.

There are many more wives tales regarding pest control that can be found online, while some may be true, some are false and can worsen a problem. If you are unsure about a pest issue, call your local Truly Nolen Canada pest professional to schedule an inspection. Proudly serving: Dundas, Ancaster, Oakville, Hamilton and Burlington.