Is Your Niagara Workplace a Pest Risk? Call in the Experts

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Pests are common workplace invaders. As companies in Niagara are finding out: they aren’t just a hindrance to everyday operations, they can create serious employee safety concerns and damage your reputation with customers. Therefore, it’s important to get a handle on pest issues before they become a full-blown infestation. If your workplace is at risk, it’s time to get in touch with pest control experts and implement some much-needed protocols.

Dealing with Pests at Your Workplace

A common misconception regarding pests infers that only untidy, disorderly locations will get infested. However, not all pests engage in the same behaviour. Most bugs enter into facilities either by hitchhiking with an unsuspecting employee or through vulnerabilities which allow them access to food and shelter. Therefore, dealing with pests needs to go beyond maintaining an outward appearance of tidiness. Much like other aspects of business, there must be comprehensive procedures for inspection, identification, and treatment of pests. 

Truly Nolen’s Three Zone Protocol

Along with our experienced technical team, Truly Nolen has developed a pest management system that: 

  • Identifies key problem areas for effective treatment analysis
  • Provides a cost-efficient solution for targeted pest control 
  • Does not intrude on customer or their client’s work schedule

The Three Zone Protocol enables complete and thorough treatment by setting up cohesive procedures for your business and Truly Nolen technicians. Given chemicals and pesticides might have to be used, the protocols allow for an environmentally conscious approach to treat every concern without wastage. 

The protocol makes use of zonal distribution to pattern out inspection, containment and treatment procedures. The assigned zones are as follows:

  • The Red Zone: Includes locations with customer/client access where discreet pest management protocols are required. For example; entry areas, elevators, lobbies, reception, restrooms, cafeteria, etc. 
  • The Yellow Zone: Focuses on areas which are susceptible to infestation requiring proactive inspection and control protocols. For example; Employee workstations, locker rooms, kitchen, storage units, etc.
  • The Green Zone: Areas exterior to the main building that could manufacture an infestation. For example; Porches, gardens, patios, structural pillars, trash cans, etc. 

Pest control in Niagara is made simpler for businesses and their employee through this zonal approach. It helps build protocols suited for the region and secure against overlooked signs of pest activity. 

Making Pest Control A Business Practice 

Keeping your workplace pest-free all year around will require assistance from your employees. By creating an environment for staff to share their pest-related concerns or possibilities of non-punishable disclosure of household pest infestations, businesses can secure themselves more thoroughly. It would enable the management team to build realistic and effective protocols to create a safe and pest-free environment. 

As much as protecting yourself is important, ineffective targeting of pests will be a waste of resources and can lead to negligence of areas that need attention. A company’s pest management needs are determined by its operation, location, infrastructure, and employees. Without an understanding of those elements and how they can be an asset or a vulnerability, proper protocols cannot be developed. 

Truly Nolen’s team for pest control in Niagara can help brief staff members and members about the best IPM practices depending on your industry and its requirements. Training sessions will help identify hot spots around your facility, assess pests which can target them and how to contain in case infestation seems likely. Get in contact to learn about how we can help you with your pest control management.