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Pest Control

As winter settles in, you may notice a significant decrease in pest activity. While this is true, infestations are still common. Truly Nolen offers winter pest control solutions that will eliminate any current invasions and prevent future ones. To learn everything you need to know about our removal services in Guelph, contact us today! More on Guelph Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

Whether you are having a campfire, spending time on your patio or firing up the barbeque, you deserve a space that is free of pests. The professionals at Truly Nolen can help prevent and remove any pests like rats, carpenter ants and mosquitoes that are residing in or around your home in Guelph. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

When spring arrives, carpenter ants come out of their dormant state. If your home in Guelph is not properly protected, they may choose your home to wreak havoc upon. Contact Truly Nolen today to learn about our carpenter ant removal services.

Bed bugs favour warm environments, so once the spring arrives, don’t let your guard down. Truly Nolen provides professional treatment and prevention techniques for homes and businesses in Guelph! Contact us today to ensure you enjoy a bedbug-free spring. More on Guelph Bed Bug Control.

While many animals hibernate or fly south for the winter, rodents do everything they can to find a warm place to stay. These critters are capable of invading your home and spreading dangerous diseases. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from protecting your home. If you require a professional rodent removal service in Guelph, Truly Nolen is the place to call. More on Guelph Rodent Control.

Bees and wasps are insects that almost no one wants to deal with, but in the summer, you can find them everywhere. If you have found a nest on your property in Guelph, be sure to give Truly Nolen a call immediately. Our team of trained professionals will safely remove the nest from your property and provide you with tips to prevent future intrusions. Contact us today to learn more. More on Guelph Bee and Was Control.

Most pests thrive throughout the summer and it is no different for spiders. In order to ensure that your home remains spider-free, you should contact Truly Nolen. We offer proven pest removal techniques and prevention services in Guelph. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.  More on Guelph Spider Control.

News & Notes

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family. This is why we use innovative treatment protocols that keep your family and the environment in mind. Contact Truly Nolen today to learn more about our Integrated Pest Management approach and how it can keep your family safe this summer.

Rodent Control

While many animals hibernate or fly south for the winter, rodents do everything they can to find a warm place to stay. These critters are capable of invading your home and spreading dangerous diseases. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from protecting your home. If you require a professional rodent removal service in Guelph, Truly Nolen is the place to call. More on Guelph Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Guelph, ON

Guelph, Ontario is a clean, safe city with picturesque scenery and a rich culture. The city’s nickname is The Royal City. This would be well-earned even if it was not named to honour the ancestral family of the monarchy. As the third-fastest growing city in Ontario, Guelph is opening its doors to the many who are moving for business and educational opportunities, outdoor recreation and community events. With a community that offers physical and financial security as a backdrop, residents enjoy a variety of social activities.

There are many positive factors that come with a quickly growing area like Guelph, such as increased population, better public services, more business opportunities and updated recreational spaces. Unfortunately, a growing city disturbs animals, spiders and insects that were previously living in nature. When a construction project scares these critters out of their homes, they look for somewhere new to live; and they might see your home as the perfect place to settle.

Here at Truly Nolen, we have seen new and long-time Guelph residents alike who find themselves with an infestation of rodents, spiders, bees, wasps, ants or bed bugs. Some unlucky people are dealing with infestations of more than one type of pest. There is a tendency for people to sometimes feel embarrassed when they find pests in their homes. However, no one is immune from invading rodents and bugs, and it is not an issue that anyone should feel shame about.

Dealing With Unwelcome Pests in Your Home

No one likes to find out that unwelcome pests have moved in, and the unsettling feeling of never knowing when a rat will appear is not the worst of the problems that these pesky guests cause. Rodents and bed bugs are known to carry a variety of diseases. Carpenter ants and rodents are known to cause major structural damage to homes. Bites or stings from any pest can cause dangerous health problems. Because of the issues that pests create, properly dealing with them requires more than just a plan to kill or remove the ones that you see and hear in your home. Trust Truly Nolen professionals to take care of your pest infestation so that it won’t come back.

Utilize Truly Nolen Pest Control Services

There is a reason that Truly Nolen is one of the most recognized pest control brands in North America. We have been in business for more than 80 years because we know how to put an end to your pest problems, and we do so affordably. Our technicians go through a rigorous training process so that when they show up at your door, they know how to identify and treat your infestation with as little disruption to your home and schedule as possible.

One common trait shared by most species of pests is their ability to hide. With as hard as it can be to see where the pests are living in or around a house, it is normal for a homeowner to notice concerning signs of an infestation without being certain that it exists. Do not feel self-conscious about asking for help. It is better to have an inspection done and to know for sure what you are dealing with than to hope for the best while the problem gets worse.

Our professionals do a thorough inspection of pests’ favorite hiding places and look for signs of an infestation. Our technicians can explain what indicators you should be watching out for and will even give you tips for prevention.

Infestation Treatments

If you do have an infestation, we are ready to get rid of it for you so that you can quickly get back to your life. In addition to our environmentally friendly materials that we treat the pests with, we take the application seriously. Part of the reason that treatment begins with an inspection is to make sure that we take care of the nests. Such careful attention makes the treatment work more quickly and effectively.

Prevention Services

Our Four Season prevention services are a good idea for anyone who wants to stop pests before they move in. The pests that are most likely to invade your home here in Guelph change from season to season. Our targeted prevention plan stays one step ahead of the critters.

Contact Truly Nolen Pest Control Today

Whether you need help getting rid of a pest infestation or you want to prevent one, schedule an inspection with our Guelph Truly Nolen office today. We enjoy working with our clients, sharing tips on what they can do on their own as well as making recommendations for the services we offer. With a little bit of help, you can turn your mind from concerns about these small, pesky invaders back to the beauty and fun that Guelph has to offer.

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Pest Control

Guelph, ON Pest Control Image

Don’t let spiders, rodents, bees and bugs take over your home. Discover how Truly Nolen Pest Control can safely and effectively remove insects, rodents and other pests from your home in Guelph, Ontario. We provide full-service prevention and removal strategies that have a proven track record of success in your community.

Our Safe Process

As part of our commitment to effective, family-friendly and pet-friendly solutions, we use the latest prevention and control strategies that are safe for homeowners like you. Our experienced team uses our proven process that is effective in over 30 countries. We start by inspecting your home and looking for signs of your particular pest issue. Next, we work with environmentally friendly products and strategies to prevent further spread of insects, rodents and arachnids.


After physically removing pests, your home may need to be cleaned. We have a number of safe disinfectant strategies to prevent the spread of disease and unsanitary conditions caused by rodents and insects. Rodents are known to spread diseases, so your home may need professional cleaning to remove feces, urine and other materials.

Our Prevention Strategies

After successfully removing pests from your home, we continue to inspect your home and property and offer prevention strategies that keep you safe. Pest control is only successful if it prevents another infestation, so we work with you to reclaim your home and keep it safe from other intruders. Prevention strategies change depending on your location and the type of pests living in and around your home. We carefully inspect your home in Guelph to identify cracks, holes or other areas where pests may be entering.

Our Pest Control Services

Identifying, removing and preventing pests requires professional experience. As part of our four-season pest control process, we offer a proactive program to remove these pests from your home:


  • Bed bugs
  • Carpenter ants
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Bees and wasps
  • Birds
  • Mosquitoes

Whether you have a few unwanted spiders or a serious infestation on your property, our team can diagnose the extent of the issue and restore your home. Don’t wait until these pests cause damage to your home or health. Schedule an inspection to understand the seriousness of your pest issue and enjoy our safe, effective process.

Our Commitment

Schedule an inspection today to enjoy industry-leading pest control solutions in Guelph. Whether you’ve just moved in or are living in your forever home, our experts can help you remove unwanted pests and reclaim your peace of mind in your home.


Proudly Serving: Ariss, Aberfoyle, Brucedale, Corwhin, Maryhill & Rockwood.

Carpenter Ant

Guelph, ON Carpenter Ant

As far as insects go, a single ant crawling across the sidewalk appears small and harmless; but hundreds of large ants tunneling through the walls of your home is a different story.


Carpenter ants are one of the largest ant species and can do significant damage to wooden structures.

Identifying Carpenter Ants

There are many types of ants in the Guelph area, but you can distinguish carpenter ants by these characteristics:


  • Length of 6.5 to 13 mm, much larger than other ants
  • Red, black, yellow, orange or brown colour
  • Waist that is slimmer than other body segments (termites have a thick waist)
  • Single protrusion on the waist called a “petiole” (other ants have two petioles)
  • Antennae with a bend or “elbow” in them (other insects have straight antennae)
  • Back wings shorter than front wings (front and back wings of termites are same length)
  • Wings not always present

Understanding Why Carpenter Ants Are in Your Home

Carpenter ants often start tunneling their way indoors through wood on the outside of your house. They do not eat the wood; they simply plow through it with their large jaws, leaving piles of sawdust behind. They generally prefer wood from conifers or any wood that is damp or decaying. Places they come in can include:


  • Wooden window frames
  • Air conditioners
  • Electrical or telephone wires
  • Firewood brought indoors
  • Holes in walls or foundations

If you have seen only a few carpenter ants, then they may just be searching for food. They are omnivorous, so they will eat anything left out, including pet food. If you consistently see large groups of them, then they are probably nesting inside your home. Nest sites can be virtually anywhere, including inside woodwork, attics, walls, furniture or even Styrofoam insulation. Clues to look for are piles of sawdust, parts of dead ants cleared from tunnels and perhaps the sound of insects crawling inside a wall. When a population has grown too large for one location, you might see winged individuals flying in search of a new area to colonize. These flights typically occur during late winter or early spring.

Calling In the Professionals

If you have carpenter ants in your home, call us at (226) 790-3637 to schedule an inspection. Our professionals can locate nests in and around your home and can help eliminate entry points. We also can recommend treatment, including the most appropriate type of pesticide for your situation. You can trust Truly Nolen to solve your problem as quickly as possible, without putting your family or pets at risk.


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Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Guelph, ON Bed Bug Image

When you are in need of bed bug control services in Guelph, you can trust Truly Nolen to deal with your problem quickly and thoroughly. We have experience with this common pest and can recommend treatment to help make your home healthy again.

Bed Bug Basics

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are tiny parasitic insects named for their habit of biting people while they lie in bed. Lacking wings or a jumping ability, these reddish bugs creep up bed posts at night, then crawl off to their hiding places before dawn. Their saliva contains substances that numb human skin so that people continue to sleep peacefully during the attack. The next morning, victims typically have bite marks that are small and easily overlooked. Thus, infestations can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. Bed bugs do not drink enough blood to do physiological harm. However, people from infected households often will begin to exhibit signs of red, raised areas on their arms, legs and face, and some individuals can suffer allergic reactions.

Home Inspection

During the early stages of infestation, knowing whether you have bed bugs is not as easy as you may think. Adult insects are only 4.5 mm long, and the young are even smaller. Unless you are specifically looking for them, bed bug bodies are easily mistaken for dirt or debris. Clues to their presence can include the following:


  • Unexplained red marks on you or your family members’ skin
  • Small brown spots on bedding, bedposts or wallpaper
  • Unusual sweet odour
  • Live insects, eggs or exoskeletons

Our professionals at Truly Nolen know what to look for and can determine if your Guelph home has indeed been invaded by bedbugs.


There is little you can do to combat bed bugs on your own. Unlike some pests, these insects are found in clean houses just as often as dirty ones, so a thorough cleaning is not enough to rid your home of them. Moreover, because they spend the day hiding in the tiniest of cracks, they do not respond to the same types of treatments commonly used for pests like cockroaches or fleas.


Truly Nolen can assess the severity of your home’s situation and advise you on potential treatments. Special misting apparatus often is required to penetrate crevices where these insects hide. These treatments kill eggs, juveniles and adults, and can help end your bed bug problem. No matter if you have a full-blown infestation or are simply worried about the possibility, tell us about your bed bug concerns at (226) 790-3637.


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Rodent Control

Guelph, ON Rodent Control Image

Of the 200 mammals in Canada, 68 belong to the rodent family. Most rodents — innocuous species such as porcupines, ground squirrels, beavers, and chipmunks — are content to live outdoors, pose for pictures, and grace the fonts of postcards. A few members, however, embrace lifestyles that give the family as a whole a bad name. These are the rats and mice that infest our homes.

Differences Between Rats and Mice

It is not easy to tell the difference between mice and rats. Besides being larger-bodied, rats have proportionally bigger, arrow-shaped heads and smaller ears and eyes than mice. Mouse droppings are approximately 6 millimeters long and pointed, whereas rat droppings can be up to 2 centimeters long and have blunt ends.

Types of Mice in Ontario

There are 13 species of mice in Canada, but only these three are known as household pests:


  • House mouse or field mouse (Mus musculus)
  • White-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus)
  • Deer mouse (Peromyscus keeni)

House mice are small and uniformly brownish in color. They were originally native to Asia but are now found worldwide. White-footed and deer mice are extremely difficult to tell apart at a distance. They are both Canada natives and can be distinguished from house mice by their white bellies and feet and their two-toned tails. All three species thrive in natural areas but will not hesitate to make their homes inside human domiciles if given the chance.

Types of Rats in Ontario

No rats are native to Ontario. The Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as the wharf or brown rat, was once native to China, but is now distributed worldwide. This species constructs tunnels around human habitations and tends to stay near the ground floor. Roof rats (Rattus rattus), also known as black rats, use their climbing skills to enter attics and top floors of homes where they create nests.

Diseases Carried by Rodents

Rodents are notorious for spreading disease. Illnesses associated with each species include the following:


  • House mouse: lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rickettsialpox, and leptospirosis
  • Deer mouse: hantavirus
  • White-footed mouse: Lyme disease, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and Powassan encephalitis
  • Norway rat: Weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and trichinosis
  • Roof rat: plague, typhus, and leptospirosis

What To Do

A female rat can have a litter of up to 12 babies every two months, and a mouse can have even more. If you suspect rodents are living in your house, don’t wait for a population boom to get help. Call Truly Nolen in Guelph at (226) 790-3637 for a home inspection and help evicting these furry, unwanted residents.


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Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Guelph, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

Ontario’s bees and wasps perform the important tasks of pollinating crops, destroying insect pests, and recycling organic materials. However, they also can pose a danger to humans and pets when overly concentrated around residential areas. Control methods vary based on the type of insect, so it is important to know which kind you have.

Bees in Ontario

All 400 bee species in Ontario fly but can vary in the following aspects:


  • Colour: Most species are black and yellow, but they can be other colours like green or all black.
  • Defense: Only females sting, and only honey bees die after stinging. Some species do not sting at all.
  • Social tendency: Solitary bees live alone or in small aggregations, while social bees live in large colonies.
  • Diet: All bees eat nectar and/or drink pollen from flowers. Other food items can include fruit, dead insects and animals, secretions from aphids, and honey.
  • Hibernation: Some bees become dormant during the winter, while others die.
  • Nest location: Some make a traditional hive. Others live in holes, sometimes sealed with mud.


Wasps can be fairly diverse but share many of the following characteristics:


  • Appearance: Most wasps have a slender waist, compared to the thick waist of a bee. They come in a variety of colours, including black and yellow.
  • Defense: Females of all wasp species can sting.
  • Social tendency: Like bees, wasps can be solitary or social.
  • Diet: Some wasps will eat nectar and pollen, but most prey on other insects. Many parasitize caterpillars by laying eggs inside them. When the eggs hatch they burst out of the caterpillar, killing it in the process.
  • Hibernation: Most male wasps die from lack of food during winter, while the queens hibernate, sometimes in human homes.
  • Nest location: Wasps have specialized mouths to make nests from paper or mud. Social wasps often construct large paper hives in trees or beneath overhanging structures like roofs. Others live in holes.

Bee and Wasp Removal

Do not try to remove a bee or wasp nest on your own. Stings are painful, and can cause severe reactions. Sensitivity to stings can increase throughout a person’s lifetime, with reactions becoming progressively worse with each sting. Call Truly Nolen in Guelph at (226) 790-3637 to identify the type of bees and wasps on your property and to have them professionally removed.


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Spider Control

Truly Nolen Guelph, ON Spider Control Image

Many different types of spiders live in and around homes in Guelph and surrounding areas. While these spiders can be bothersome, and even frightening, it’s important to remember that the majority of spiders are harmless to humans. Even though most spiders in Ontario have fangs that are too small to bite humans, it’s a good idea to have a spider control plan in place to keep them out of your home. The most common spiders found in Guelph include cellar, common house and wolf spiders. Below you will find helpful information on these three spider species plus tips for preventing infestations.

Cellar Spiders

Are you worried that you have cellar spiders in your home? If so, there are some things you can do to remove these common pests and prevent future infestations. Cellar spiders tend to make webs, where they often keep their egg sacs, so it is important to clear webbing away on a regular basis with a broom or a low-powered vacuum. You will also want to seal any visible cracks around windows and doors with caulking or insulation. Reducing humidity in your home can also help get rid of cellar spiders. You can reduce humidity by consistently using your air conditioner, using ventilation fans and fixing leaking pipes.

Common House Spiders

Common house spiders, like cellar spiders, make webs. Clearing away any webs on at least a monthly basis will help eliminate these types of spiders in your home. You will also want to fix any window screens that have holes and plug up any small cracks in windows or doors with caulking. Certain strong smells, including essential oils, may also be used as a deterrent to help prevent spiders from entering your home in the first place.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders don’t make webs, but they are attracted by debris and dark spaces. Therefore, you will want to regularly inspect your attic, garage and basement for leaves, mulch, firewood and other types of debris that spiders may find inviting. Vacuuming rooms, especially rooms that are not used on a daily basis, will also help deter wolf spiders. Finally, ensure your house is properly lit, either through natural or artificial light, to prevent wolf spiders from nesting in dark corners.


Truly Nolen is experienced in pest control and can help you come up with an effective spider control plan. Whether you need one treatment or regular maintenance to prevent infestations, Truly Nolen will provide you with effective, affordable services. Truly Nolen’s team of experts are experienced in all types of spider control methods and technologies. Call (226) 790-3637 today to schedule an estimate. Our estimates are always free, timely and accurate.


Proudly Serving: Ariss, Aberfoyle, Brucedale, Corwhin, Maryhill & Rockwood.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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