How to rodent proof your property.

House mouse

Approaching winter it is important to begin thinking about wildlife looking to your home as a safe and warm place to build their nests. Make sure to properly prepare for rodents because the best deterrent is to prevent them from even entering your home.

Clean the crawl space, basement, attic.

These three areas are hotspots for rodent infestation. Most of the time mice and other small mammals will make their way to these areas because they’re dark with very little human activity. Organize your crawl space and remove any clutter. Excess trash or unorganized areas are great spots for rodents to hide. Really go through things. Old newspapers, cardboard and clothing can attract mice for nest building materials. Also, get rid of any old kitchen equipment. There still may be food residue that rodents can smell and seek out. Properly cover or tie back any loose wires. Rodents might chew through electrical cords causing fire. Neatness doesn’t only deter rodents from settling in that area, but also make them easier to spot if they end up there.

Look around the outside of your building.

Small holes and cracks are the most common entry points for rodents. During the fall they will be looking for warm and inviting places, such as your home, to build a nest and hide out for the winter. MAke sure your roof has no hole sunder shingles or around the soffit. There can be tears in the siding. As well you might have small spaces at the foundation, around doors and windows. It doesn’t take a very large space for rodents to make their way through and into your attic. Cover vents with durable material making it difficult for rodents to chew through. Seal space around pipes and wires leading in your home.

Trim back tree branches and bushes away from home.

Rodents are every versatile. They can climb and leap. Overhanging trees gives them easy access to your roof or upper levels of your home. Also, vegetation attracts more natural food sources for rodents such as bugs, fruits and seeds. You want to make your property difficult for rodents to survive on so they do not end up deciding your home is the place to be.

House Mouse

Get rid of minor infestations.

Maybe rodents have already been living in your home. If you discover this make sure to get rid of any current infestations before the winter. This is also a good sign that there are entry points around the outside of your property. If one or two mice can get in that means there could be plenty more. Be thorough while removing infestations. Don’t be fooled once you take out one mouse. There will always be more. Call a professional to determine the full removal of all wildlife intruders.

Pick up after any past rodent problems.

Properly disinfect from any past rodent problems. They may have left behind contaminated areas covered in droppings and urine that spreads disease and bacteria. When removing potentially dangerous contaminates wear safety equipment so you’re not breathing in spores disturbed from the dust. Nests can be a huge mess as well. Sometimes mice might even live in another’s vacant nest. Get rid of anything like this. But, be safe when doing so. Be warey of do-it-yourself solutions. Sometimes they can result in bigger problems. Follow the instructions on chemical containers so you’re not putting anyone in danger.

Clean the garage.

The garage is the most exposed to the outdoors. Wildlife can easily sneak in through holes in outside walls, under the door or run in while doors are open. Get rid of clutter, give everything a sweep and sanitize garbage areas. Trash has food particles that attract rodents. Give the area a scrub with disinfectant to kill off an odours. Dust out the back corners. Don’t give rodents anywhere to hide.

Winterize the garden.

Rake the lawn, trim trees and bushes, and tie back plantation. These areas are giving natural environments for rodents to live. You don’t want them on your property at all. So, reducing these options can limit mouse populations in your area. Put away your bird feeder. These seeds can attracts rodents from all over the neighbourhood.

Sudbury pest control.

If you don’t properly prepare for rodents during the winter then you may end up with a large infestation of mice or rats. At first sight of any problems call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.