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Bugs that bite

An insect’s ability to bite is what makes them scary to lots of people. Nobody wants to be bitten by a bug. They usually result in itchiness, swelling or worse. Heading into summer it’s good to be aware of the types of bugs that can bite.

Mosquitoes and flies

Canada is becoming known for its mosquito populations. In the spring, mosquitoes and flies are born and can be a real nuisance especially when travelling north to cottage country. Although some mosquitoes may carry west nile or other diseases, most of the time these insects are more annoying with them buzzing and flying around your face. Also, mosquito and fly bites are itchy and can be quite irritating.

Mosquito and fly bites are small red blemishes on the skin. They are commonly itchy and can form into a bump when swollen. Female mosquitoes do most of the biting. They have a piercing mouthpart they use to extract your blood. For children and people with immune system disorders, mosquito and fly bites may be dangerous or look different than bites on adults.

Bees and Wasps

Lots of people are terrified of bees and wasps. However, they will only really bite if they are provoked or feel like they’re in danger. So most of the time when people are panicked and swatting at bees and wasps flying close to them is not the best approach to avoiding stings. Their bites can be very painful and result in significant swelling of the area.

Bee and wasps stings can be dangerous especially for people with allergies. It can affect their respiratory system and can be critical to individuals with severe allergies. Bites can be treated with ice packs to reduce swelling and itchy. Upon being stung, immediately remove and stingers left over. Taking allergy medication can also reduce any swelling or side effects from the bite. If you have an allergy or experience any problem breathing immediately seek medical attention.


There are many different species of spiders and every type may have different bites and severity of side effects. Some species of spider may even be poisonous and any expected bites from these should be properly treated by medical professionals. However, many spiders found in common Canadian homes will probably only leave small bites and can even go unnoticed by the victim.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are usually found in dirty or unsanitary bedrooms. They live on mattresses or in sheets waiting for a host to lay down. Bed bugs will feast on blood of people sleeping in infested rooms. A bite is a small red blemish that is itchy. You can see if there have been bed bugs if there are small blood spots on the sheets. You can also spot the small bugs in the seams of the mattress or other crevices around the bed.

Treating insect bites

Always begin treating insect bites by cleaning the wound. Remove any stingers or other insect parts that might have been left behind after the bug bite. Clean the bite using soap and water or alcohol wipes. Any swelling can be reduced with a cold compress. Swelling may take a few days or weeks to completely go away and itchiness will remain for several days. Itchiness can be controlled with antihistamine creams for bites and stings.

Seek medical attention if the swelling or pain is so bad it prevents you from everyday duties. Or if the swelling continues to worsen more than a day after the bite. Some bites may also become infected and need medication to properly treat the area.

Hamilton pest removal

If you notice insects have taken over parts of your home, you may be hosting a larger insect infestation. These can be bad if insects bite individuals with health concerns. If insect populations become an issue in your building make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

How to properly clean a BBQ.

Most rodents and pests are attracted to the allure of food and all their smells. A barbeque is an outdoor space where we cook delicious foods on our grill. But, because it’s already outdoors, those smells are a lot stronger to rodents looking for a quick snack. A lot of BBQs are open around the bottom of the grill or have small holes where pests can crawl through in search for food. It’s important to properly clean your grill.

Always cover your BBQ.

Most BBQs come with covers when they’re new. These covers are always great to use as a first line of defense against pests. It covers any points of entry around the sides and tops of the grill. After your BBQ has cooled down from recent use, place the cover over the grill making sure it protects most of the area. Covers also protect BBQs from the elements like wind and rain.

Properly clean your BBQ.

After using the grill make sure to scrape off any food that might of gotten stuck or fallen. This is just regular maintenance of a barbeque. However, it’s good to do a thorough clean every month or so to make sure there is no food or grease that has fallen or been stuck to surfaces in the BBQ. Make sure to spot clean after use. Before every use make sure to turn the grill up to high so any excess grime can be easily scraped away.

Give the grates a good scrub with a BBQ brush.

This will remove any excess food that might have been left over from any recent cooking. Scrubbing has the best results when the grill is hot or warm when food particles might of softened. You should use a wire brush, especially if the grill is hot. BBQs even allow you to remove the grill so you can give them a good wash with soap and water. Just in this circumstance it’s be to make sure the grill is cool. Allow them to properly dry before using next.

Remove and wash the burner protectors.

Under the grill, the burner protectors are like sloped piece of iron designed to deflect fallen debris away from the hot area of the grill. Loose food can result in fire or strange smokes coming from the BBQ. When removing them, make sure the BBQ is off. Grease may have fallen onto this surface. Use a hot water and wire scrub to give them a good clean.

Wipe dirt from the burners.

Once the burner protectors are removed, you will be able to see all the loose food that has fallen below the grill. Scoop it out and throw it away. Make sure the area is not hot before handling any pieces. Wipe the area with soap warm water. Make sure to rinse all the soap and filth away before reassembling the BBQ.

St Catharines Pest Control

Leftover food from your BBQ is a prime target for most pests and insects. It’s easy for them to access. If you BBQ is close to you house, then you are attracting creatures that might want to live in your home. If you notice any signs of infestation make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

Opening the cottage and things to look out for.

Many of our cottages are in areas with high wildlife populations. The middle of the woods is the perfect tranquille place to enjoy some a relaxing weekend. However, there are lots of things to watch out for when spending time so close to mice, rats and insects. Upon your first cottage visit of the season you might notice rodents or insects living in the area to avoid the cold winter temperatures. Pest nests are the last thing you want to deal with when you’re trying to relax this summer.

Animal poo in cottage

This is one of the first signs there have been animals living in your vacant cottage. Mice and rats might have made the space their own, roaming the building at their own free will. Droppings are an easy identifier to if you have any sort of infestation concern. One or two small droppings might not be worth worrying too much about. But, large collections of feces could be a real concerns. This means there could be a nest nearby. Mouse droppings are small dark pellets resembling rice. If you find this you might want to have a closer look at the area and try to identify any problems.

Search for points of entry.

Pests can easily fit through tiny holes in exterior walls of your cottage. If you haven’t properly sealed every crack and hole, then you might have rodent problems. An entry point for rodents is easy to identify due to the worn edge or grease that mice and rats leave when brushing against objects. It’s best to try and fix these issues in the fall before closing the cottage for the winter. But, when you first get up there in the spring have a walk around. Look and see if there are any potential points of entry.

Things to consider checking when opening the cottage.

Look to make sure there hasn’t been any damage to the property. There could be fallen trees or power lines due to heavy snow or winds. They could have fallen through the roof of your cottage and made the area incredibly unsafe. Always check to make sure the area is safe before entering the cottage.

Make sure there isn’t anything blocking the chimney or electrical lines. Once you get the cottage started this may cause issues with air flow. A blocked chimney or electrical lines could cause a fire.

Make sure nothing has started to live under the deck. Have a look under the cottage. Sometimes larger pests might have built their nest down there. It’s best to remove any potential infestations.

Inspect in the cupboard and closets for mice droppings. Rodents can sneak into tight spaces and the might be running through cupboards in the kitchen to get food that might have fallen behind appliances.

Look at ceiling and walls for water leaks. Water damage to a building could be one of the worst things you can have. Once there’s moisture, mold can spread and it can do serious damage to your cottage.

Oakville Pest Control

It’s never a good idea to take infestation removal into your own hands. Many things can go wrong with DIY wildlife removal. So, even up at the cottage if you discover signs of pest infestation contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

When do cockroaches come out?


As the weather gets warmer the prospect of cockroaches grows. Cockroaches generally prefer warmer moist climates. So, with humid summer temperatures, cockroaches can be a reality in your home.

Cockroaches are versatile.

Cockroaches will eat anything and survive in most climate. They’re commonly found near garbage cans as these are the easiest place to find food. Cockroaches can survive off very little water and can multiply really fast. Over the course of a summer your cockroach problem can easily change into an infestation.

Cockroaches can get into really tight spaces. They have the ability to flatten to ridiculous levels making it simple for them to crawl under doors and kitchen appliances. Also, cockroaches are nocturnal and seem to afraid of light. This is why we see them scurry after we turn on the light. In most circumstance cockroaches will come out at night.

Summer is cockroach season.

During colder months cockroaches will hide and build nests in walls or other warm places. There are many species of cockroach that are affected by the change in temperature. However, this might not make much of a difference in highly populated areas. New Yorkers can experience cockroaches at any time of the year.

The best way to prevent cockroaches is by keeping your house clean, especially the kitchen. Most of the time cockroaches are flocking into buildings in search for food. Your kitchen is the easiest place for them to find something to eat.

Cockroaches produce a bad odour when in larger numbers.

If one cockroach has found an abundance of food and water, it’s only a matter of time before others start to follow. Cockroaches will spend colder months in clusters behind baseboards and drawers, in cracks around cabinets and closets ad under the sink, stove or fridge.

Seeing cockroaches is another sign you may have an infestation. Spotting any insect visitors should lead to further investigation into where they might be hiding or getting in. It’s always best to keep areas of your home clean and it will prevent them from coming in numbers.

Identifying roach feces is important if you suspect a problem. Roach feces can vary depending on species, but most of them can be identified as tiny specks of pepper to brown stains to coffee grounds to oval pellets.

Finding roach eggs is nothing but bad news. If you find eggs or egg cases you can be dealing with a larger number of cockroaches in your building. Oblong brown casings can be seen soon after baby roaches are hatched. Sometimes you might even find untouched roach eggs stuck to hidden areas.

Merrickville cockroach removal

Sometimes a cockroach infestation can be difficult to stop or identify. They do a lot of their activity in the cloak of darkness. But, if you discover any of the signs for cockroaches make sure to immediately contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

A rodent’s favourite part of your kitchen

Rodents like kitchens because it’s the pace in the house with the most food. Mice and rats will make nests that have easy access to the kitchen. It’s important to keep the area clean. But, the best rodent control method is to stop it from even starting and sealing any points of entry on outside of the building. Rodents have their eyes on your kitchen. Here’s some of their favourite items.

Loose food in the cupboards

Grains, rice and cereal are part of their diet. If you make it easy for mice to find a meal, then they will infest your house. Sometimes cupboards can be difficult to keep clean. Things may spill or fall over, but you can’t see it because it’s hidden by the cupboard doors. Soft materials are easy for rodents to chew through. Plastic, paper and other soft packaging can be gnawed and chewed on by rodents. It’s best to store loose food into a resealable container. Glass jars with screw lids are the most efficient way to properly store food.

Mouse droppings can easily contaminate your food supply. If mice are in your cupboards, then they’re probably leave droppings. These can soak into food and contaminate the area. This can make people living in the house sick and spread different diseases and parasites.

Crumbs on the floor

It’s easy to just wipe crumbs and other garbage onto the floor. You should regularly be sweeping the floor and mopping up any food spillage. Leaving crumbs and waste on the floor makes it’s way too easy for rodents to get a quick meal.

Crumbs can also lead to other problems with insects. Keeping a clean kitchen is important to pest control. Using all purpose sanitizer can be enough to clean surfaces and cupboards. A simple wipe with warm water and soap can also simply clean any area. Make sure to tidy up any dirty dishes after eating. These can leave stains and other messes behind. Keep it clean.

Garbage under the sink

Under the sink the a hotspot for rodent activity. Rats are attracted to the dark damp area and easy access to water. Mice follow pipes through the wall ending under the sink. But, the most appetizing thing about under the sink is the garbage. There can be a lot of food waste or containers that have food traces on. Rodents have no preference on where they get food from. Garbage will do just fine as well.

It’s recommended to purchase garbage containers with locking lids. This can make it difficult for rodents to access the garbage. Also, garbage containers made of softer materials can easily be manipulated and chewed through. Make sure to take food waste out immediately after tidying the kitchen. Any smells or easily accessible food will attract rodents to your kitchen.

Halifax rodent control

The kitchen is the most attractive place to a rodent. There are many easy sources for them to find food. If you discover rodents in the kitchen makes sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.


Businesses with rodent problems

Many businesses have different problems. Rodents are just a reality of most business. But, it’s important they maintain a clean environment and have regular inspections to make sure they’re up to code.

Restaurants, bars and cafe

Businesses that serve food have always been susceptible to rodent infestations. Although we don’t like to think of mice and rats in our favourite restaurants, rodents are inevitable to finding a way into kitchens. It’s up to the restaurant management to be on top of any potential rodent problems.

Areas storing food and garbage should be properly sealed off from the outside. If you allow space for rodents to enter, they will come and contaminate food supplies. There are several guidelines restaurant staff must follow in minimizing infestations. Every year restaurants undergo vigourous health and safety inspections. Each business must post their where customers can see it. Low scores might mean business have to close until they correct any issues.

Grocery Stores

Again, food, food, food. Rodents love warm safe places with an easy access to food. Grocery stores have the most food to offer for rodents to easily slip inside and make their home. Any size infestation can result in mass food contamination. Pests and rodents carry lots of various diseases and parasites that can spoil food items. 

Mouse droppings can seep and ooze through packaging and contaminate food. This can be a huge problem for grocery stores. Once contamination develops it can spread through different food items and can overcome the store.


Hotels are usually quite large buildings. They can be difficult to coordinate and make sure rodents cannot enter at any point. Hotels take a lot of cleaning. If some rooms are left untidy they can be an easy place for rodents to nest. The building can easily start to slip below a standard and when this happens rodent might find their way to the hotel.

Rodents are a sign of a dirty area. This can be one of the worst reputation for any hotel. Nobody will stay somewhere with negative reviews. Especially online reviews can severely harm business.


Schools are another place that is difficult to keep clean. There are many different people and children especially are normally untidy people. They might leave old pieces of rotten food in their locker or desk. These smells can attract rodents.

Not to mention all of the soft materials rodents can use to build nests. Paper and cardboard are the best materials for mouse and rat nests. As long as there’s a regular food supply, then there will always be rodents not too far away.

Farms, campsites and other outdoor business

Any sort of building that is close to a wooded area will attract wildlife. In the winter rodents will be looking for a warm place to hide. These outdoor buildings are easy for rodents to get into. Unfortunately this is a reality for these types of business. Being directly connected to the outdoors opens your doors to rodents and other wildlife to nest in that area.

Saskatoon rodent removal

Rodents are mostly attracted to food. They will go anywhere that has an easy access to food. If you discover any evidence of rodent infestation make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

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What’s the difference between a wasp and a hornet?


When there are yellow and black insects buzzing around your property it can be scary. Also, it’s difficult to determine what kind of infestation you might have. To properly remove any insects problems it’s important to figure out exactly what you’re dealing with.


A wasp can be identified as any insect considered a Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita. The most common type of wasp is a yellow jacket. They are in the Vespidae family and are eurosocial where they live in a bg nest with an egg-laying queen and non-reproducing workers. Wasps first appeared as a fossil in the Jurassic period.

There are two common types of wasps.

The social wasp constructs a nest using wood pulp , mud, plant secretions and secretions from the wasps themselves. Many materials are collected and constructed into a honeycomb pattern, often surrounded by a protective layer. Locations of nest vary from specie to specie. Yellow jackets prefer to nest in trees and shrubs. Other wasps like to nest in cavities in the ground, spaces under homes, wall cavities or in lofts. Social wasps all live together in the nest.

The solitary wasp forages alone after mating. It only builds a nest for the benefit of its own offspring. Some solitary wasps might nest in small groups, but each wasp is responsible for caring for its offspring. Also, they might build communal nests and each insect will have their own cell. Most adult solitary wasps spend their time preparing nests and foraging for food.

Paper Wasp


It’s kind of confusing because hornets are actually considered wasps. They’re the largest of the eurosocial wasp and look similar to yellow jackets. The most obvious difference in appearance is a large top margin of the head and a rounded abdomen behind the waist. A hornet is considered a social wasp, so they build communal nests by chewing wood to make a papery pulp. Many build their nests in trees and shrubs, but can be found in other cavities. Hornets are known as aggressive insects especially when threatened.

In the spring a female hornet known as the queen selects a place to begin building a nest. She builds cells arranged in horizontal layers named combs. She lays an egg in each cell. After about a week the egg hatches and the larvae undergoes its five stages. The first generation of workers will take over the duties of the queen. Once the nest is complete the queen begins to produce reproductive hornets and the process begins again.

The main difference between hornets and wasps.

The best way to tell the difference between hornets and wasps is by colony size. A wasp colony tends to be smaller with fewer than 100 individuals. Hornet colonies are much larger. It’s quite difficult to tell the difference between the insects by appearance. Their nest shape and placement is another good indicator.

Wasps build nests that are open and suspended from solid objects in protected area such as an eaves or covered porch. Hornets build large fully enclosed nests on trees or in shrubs. Both wasps and hornets will become aggressive if they feel their home is threatened. 

Get rid of wasps in Hamilton.

Wasps and hornets can be dangerous especially for people with allergies or young children. If you see a lot of wasps around your property there’s probably a nest nearby. A the first sign of any problem contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

How firewood can bring pests into your home.


Many people use fireplaces to heat their home in the winter. This involves bringing wood in from the outdoors. It’s quite simple for pests to hitchhike on a piece of wood and find their way into your home. Many creatures live in and feed on wood.

How to know if your firewood is infested.

There are two major pests that can be found in firewood those that feed on wood and those who infest wood for shelter. Many insects will find shelter under the bark or in hollow logs. Different types of beetles, overwintering wasps and wood cockroaches can all be found in logs. They become more active after your home warms them up. The best thing to do is get rid of them as quick as possible. A single insect might not lead to infestation, but if they have time to develop a colony your might have bigger problems.

Pests that eat wood can be a huge problem for homeowners. Once brought inside they can find their way into the walls or floors. Once inside they will eat away at wooden structures. This can cause major structural problems for your home. Termites and carpenter ants are often confused for each other. But, both are equally bad for your home.

How to avoid pests hitching on firewood.

Don’t stack firewood in or close to house. Pests can easily make their way into your home if they’re given an avenue to get in. Wood-boring insects can easily tunnel from wood to wood. If logs are touching wood in your home then you’re making it easy for pests to get in.

Keep firewood away from trees. They might easily take of the living trees in your yard and kill them.

Stack firewood off the ground. You want to keep the wood as dry as possible. Moisture attracts a lot of pests you don’t want around your home. Placing it on bricks, concrete blocks or grate can give some space so they attract insects.

Cover firewood when not being used. In the summer or spring you should cover firewood preventing creatures from overwintering when the weather cools in the fall. Stacking freshly cut wood in the sun will get rid of any pests.

Use the oldest wood first. The longer it sits outside the bigger possibility pests might be living in the logs. Restack the wood periodically. This will disturb pests and prevent infestations from building up.

Use only local firewood. This way you know what types of insects could be found on the wood. You don’t want to introduce random insects in your yard. Insects might also crawl out and breed in new areas.

Inspect each log before bringing it inside. If you can spot pests early on you can control the surface insects from getting into your home. Try your best to inspect them for signs of infestation. Shake them and knock them together.

Burn wood after bringing it inside. Don’t let it sit in your house. This will give insects more opportunity to travel from the log to your home. Keep wood in a cool place. When the logs warm up creatures will start to come out of their winter slumbers. Only bring in what you think you’re going to burn.

Pest control Burlington

With the colder weather homeowners are spending more time around the fireplace. But, bring logs indoors gives an opportunity for insects a chance to make your home their home. At the first sign of infestation contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

How a proper home inspection can solve a carpenter ant problem.


Carpenter ants are an insect that can do major structural damage to your home. They’re known for extracting large segments of wood to build their nests. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. The remove wood in the form of shavings to construct large galleries to house colonies. These nests can weaken wooden structures. If carpenter ants have gained access to your home they could be carving large segments of wood out of your walls, floor and ceiling.

Carpenter ants love moisture.

You will likely find carpenter ants in areas where moisture has built up. At first sighting it’s important to contact a pest control professional as well as someone who specializes in roofing or tree trimming. Carpenter ant control starts with determining where the moisture is inside your home. It could be leaking from the roof. Clogged gutters can have moisture build up and soften the material around the eaves. Water could be getting in through here. Keep an eye out for discolouration in the ceiling.

Fixing the source of the moisture can help control the ant problem. Reducing the moisture takes away the soft wood carpenter ants look for. Many pest control professionals have simple prevention strategies to help eliminate resident ant colonies. You should always begin by fixing the leak, then removing any insect problems. Not fixing the water problem will just be inviting to more carpenter ants.

Identifying carpenter ants.

Colour: Red, black or a similar shade.
Shape: Segments with oval abdomen and boxy thin thorax. Their tops have a smooth and even curve.
Size: Approximately ⅜’ to ½’.
Wing: Most workers do not have wings, but some males drones have them.

Where do I find carpenter ants?

Mostly in or around moist wooden structures. It’s possible to find the ants in these areas:

        • Carpets
        • Patios and foundations.
        • Areas with vegetation.
        • Floors


Carpenter ants are difficult to spot.

Apart from their size, it can be hard to distinguish the difference between carpenter ants and other species. Although there are a few signs that appear if you have a larger infestation. Sometimes you can spot workers foraging for food. Seeing swarmers can be a sign of larger problems. Winged carpenter ants develop once the colony is mature and it’s time to search for new locations. Carpenter ants also leave a lot of debris outside holes made in the wood. Rough wood shavings mixed with parts of dead ants can indicate a larger nest. There might also be times you can hear ants rustling behind walls or in the structures.

Pest control Ancaster

Regular pest control for carpenter ants is usually a good idea. Most of the time they can build mature colonies behind walls without homeowners even knowing. If you discover moisture in your house take a quick check of the area for carpenter ant damage. If you find anything that looks like it could be a problem contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.

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