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Pest Control

Truly Nolen Kitchener is your springtime pest control solution in Waterloo Region. When the increased pest activity arrives with warmer weather, you need to stay protected. Our Four Seasons Protection Plan utilizes safe treatments, preventative strategies and highly trained technicians to keep your home free of pests all season long. More on Kitchener Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

At Truly Nolen, we understand the importance of protecting your home in Kitchener from pests. Prevent an infestation from occurring this spring with our company’s proven removal and prevention strategies. Contact us today for more information!

Your home is warm and inviting to carpenter ants during the winter months. They love to create nests in wooden structures, and the damage they can cause can be significant. If there are signs of an infestation in your Kitchener home, be sure to contact Truly Nolen to learn how we can help take action against these pests.

Bed bugs tend to be less active in the winter. When humans stay inside where it’s warm and cozy, though, these pests can still be a problem. Wearing heavy clothes and using thick blankets makes it easier for a bed bug to hide. Need winter pest removal? Contact Truly Nolen to take action against bed bugs in your home. More on Kitchener Bed Bug Control.

Spring is in the air, and with it comes new life, including rodents. If you've seen more critters around your house in Kitchener than usual, don’t worry. Truly Nolen offers comprehensive services to help keep your home rodent-free this season. Our Four Season approach provides full-service prevention, removal, and cleaning services to take on pests and ensure they don’t return next season. Learn more about our services today! More on Kitchener Rodent Control.

Springtime is here in Kitchener! This weather means that bees and wasps are returning and ready to find a safe place to build a nest. Protect your home with the help of Truly Nolen’s professional bee and wasp removal services! Contact us today for more information. More on Kitchener Bee and Was Control.

The humid weather that summer can bring is the perfect climate for spiders to thrive. If you are noticing an increase in spider activity around your Kitchener home, contact Truly Nolen immediately. Our team is professionally trained and can promise successful results. Learn how we can help protect your property this summer by visiting our website. More on Kitchener Spider Control.

News & Notes

With the pandemic keeping many people inside their homes more than ever, pest control services may be needed. We have altered many of our services to help keep your family safe in keeping with protocols put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about our new safety measures and how we can help with pest control in Kitchener contact us today!

Rodent Control

Spring is in the air, and with it comes new life, including rodents. If you've seen more critters around your house in Kitchener than usual, don’t worry. Truly Nolen offers comprehensive services to help keep your home rodent-free this season. Our Four Season approach provides full-service prevention, removal, and cleaning services to take on pests and ensure they don’t return next season. Learn more about our services today! More on Kitchener Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Kitchener, ON

From ants to rodents, Truly Nolen Pest Control is here to help Kitchener home and business owners take on their pest problems. With advanced techniques and friendly, professional service, we are your source for effective pest control. Kitchener is a wonderful city that reflects much of Canada’s and Ontario’s charm. With its growing economy, attractive natural spaces and fun, mid-size city vibe, Kitchener is a great place to live and work. When pests get in the way of daily life in Kitchener, you can turn to Truly Nolen Pest Control. We know this city and area. We have been fighting pests since 1938 and helping Ontario’s homeowners and businesses for decades. If you are in Kitchener and the surrounding area, our team can help you with insects, rodents and other pest issues such as the following:

Residential Pest Control Services

We help homeowners all over Canada and the United States deal with pests using our year-round solution. Your home is your sanctuary and you likely want to keep it free from invasive species. Fortunately, our 80+ years of experience in the pest control business has taught us a thing or two. The Truly Nolen Four Season approach is a highly effective way to take on pests in your home

Our international network of pest control experts helps us to ensure that all our customers are always receiving best-in-the-business solutions. We combine this international insight with our local knowhow to ensure that our customers are always happy.

When you choose us for your residential pest control, we will assist you with uniquely effective solutions. Our Four Seasons approach incorporates the following:

  • Seasonal Techniques:
    The pests that bug you are different throughout the year. A strategy that works in the spring may not be effective in the autumn. We take this into consideration and use an approach that addresses the changing pest behavior between the seasons.
  • Pet-Friendly Solutions:
    Some pest control methods can be dangerous for our furry friends and even humans. At Truly Nolen Pest Control, we use an Integrated Pest Management approach that keeps in mind the fact that we are treating your home. It is pet-safe and non-disruptive.
  • Pest Expertise:
    Knowing which bugs, spiders and rodents are pestering you is the starting point for successful removal. We know our pests! Better yet, we can even teach you to identify them using our online tool.

Commercial Pest Control Services

The businesses of Kitchener have seen a boom over the years as the downtown district has revitalized. Business owners want to keep their workplaces in as optimal shape as possible to make team members more productive and customers happier. Pests can get in the way of business.

Truly Nolen Pest Control of Kitchener is here to help! We offer a progressive pest program that includes a monthly, nine-step Integrated Pest Management program. We can help you take on insects, spiders, rodents and many more. We also offer special services for restaurants and product storage areas. In the food-service business, sanitation is a top concern. Our experience working with restaurants and other food-service businesses helps us keep your business in the best condition possible. Similarly, stored products can be damaged by infestations. This makes controlling pests important in warehouses and other such areas. Truly Nolen Pest Control can help you keep your inventory in good condition.

Pest Control

Pests can put a damper on your household life. Count on Truly Nolen Pest Control in Kitchener to take on the problem for you. Our Four Season’s Protection Plan gives you advanced, year-round protection so you can reclaim your home from the pests.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are not only unwanted, but they can also be a serious danger to your house’s structure. The Truly Nolen Pest Control approach starts with a thorough inspection inside and outside. We will then treat the areas of activity and nesting to ensure the ants leave for good.

Rodent Control

Protecting your Kitchener home against rodents starts with sealing your home against new pests entering. We then use trapping and removal to get them out. Truly Nolen Pest Control of Kitchener has a “CRC” program that is a highly effective way to take on rodents. We offer a complete array of services. Learn more about our residential and commercial services and see how we can help you.

Contact Us Today

Don’t let your home or business in Kitchener suffer from infestations. Dealing with pests, ants, rodents and more can be unpleasant. However, with Truly Nolen Pest Control on your side, you can be confident that the problem will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Contact us today to schedule an initial inspection and consultation. If you are outside of the Kitchener service area, check out our locations list to find a team near you.

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Pest Control

Kitchener, ON Pest Control Image

The Kitchener-Waterloo region is well known for its beautiful landscapes which include hiking trails, rivers and a variety of agriculture. It is also a welcoming place where tourists love to visit and explore. When it comes to living in Kitchener and surrounding areas Truly Nolen is here to help keep the outdoors out of your home.


Most people prefer to keep their distance from these types of pests:


  • Carpenter ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Bees and wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Nuisance birds

Dealing with these pests is a part of living here. Luckily, you have Truly Nolen to help maintain the high quality of life you enjoy.

Monitoring Seasonal Changes

Like Ontario’s natural landscape, rodents, insects and birds also change with the seasons. Some become more determined to enter your house at certain times of the year, and others lie in wait for the spring thaw. During different times of the year, you can expect various pests to be most active.


  • Spring: bed bugs, carpenter ants and nuisance birds
  • Summer: bed bugs, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and carpenter ants
  • Fall: mice, rats, bees, wasps and spiders
  • Winter: carpenter ants

There is no pest-free season because even the coldest of winters will not kill off Canadian animals adapted to cold weather climates. Truly Nolen is part of the Kitchener community and is able to monitor seasonal trends as well as occasional outbreaks of local nuisance species. We pride ourselves on being regional experts in what to expect and how to address problems even before they arise.

Focusing On Prevention

The best way to ensure that you have only good wildlife neighbours is to be proactive in your approach to pest management. Truly Nolen can inspect your property and give you an honest assessment of what you are apt to encounter during the year. Our experienced professionals can guide you to look in places inside and around your home where you may not previously have expected to find bugs. We also can recommend preventative strategies, such as species-specific exclusion devices for rodents, spike strips for nuisance birds or sealants for carpenter ants. We also can discuss ways to prevent bringing bed bugs home while traveling and stop mosquitoes from breeding in your yard.

Offering Help

If you have already encountered some unsavory creatures in or around your home, call us at (226) 241-2625 for help. We can correctly identify the type of infestation you have and provide you with information you need to control it. Our integrated pest management (IPM) is not one-size-fits-all but is tailored to suit the needs of your home and family, including your pets. Let Truly Nolen help keep your Kitchener neighborhood safe and free of unwanted pests.


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Carpenter Ant

Kitchener, ON Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are one of nature’s ways of breaking down dead trees. Unfortunately, what evolved to clean up the forest can wreak havoc on the wooden structures of your home. These ants chew tunnels and nests into wood, continually weakening it from the inside while it still looks intact to casual inspection.

Signs of Infestation

Even the most careful people can get carpenter ants, especially given how common they are in Kitchener. Because the damage they do to wood is mainly internal, the warning signs can be easy to miss if you do not know what to watch for.

In and around your house, be on the alert for the following:


  • Traces of chewed wood, which will look like sawdust
  • Small swarms of winged ants
  • Regular sightings of large black or red ants, even if it is only a couple ants at a time
  • Dry rustling sounds coming from inside of your walls

Lowering the Risk of Infestation

A carpenter ant infestation may happen inside or outside of your house. These insects look for places where they have access to water and soft wood. Keeping your home and the area around it unappealing to the ants makes it less likely that they will move in:


  • Prune branches and shrubs to keep them from touching your home, and cut away dead wood.
  • Keep tree clippings and firewood away from your home.
  • When cutting wood, do so away from the house.
  • Repair or replace any wood that shows signs of rotting.
  • Keep your gutters in good repair and drain them away from your foundation.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in your foundation.
  • Repair any water leaks inside or outside.
  • Eliminate standing water.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

It can be tempting to try to treat an infestation on your own, especially if you’ve only seen a few ants. After all, spraying a pesticide sounds easy. However, carpenter ants are tenacious. Once a nest of ants is well established, they send out a new wave to create a second colony. With this practice, it doesn’t take long before you have many separate nests that all must be treated. Spraying in a general area is not enough — each difficult-to-see nest must be sprayed individually to ensure that the ants all die.

Let Us Help You

Why stress about carpenter ants in Kitchener when Truly Nolen experts are one click away? We can inspect and treat your home for ants and other pests. Our Four Seasons Pest Control program will give you peace of mind that lasts all year because we can prevent pests from ever taking up residence with you. Schedule your inspection today.


Proudly Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, Conestogo, St. Jacobs, Heidelberg, St. Clements, St. Agatha, Wellesley, Baden & New Hamburg.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Kitchener, ON Bed Bug Image

If you have bed bugs in your home in Kitchener, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. Compared to other pests, these insects are remarkably difficult to spot and remove. Learn more about these insects and why you need to work with Truly Nolen to restore your home. Take advantage of local, qualified professional services in Kitchener, Ontario.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These small, brown bugs typically live in beds, couches or other furniture. They are about the size of an apple seed and usually only come out at night. They leave small bites and then hide again before you notice them, so many homeowners fail to actually see bed bugs. If you see small insect bites, rust-coloured spots on your bedding or smell a sweet, musty odour, you may have bed bugs. Some individuals are allergic to bed bug bites, but these bites are typically not dangerous. They are, however, itchy and uncomfortable. Someone who is allergic to bed bugs typically experiences hives and extreme discomfort from bites.


Once you find out these pests are in your home, it can be very difficult to remove them. They live in clothing, bedding and other material and are resistant to typical insect removal strategies. Because of this, many homeowners need to work with professional pest control technicians to completely control bed bugs at home.

Benefits of Professional Bed Bug Removal

At Truly Nolen Pest Control, we work with leading prevention and removal strategies for bed bugs and other pests in your home. We start by inspecting any signs of bed bugs. We look for small spots near the edges of your mattress, around your furniture and other areas where bugs typically hide.


Our unique program uses a high-pressure misting system to fill seams and voids that typically harbour bed bugs. By removing their environment, we can prevent additional bed bugs from entering your home and your bed. Without this key prevention strategy, bed bugs may quickly return to your home. By combining prevention and removal strategies, you can enjoy a restored, comfortable, bed bug-free home.

Restore Your Home Today

Don’t struggle with DIY techniques. These pests are extremely difficult to completely remove. Enjoy local, professional services in Kitchener by working with Truly Nolen Pest Control. As a global leader in pest control solutions, we have the safe, natural and pet-friendly solutions you need in your home. Schedule an inspection today to take back your home and remove these pests.


Proudly Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, Conestogo, St. Jacobs, Heidelberg, St. Clements, St. Agatha, Wellesley, Baden & New Hamburg.

Rodent Control

Kitchener, ON Rodent Control Image

If you have mice in your home, it’s time to work with a professional. Rodent control can be difficult and dangerous without professional experience. Learn more about the dangers and signs of rodent issues and how Truly Nolen Pest Control can assist you in restoring your home.

Safe, efficient pest control not only removes pests currently in your home but prevents further issues from arising.

Dangers of a Rodent Infestation

Mice and rats can damage your home and affect your health. Here are some of the most common rodent issues that you may be facing in your home:


  • Rat bites
  • Airborne diseases
  • House fires

A rat or mouse bite is not only unpleasant but can also pass on diseases to you and your family. A rodent bite has been known to be fatal or require amputation. While being bitten is rare, it’s essential that you protect yourself and your family from this risk. Rodent feces can carry various diseases. Even if you don’t physically touch it, dried feces can break apart and become airborne. Airborne diseases due to rodents can cause infections that range from minor illnesses to serious health risks.


Finally, infestations have been known to cause house fires. Rodents gnaw on nearly any material. If your electrical wiring is chewed, it can cause a spark that ignites materials in your walls. Mice and rats have also been known to chew PVC pipes, insulation and wood building materials. Chewed materials in your walls can create costly repair projects.

Signs of Rodents in Your Home

Don’t let rodents live in your home. Use these common signs to identify any mice living in your home and take action immediately:


  • Shuffling, scraping sounds
  • Droppings
  • Tracks
  • Nests

Inspect your basement, attic and unused closets for these signs. Rodents typically hide in small spaces, but are attracted by food. Keeping your home free from crumbs and rubbish is a good way to discourage an infestation.

Enjoy Comprehensive Pest Control Services From Truly Nolen

Once you have multiple rodents living in your home, it can be difficult to effectively remove them all. Thankfully, our team at Truly Nolen Pest Control can help. Our expert technicians, quality equipment and proven techniques completely remove your rodent infestation and restore your home. We’ll assist you in creating prevention strategies and in monitoring your home for signs of new pests. Schedule an inspection today to learn how you can restore your home and prevent health issues with Truly Nolen.


Proudly Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, Conestogo, St. Jacobs, Heidelberg, St. Clements, St. Agatha, Wellesley, Baden & New Hamburg.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Kitchener, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

Bees and wasps are vital to our ecosystem, but it is uncomfortable to have them in our homes. You may have a large number of bees and wasps in your yard. Depending on the location of their nests, this can be a safety issue for you and your family. Learn how to remove the threat of stings, and restore comfort to your yard and home in Kitchener.

Know the Signs of Bees or Wasps

There are many signs to determine whether the stinging insects on your property are bees, wasps, yellow jackets or hornets. Thankfully, our team at Truly Nolen Pest Control deals with all of them. Do not worry about identifying the particular insect. Work with our team if you see an active nest or a large number of buzzing, stinging insects in your home or lawn.


Our Four Seasons approach can prevent an infestation throughout the year. While outdoor issues in Kitchener typically occur in the spring, summer and fall, indoor bee and wasp infestations can occur at any time of year. We work with proven systems to discourage bees and wasps from building nests near your home. Access to garbage and food and light grass coverage encourage a variety of stinging insects to build a nest around your property.

Understand the Dangers of Bee and Wasp Stings

For most of the population, a bee sting is extremely uncomfortable. However, some individuals are severely allergic to bee stings. Do not put you or your family at risk. When you are eating or drinking outdoors, bee stings can be a common threat. The smell of your food and drinks will attract bees and wasps. Without care, you may accidentally swat, step on or otherwise disturb a stinging insect. Some wood boring bees chew into wood to create tunnels for their nests. These holes range from a few inches to up to 10 feet. Therefore, these bees can cause severe damage to your home and your outdoor wood furniture.

Choose Truly Nolen Today

Work with a global provider of effective bee and wasp removal services. At Truly Nolen, our team is dedicated to safe, family- and pet-friendly ways of preventing an infestation and removing bees and wasps from your home. Bees are essential to our environment, so it’s important to choose a safe solution to remove them from your property. Schedule an inspection today to find out how you can enjoy a bee-free home and prevent nests around your home in Kitchener.


Proudly Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, Conestogo, St. Jacobs, Heidelberg, St. Clements, St. Agatha, Wellesley, Baden & New Hamburg.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Kitchener, ON Spider Control Image

Since spiders eat nuisance insects, most people do not mind seeing one in the garden; but when spiders use their eight hairy legs to crawl inside the house, the same people often feel quite differently. When these arachnids venture inside, Truly Nolen Pest Control in Kitchener stands ready to help.

Spider Bites

Spiders do not intentionally attack people. When they feel threatened, they always choose first to flee and to bite only as a last resort. Most bites occur when a spider becomes trapped between an object and a person’s skin, such as between the inside of a shoe and the wearer’s foot. With the exception of the hackled orb weaver family (Uloboridae), all spiders possess venom. Designed to immobilize tiny insect prey, spider venom is in most cases too weak or present in quantities too small to cause serious harm to humans. Bites can sometimes be painful, however, and may also cause allergic reactions.

Widow Spiders

Of the 39 spider species identified in Ontario, the two widow spiders are the only truly dangerous ones. Black widows (Latrodectus mactans) can be identified by their jet-black bodies with a red hourglass design on their undersides. This design is not visible from the top and can be seen only when looking at the spider from below.


Northern widows (Latrodectus variolus) have a similar but less well-defined abdominal marking. They also have red spots and white stripes on their backs. Both generally live in holes or crevices, so bites can occur when reaching under or sitting on objects that cover them. A bite, while seldom fatal, is extremely painful and requires immediate medical attention.

Daddy Longlegs

The daddy longlegs, or harvestman (Pholcus phalangioides), has six legs and is not actually a spider. It is a member of the arachnid family, which also includes spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions, but it is in an order all its own called Opiliones. The urban legend that the daddy longlegs is the most deadly spider in Canada is completely false. Although they do possess venom, it is not harmful to humans, and their bite is usually described as almost imperceptible. They tend to be rather numerous in some areas and sometimes enter homes in substantial numbers.

Finding Help

No one wants a home full of spiders or webs. Whether you are arachnophobic or simply prefer to keep your house pest-free, call Truly Nolen in Kitchener at (226) 241-2625. We can identify the spiders in your house and explain the techniques we use to control them.


Proudly Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, Conestogo, St. Jacobs, Heidelberg, St. Clements, St. Agatha, Wellesley, Baden & New Hamburg.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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