Learn More About Ontario’s Interesting Spiders

With thousands of spider species inhabiting Canada, it may be surprising to learn that only two species are considered dangerous, the Brown recluse and Black Widow spiders. Each of these spiders possess venomous bites that can cause severe reactions- anything from swelling and tissue necrosis to fever and loss of consciousness. Luckily, even though these spiders are known to call Ontario home, it is still quite rare to have an encounter with one. The more common species seen in Ontario are the House spider, the Zebra spider and the Black-footed spider. Thought common, these spiders are considered harmless to humans. But, how can you tell if the spider in your home is dangerous or not? What should you do if you feel unsafe with all of the spiders in your home? Truly Nolen provides some indoor spider control tips along with necessary precautions against toxic bites.

Common Spiders Hiding in Your Home

The most common spiders found in Ontario, along with their defining features and behaviours, include:

Black-Footed Spider – Also known as the Yellow Sac Spider, this harmless spider came to Canada from Southern Europe, and has made a home for itself in Ontario. Though painful, their bites are rare and not considered harmful to humans. Yellow Sac uses the silk web to create nests but hunts its prey actively. As a typical nocturnal spider, you’re most likely to discover it in the open spots when you turn the lights on in the middle of the night.

House Spider – Another common species who will rarely bite humans, but in the rare case a bite occurs, it can create a painful and slow healing wound. You’ll often find their webs in the corners of the walls, in basements and attics. Male house spiders have orange legs, while the females have yellow legs.

Zebra Spider – The Zebra spider actively hunts, and is known for its jumping motions. You’ll often find them on walls either inside your home or outside. They don’t spin webs but hide in dark and hidden corners, waiting to pounce on their prey. They also possess a truly remarkable 360-degree field of vision.

Brown Recluse – One of the few dangerous species of spiders in Ontario. They inhabit dry hidden areas, often inside clothes that hang in the closet for a long time. Its web is mainly their home, not a means of trapping their prey. They are active hunter and are known for their violin-like markings in the midsection of the body. In the event that a Brown Recluse bites a human, it creates a wound which will take a long time to heal. At first, they cause a painful sensation and blistering. Later, the tissue around the blister becomes necrotic, and the wound turns into an ulcer-like sore which could have severe impacts on the area where the bite occurred. A Brown Recluse bite is venomous, and one should seek immediate medical attention after being bitten.

Black Widow – The Black Widow is one of the most famous poisonous spiders, mainly because the strength of its venom and the severity of the bite contrasts their size. Though small and almost unnoticeable, Black Widows have painful bites and which can cause a severe illness. Black widows normally feed on insects, but their venom demands urgent medical attention in humans. It causes sweating, dizziness, increased blood pressure and body temperature, as well as pain, nausea, and blurred vision. Though rarely fatal, Black Widow’s bite can endanger the lives of smaller children.

Unsure Which Spider is in Your Home? Call Truly Nolen Canada

If you feel alarmed by the number of spiders coming out of cracks in your walls, expert indoor spider control is the best way to get your home back in order. Truly Nolen technicians will assess the situation in your home, removing the spiders in a safe and ethical way if necessary.