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Cities Served by Truly Nolen of Prince Edward Island:

  • Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall, Sherwood and surrounding areas

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C1A 0A1, C1A 0A2, C1A 0A3, C1A 0A4, C1A 0A5, C1A 0A6, C1A 0A7, C1A 0A8, C1A 0A9, C1A 0B4, C1A 0C1, C1A 0C2, C1A 0C4, C1A 0C6, C1A 0C7, C1A 0C8, C1A 0C9, C1A 0E1, C1A 0E2, C1A 0E3, C1A 0E4, C1A 0E5, C1A 0E6, C1A 0E7, C1A 0E9, C1A 0G1, C1A 0G2, C1A 0G3, C1A 0G4, C1A 0G6, C1A 0G7, C1A 0G8, C1A 0G9, C1A 0H1, C1A 0H2, C1A 0H3, C1A 0H4, C1A 0H5, C1A 0H6, C1A 0H9, C1A 0J1, C1A 0J2, C1A 0J3, C1A 0J4, C1A 1A1, C1A 1A2, C1A 1A3, C1A 1A4, C1A 1A5, C1A 1A6, C1A 1A7, C1A 1A8, C1A 1A9, C1A 1B1, C1A 1B2, C1A 1B3, C1A 1B4, C1A 1B5, C1A 1B6, C1A 1B7, C1A 1B8, C1A 1B9, C1A 1C1, C1A 1C2, C1A 1C3, C1A 1C4, C1A 1C5, C1A 1C6, C1A 1C7, C1A 1C8, C1A 1C9, C1A 1E1, C1A 1E2, C1A 1E3, C1A 1E4, C1A 1E5, C1A 1E6, C1A 1E7, C1A 1E8, C1A 1E9, C1A 1G1, C1A 1G2, C1A 1G3, C1A 1G4, C1A 1G5, C1A 1G6, C1A 1G7, C1A 1G8, C1A 1G9, C1A 1H1, C1A 1H2, C1A 1H3, C1A 1H4, C1A 1H5, C1A 1H6, C1A 1H7, C1A 1H8, C1A 1H9, C1A 1J1, C1A 1J2, C1A 1J3, C1A 1J4, C1A 1J5, C1A 1J6, C1A 1J7, C1A 1J8, C1A 1J9, C1A 1K3, C1A 1K4, C1A 1K5, C1A 1K6, C1A 1K7, C1A 1K8, C1A 1K9, C1A 1L1, C1A 1L2, C1A 1L3, C1A 1L4, C1A 1L5, C1A 1L6, C1A 1L7, C1A 1L8, C1A 1M1, C1A 1M2, C1A 1M6, C1A 1M7, C1A 1M8, C1A 1M9, C1A 1N1, C1A 1N2, C1A 1N3, C1A 1N4, C1A 1N5, C1A 1N9, C1A 1P1, C1A 1P2, C1A 1P3, C1A 1P4, C1A 1P5, C1A 1P7, C1A 1P8, C1A 1P9, C1A 1R1, C1A 1R2, C1A 1R3, C1A 1R4, C1A 1R5, C1A 1R6, C1A 1R7, C1A 1R9, C1A 1S1, C1A 1S3, C1A 1S4, C1A 1S5, C1A 1S6, C1A 1S7, C1A 1S8, C1A 1S9, C1A 1T1, C1A 1T2, C1A 1T3, C1A 1T4, C1A 1T6, C1A 1T7, C1A 1T8, C1A 1T9, C1A 1V1, C1A 1V4, C1A 1V5, C1A 1V6, C1A 1V7, C1A 1V8, C1A 1W1, C1A 1W2, C1A 1W3, C1A 1W4, C1A 1W5, C1A 1W6, C1A 1W7, C1A 1W8, C1A 1W9, C1A 1X1, C1A 1X2, C1A 1X3, C1A 1X4, C1A 1X5, C1A 1X6, C1A 1X7, C1A 1X8, C1A 1X9, C1A 1Y1, C1A 1Y2, C1A 1Y3, C1A 1Y4, C1A 1Y5, C1A 1Y6, C1A 1Y7, C1A 1Y8, C1A 1Y9, C1A 1Z1, C1A 1Z2, C1A 1Z3, C1A 1Z4, C1A 1Z5, C1A 1Z6, C1A 1Z7, C1A 1Z9, C1A 2A1, C1A 2A2, C1A 2A3, C1A 2A4, C1A 2A5, C1A 2A6, C1A 2A7, C1A 2A8, C1A 2A9, C1A 2B1, C1A 2B2, C1A 2B3, C1A 2B4, C1A 2B5, C1A 2B6, C1A 2B7, C1A 2B8, C1A 2B9, C1A 2C1, C1A 2C2, C1A 2C3, C1A 2C4, C1A 2C5, C1A 2C6, C1A 2C7, C1A 2C8, C1A 2C9, C1A 2E1, C1A 2E2, C1A 2E3, C1A 2E4, C1A 2E5, C1A 2E6, C1A 2E7, C1A 2E8, C1A 2E9, C1A 2G1, C1A 2G2, C1A 2G3, C1A 2G4, C1A 2G5, C1A 2G6, C1A 2G7, C1A 2G8, C1A 2G9, C1A 2H1, C1A 2H2, C1A 2H3, C1A 2H4, C1A 2H5, C1A 2H6, C1A 2H7, C1A 2H8, C1A 2H9, C1A 2J1, C1A 2J2, C1A 2J3, C1A 2J4, C1A 2J5, C1A 2J6, C1A 2J7, C1A 2J8, C1A 2J9, C1A 2K2, C1A 2K3, C1A 2K4, C1A 2K5, C1A 2K6, C1A 2K7, C1A 2K8, C1A 2K9, C1A 2L1, C1A 2L2, C1A 2L3, C1A 2L4, C1A 2L5, C1A 2L6, C1A 2L7, C1A 2L8, C1A 2M1, C1A 2M2, C1A 2M3, C1A 2M4, C1A 2M5, C1A 2M6, C1A 2M7, C1A 2M8, C1A 2M9, C1A 2N1, C1A 2N2, C1A 2N3, C1A 2N4, C1A 2N5, C1A 2N6, C1A 2N7, C1A 2N8, C1A 2N9, C1A 2P1, C1A 2P2, C1A 2P3, C1A 2P4, C1A 2P5, C1A 2P7, C1A 2P9, C1A 2R1, C1A 2R2, C1A 2R3, C1A 2R4, C1A 2R5, C1A 2R6, C1A 2R7, C1A 2R8, C1A 2R9, C1A 2S1, C1A 2S2, C1A 2S3, C1A 2S4, C1A 2S5, C1A 2S6, C1A 2S7, C1A 2S8, C1A 2S9, C1A 2T1, C1A 2T2, C1A 2T3, C1A 2T4, C1A 2T5, C1A 2T6, C1A 2T7, C1A 2T8, C1A 2T9, C1A 2V1, C1A 2V2, C1A 2V3, C1A 2V6, C1A 2V7, C1A 2V8, C1A 2V9, C1A 2W1, C1A 2W2, C1A 2W3, C1A 2W4, C1A 2W5, C1A 2W6, C1A 2W7, C1A 2W8, C1A 2W9, C1A 2X1, C1A 2X2, C1A 2X3, C1A 2X4, C1A 2X5, C1A 2X6, C1A 2X7, C1A 2X8, C1A 2X9, C1A 2Y1, C1A 2Y2, C1A 2Y3, C1A 2Y4, C1A 2Y5, C1A 2Y6, C1A 2Y7, C1A 2Y8, C1A 2Y9, C1A 2Z1, C1A 2Z2, C1A 2Z3, C1A 2Z4, C1A 2Z5, C1A 2Z6, C1A 2Z7, C1A 2Z8, C1A 2Z9, C1A 3A1, C1A 3A2, C1A 3A3, C1A 3A4, C1A 3A5, C1A 3A6, C1A 3A7, C1A 3A8, C1A 3A9, C1A 3B1, C1A 3B2, C1A 3B3, C1A 3B4, C1A 3B5, C1A 3B6, C1A 3B7, C1A 3B8, C1A 3B9, C1A 3C1,

Pest Control

Truly Nolen of Charlottetown is an innovative solution to ongoing household pest problems. Our Four Season's Protection Plan combines advanced, proactive treatments with pests' seasonal behavior to keep your Charlottetown home protected year round.More on Prince Edward Island Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

This fall, turn to Truly Nolen’s Four Season approach for your year-round solution to residential and business pest control. As you are outside enjoying the cool, crisp weather, pests may be enjoying the cool dark areas of your home or business. As pests are more actively looking for a place of refuge in the fall season, you will want to contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of infestation.

Truly Nolen of Charlottetown's approach to carpenter ant control begins with a thorough inspection of your home's interior and exterior to identify and treat nesting sites using the latest in pest control technology—from better bait products to undetectable liquid products.

Summer is a time for traveling and welcoming friends and family to your home. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your summertime plans in Truro. Request a visit from your local pest control experts at Truly Nolen to see how you can remove these troublesome pests from your furniture, bedding and home. More on Prince Edward Island Bed Bug Control.

Truly Nolen of Charlottetown's rodent control "CRC" program focuses on trapping and removing existing rodents and preventing new rodents and mice from re-entering through exclusion. Ensure your Charlottetown home is protected from rodents. More on Prince Edward Island Rodent Control.

Bees and wasps are valuable members of the Truro ecosystem, but an infestation can put your loved ones at risk for stings and allergic reactions. As hives become more active during the spring months, you may become anxious and wish to reduce the bee & wasp population around your home. Truly Nolen uses safe and proven methods to remove the swarm and prevent nesting in the future. More on Prince Edward Island Bee and Wasp Control.

Spiders are often brought inside a home looking for a warm, safe place to nest, and your house may be the perfect place for them. As industry leaders in spider control, our technicians can treat your home for spiders and the insects they are trying to catch. Contact Truly Nolen Pest Control for an inspection to protect your home against spiders and other pests. More on Prince Edward Island Spider Control.

News & Notes

Truly Nolen has pledged to provide residents with pest control strategies they can trust. We currently have COVID-19 safety protocols to keep your family safe, including contactless service. Our family and pet safe methods also ensure that after we have left, you can return to living in a home free of unwanted pests. With our Four Seasons Protection Plan, you can rest assured all year long.

Rodent Control

Truly Nolen of Charlottetown's rodent control "CRC" program focuses on trapping and removing existing rodents and preventing new rodents and mice from re-entering through exclusion. Ensure your Charlottetown home is protected from rodents. More on Prince Edward Island Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Prince Edward Island

Located on the south shore of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown is the capital city and is well known as the “Birthplace of Confederation.”  This thriving city has tied for first place on a list of the best places to live in the country and boasts an impressive history, big energy and lots of charm. Truly Nolen Canada is proud to serve the communities by offering pest removal services in Prince Edward Island, keeping unwanted pests out of the picture and helping to ensure a safe, clean place to live.

Pests and Rodents in P.E.I

The lush environment in P.E.I encourages a diverse range of pests and wildlife. While it may be great for the ecosystem and wildlife watching, unfortunately, it also means that they can cause problems when living close to humans. These pests can create a possible danger if they bite or sting, or at the very least, will cause a mess in your home. 

With such a diverse range of pests and wildlife in the area, it may be necessary to have year-round services to help ensure these insects and rodents do not gain a foothold as most multiply quickly. 

Some of the most common pests that may enter your home and cause problems include:

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees/ Wasps
  • Mosquitos
  • Rodents

It is always advised to have the professionals handle any problems. Attempting to remove pests yourself can be dangerous and ineffective, so be sure to contact the professionals at Truly Nolen for efficient services.

Our Pest Control Services in Prince Edward Island

At Truly Nolen, we work hard to be the best provider of pest control in the neighbourhoods of Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall, Sherwood and surrounding areas. Our experienced team takes our role in the community seriously and strives to understand your needs. We offer immediate extermination services and our signature Four Seasons prevention system that can take care of ants, wasps, and spiders, all year round. This program is a seasonal approach that offers ongoing, preventive pest control that ensures unwanted pests never become a problem in homes or businesses of PEI residents.

Always Here to Help

We know the value that you put on your home and understand you want to protect it from insects and small pests that could cause damage. Our experienced team can help keep your home safe with our pest control services in Charlottetown, PEI. Contact us today to schedule our Four Seasons system and gain peace of mind.

Pest Control

Prince Edward Island Pest Control Image

With the dedicated help of Truly Nolen Pest Control, you can enjoy a pest-free home or business in Charlottetown. Whether you need immediate pest control or are interested in prevention with our Four Seasons program, we are happy to assist.

With a diverse range of pests and wildlife in the area, it is best to have the professionals handle any problems. Attempting to remove pests yourself can be dangerous and ineffective, so be sure to contact the professionals at Truly Nolen for efficient services.

Some of the most common pests that may enter your home and cause problems to include:

These pests could potentially create nests in your attic, live in your walls, and may even damage your property. Above all, they may put the health and safety of your family at risk. Protecting your family may require various techniques and resources.

The Four Seasons Approach

Our Four Seasons program was designed with prevention in mind, and it is a proactive program that addresses the changes in pest behaviour from season to season. We complete a thorough inspection of your home during every visit and fully communicate all findings to you. This unique approach impacts insects’ reproductive cycle to reduce future generations.

Pet Friendly

At Truly Nolen, we understand that pets are part of the family. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that keeps the health and safety of your family and pets in mind.
Anytime wildlife creatures make their way into your home, it can create unwanted stress and problems for the whole family. By contacting Truly Nolen, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business will be protected safely and effectively.

Provide Solutions

Whether you need commercial or residential pest control in Charlottetown, our pest inspection can help determine the problem and provide a solution to eliminate an infestation or remove an already thriving pest community.

Contact us today to learn more about our immediate services or our Four Seasons approach to help with spiders, carpenter ants, bed bugs and more. Commercial and residential pest issues are no problem for our licensed and insured technicians, who carry the knowledge and expertise that only 75 years of experience in pest control can offer.

Carpenter Ant

Prince Edward Island Carpenter Ant

With over 12,000 known species of ants, they can ultimately be divided into 2 categories: annoying but harmless and seriously damaging. Unfortunately for those who have carpenter ants in their home, they fall under the seriously damaging category, which will most likely need pest control services.

Carpenter ants got their name because of the way they damage the wood within your home. While they are often confused with termites, they don’t consume wood. Carpenter ants chew through and excrete the wood to make pathways for themselves and their thousands of family members. A sure sign that you have carpenter ants in your home is if you start seeing random piles of particles that look like wood shavings.

Attracted to Moisture

If there is a moisture issue in any part of your home, carpenter ants will be attracted to these areas. They love wet and or mouldy wood; however, carpenter ants don’t always get into your home by chewing their way through this wood. They can also enter the home through any crack or tiny opening. Once inside your home, they will begin to make nests out of the wood. Truly Nolen’s trained professionals can help identify an infestation and take necessary measures to control the carpenter ant population.

Prevent Carpenter Ants From Getting Into Your Home in Charlottetown:

There are some successful ways to help prevent Carpenter ants from getting into your home, including:

  • Remove or repair any wet or rotting wood
  • Fix any leaks in plumbing or in the roof to avoid attracting carpenter ants
  • Clear any clutter that may create a shelter for carpenter ants to build a nest
  • Trust your local Charlottetown Truly Nolen technician for pest control services

How We Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Truly Nolen offers advanced techniques that include undetectable liquid products brought into the colony by the carpenter ants themselves. This product is then spread actively throughout the colony controlling the population. We eliminate all ants by treating the entire nest before removing it instead of temporarily getting rid of visible pests. We will then determine the point of entry to eliminate any chances of them returning.

Four Seasons Approach

Our Four Seasons approach is a proactive program that addresses the changes in pest behaviour throughout the seasons. Carpenter ants can cause problems throughout the year, but Truly Nolen can help prevent that from happening with the Four Seasons approach.

It is essential to seek professional help immediately if you see any signs of carpenter ants in your home or business. For carpenter ant removal in Charlottetown, the experts at Truly Nolen have the experience and tools necessary to rid your home of any pests native to the region. Contact us today and let us take care of the carpenter ants in your home.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Prince Edward Island Bed Bug Image

Charlottetown is most renowned for its natural beauty, with acres of parks and gardens for residents and visitors to explore. Located on the south shore of the island, it is home to around 36,000 people. This charming town offers an ideal mix of history, charm, hospitality, food, and culture that can’t be beaten.

However, with many tourists drawn to the beautiful historic town,  Charlottetown residents are advised to be on the lookout for bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can get into homes and businesses on almost anything that gives them a place to hide. They can travel into areas on clothes, purses, briefcases, backpacks and luggage, leaving residents to need pest control services.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are biting insects that feed on blood, usually at night. Their bites can result in a number of health issues, including skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and psychological effects. These tiny pests can cause extreme anxiety in homeowners and can infiltrate even the cleanest homes. Due to their small size and nocturnal behaviour, many people don’t even know they have a bed bug problem until they are dealing with a full-blown infestation.

Over time, if a bed bug infestation is untreated, it can spread out to other areas of the room. You may find them in places around the bed and beyond, such as:

  • In electrical outlets
  • Between seams in couches
  • Under wall hangings
  • In folds of curtains
  • On clothes hanging in closets
  • In clothes folded in drawers

Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

Bed bugs can be a horrible experience, but some tips could help prevent them from making their way into your home.

  • Check beds in hotels when travelling
  • Inspect any used furniture brought into your home
  • Avoid placing bags near furniture or walls in public spaces
  • Call professionals at the first sign of bed bugs

How Truly Nolen Can Help

Depending on the size of the problem, getting rid of a bed bug infestation can be a complicated process. The experts at Truly Nolen offer the best in bed bug removal in Charlottetown. Our pest control technicians can immediately assess the situation and start with the removal process.

Bed bugs can reproduce at least three times a year and will reach full maturity in about a month. This is why it is crucial to have bed bug removal performed as early in the infestation as possible before it has a chance to escalate.

For preventative year-round pest control in Charlottetown, learn about our Four Seasons approach. Our technicians can deliver short-term solutions and formulate long-term solutions to help prevent bed bugs and other pests from coming back.

Rodent Control

Prince Edward Island Rodent Control Image

While most rodents that live in Charlottetown are happy to live outdoors, some prefer the warmth and security of your home. But if they do make it into your home, it can cause a serious issue that you need to handle right away. Rodents carry diseases, and they can cause destruction in a home and destroy your belongings.

Contact Truly Nolen today for our expert pest control services if you have identified a rodent infestation in your home or business. We can help to determine the infestation, remove the rodents, and prevent them from coming back. With our Four Seasons approach, we understand that pest behaviour changes throughout the year. Our technicians treat your home or business to stay ahead of the pests and prevent any infestations.

How Many Are There?

For some homeowners, there is nothing more frightening than seeing a rodent scurry across the kitchen floor. The most unfortunate part is that there may be many more behind the walls or in the attic if you have seen one.

Some easy prevention tips to keep rodents out of your home or business are:

  • Don’t leave pet food on the floor
  • Empty garbage cans regularly and keep them sealed
  • Keep open food in sealed containers
  • Keep your home in good repair

Causing Problems

Although rodents are naturally timid around humans, they can reproduce quickly. So, at the sight of the first dropping, schedule a professional service before an infestation can cause the following issues:

  • Property damage: Rodents have constantly growing teeth, so they need to gnaw on items to keep them worn down. This can cause damage in a home as they are known to chew on electrical wire, plumbing lines, insulation, and wood joists.
  • Disease and illness: Rats and mice are known carriers of strep and other bacteria and virus. These diseases can be passed on from rodents through contact or airborne transmission.
  • Risk of fire: Rodents that chew through wires can damage the system and increase the risk of a house fire.
  • Scratches and bites: Rodents can scratch or bite if they are cornered or curious. Children and pets can be especially at risk.

Each home and business is unique, with various entry points and conditions that can make it ideal for a rodent infestation. The experts at Truly Nolen take the time to thoroughly inspect your property, identify any entry points, safely remove rodents, and create barriers for re-entry. Contact us today for rodent removal in Charlottetown at the first sign of rodents.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Prince Edward Island Bee and Wasp Control Image

Finding bees or wasps around your home in Charlottetown can be concerning. You may be unsure of the risks they present or how to respond. At Truly Nolen, handling wasp and bee infestations is our specialty. 

We understand and respect the role of bees in our ecosystem as pollinators but also know that yellow jackets can create life-threatening situations for some. When dealing with wasps and bees, it is always advised to let a professional handle the job. For bee removal in Charlottetown, Truly Nolen has got you covered. 

An Obvious Infestation

It can be fairly obvious when bees or wasps are on your property as a loud buzzing noise accompanies their bright yellow-black patterns. These stinging insects were designed by nature to warn other animals that they should stay away. Unfortunately, you may not have the option of leaving them alone if they are making a nest on your front porch or in your attic. 

Bees only need one single season to create a colony. Honey bee queens lay hundreds of eggs, and their larvae grow into adulthood in under a month, so it is vital to contact pest control specialists as soon as possible. 

To find a colony, you may only simply need to observe where the bees are coming from – just make sure to keep a safe distance as you do so. As bees are so small, they can fit into the gaps in wood framing, siding, and other manmade structures. This is often how they get into an attic and start a colony. 

Even if you have determined where the colony is located, an expert is often needed to determine the full extent of your infestation. So, at the first sign of buzzing, contact Truly Nolen for wasp removal in Charlottetown. Before our technician can get to your home or business, try to avoid a situation where a sting is likely. Bees are usually inactive at night, so going into bee-infested areas later is often safer. Also, wearing light-coloured, smooth clothing that covers as much of the body as possible is best to avoid getting stung. 

The Dangers of DIY

The removal of bees or wasps shouldn’t be taken lightly. Performing DIY is not recommended and can even be dangerous. Contact the professionals at Truly Nolen for bee and wasp removal that is safe and effective. 

Ask about our Four Seasons approach to help prevent a bee or wasp infestation year round. This program offers four scheduled visits a year, and any customer who encounters a bee or wasp problem between visits will get their account serviced at no extra cost. Don’t wait! Call us today

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Prince Edward Island Spider Control Image

Spiders are naturally found around the globe, including in Charlottetown. In fact, this area is home to various species of spiders, some of which may try and get into your home for food and shelter. But not to worry, the specialists at Truly Nolen provide professional spider removal in Charlottetown for residents and business owners. The key is knowing when to call our team for expert help.

The Dangers of Spiders

Charlottetown and the surrounding areas are home to various types of spiders, and while that may seem disheartening, you can rest assured that most pose more of a nuisance than a real danger.

The idea of being bitten by a spider may be disturbing, but the spiders most commonly found in Charlottetown pose no real risks and are generally not harmful to humans thanks to their small and relatively harmless fangs. Spiders are also unlikely to bite unless they somehow feel threatened.

Spiders can also leave annoying webs throughout your home. These webs may not be dangerous, but they are unsightly and unpleasant when you unknowingly walk through them. Our technicians understand how frustrating spiders can be and recommend contacting pest control services at the first sign of them in your home.

Common Types of Spiders

Charlottetown is home to various types of spiders, but there are three that you may encounter most commonly; the wolf spider, cellar spider, and common house spiders. The wolf sider is perhaps one of the most alarming spiders to spot in your home. This type of spider likes dark spaces and debris that can hide them, including your attic, garage, and basement. Wolf spiders don’t make webs, so vacuuming rooms frequently is your best defence against them.

Just as their name suggests, cellar spiders are commonly found in the basement. These spiders make webs to keep their egg sacs, so regular cleaning and keeping webs away with a vacuum or broom will make your basement less inviting.

Common house spiders are found all around the home and make webs anywhere they can. Try to keep the webs cleared to discourage an infestation. Monthly vacuuming should do the trick to keep them away and fill in any holes in window screens to eliminate any easy entryways into your home.

Deter Spiders from Your Home

There are a few steps you can take to help deter spiders from your home. These include:

  • Taking down their webs
  • Remove any potential hiding spots
  • Vacuum floors, including corners, regularly
  • Vacuum corners of ceilings
  • Clear clutter from floors
  • Use a dehumidifier to lower humidity in basements
  • Use Truly Nolen’s Four Season approach

While these steps may help to slow the spread of a spider problem, it is best to reach out to professionals if the issue gets out of hand. Truly Nolen’s technicians are trained to develop a safe and effective Integrated Pest Management approach to help eliminate infestations. Contact our team today for Spider removal in Charlottetown.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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