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Pest Control

This winter, contact Truly Nolen if you suspect an infestation in your Woodbridge home. The cold winter weather can drive pests inside, and it doesn’t take long for a few to turn into a whole colony. Our Four Seasons approach will remove current pests and prevent future invasions. Contact us today for more information! More on Woodbridge Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

Most homeowners don't think about pest control until the bugs start biting in the springtime. But by then, it's often too late! Truly Nolen Woodbridge can help you get ahead of the pests and keep them from invading your home. From ants to termites, we've got you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our year-round services.

Carpenter ants, while not as destructive as termites, can cause significant damages to your home this spring season. The long list includes damage to wooden floors, ruined gardens, and potentially damaged appliances. Don’t push the panic button if you notice carpenter ants in your property. Simply contact us at Truly Nolen in Woodbridge and we’ll take care of them in an effective, efficient, and eco-friendly manner.

If you're a homeowner in Woodbridge, then you know that pests can be a real problem. And if you're dealing with bed bugs, then you know just how frustrating and difficult they can be to get rid of. These invasive pests can breed quickly and may get into every corner of your home. Make sure you and your family are protected by contacting the professionals at Truly Nolen at the first sign of bed bugs. More on Woodbridge Bed Bug Control.

Many people think that once the cooler weather arrives, rodent infestations disappear. Unfortunately, rodents are more likely to invade your Woodbridge home this time of year. Don’t let this worry you though – Truly Nolen Canada offers professional pest control solutions and preventative services, sure to leave your property rodent-free. Contact us today to schedule a service. More on Woodbridge Rodent Control.

In Woodbridge, bees and wasps will be looking for a warm place to stay warm this winter. Your home may provide the ideal location for them to survive the season. If you believe you have an infestation, contact the professionals at Truly Nolen today and ask about our removal services. More on Woodbridge Bee and Was Control.

As spring arrives in the Woodbridge area, there is so much to look forward to. However, as a homeowner, you may face some unwelcome guests in your home. This time of year spiders start to emerge, but Truly Nolen is one step ahead! Defend your home with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. More on Woodbridge Spider Control.

News & Notes

Our team at Truly Nolen is committed to keeping your family safe during these times. No contact services and limited entry into a home are just a couple of precautions we offer as part of our response to COVID-19. Contact us today to hear more about our safety measures and how we can help with pest control in Woodbridge.

Rodent Control

Many people think that once the cooler weather arrives, rodent infestations disappear. Unfortunately, rodents are more likely to invade your Woodbridge home this time of year. Don’t let this worry you though – Truly Nolen Canada offers professional pest control solutions and preventative services, sure to leave your property rodent-free. Contact us today to schedule a service. More on Woodbridge Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Woodbridge, ON

Don’t let pests ruin your safe, comfortable home. As a leading suburb of Vaughan, Woodbridge is an excellent location that’s comfortably within the GTA. Unfortunately, pests can move into homes and businesses in any location. Learn how your local Truly Nolen Canada pest control team can help keep your home protected.

Our Pest Control Service

We offer an integrated management service to handle any pest that may be in your home or on your property. As a leader in pest control since 1938, Truly Nolen Canada has time-tested techniques to safely handle common pests. We start by identifying signs of an infestation, either in your home or near your building. These signs can be very obvious, such as a bird nest in your eaves, or subtle, like bed bugs in your bedroom.

Once we perform a comprehensive inspection of your property, we offer exclusion and removal services. These services target the pests and their nests in your home. We only use safe techniques that won’t harm your pets or household.

A pest-free home needs a protection plan to prevent further infestation. The most common way we prevent pests is to seal cracks and eliminate food sources. However, we understand that every situation is unique. Our trained team of technicians will inspect your home in Woodbridge before recommending a personalized exclusion and prevention plan.

Common Pests in Woodbridge

From the busy Toronto city center to rural parts of Ontario, there is a tremendous amount of insect and other pest species. While there are differences in removal strategies depending on the species, here are the basic types of pests we handle:

These pests can be present individually or your property can be facing multiple infestations at the same time. That’s why we offer integrated pest management services. A single service call gives you access to our full-service pest control services, from the largest carpenter ant colonies to a single bird nest.

We don’t resort to dangerous chemicals to clear pests from your home. Our strategies are pet friendly and safe for your household, so you don’t need to leave your home or be concerned about your health as we work.

The Four Season Protection Plan

Some animals may hibernate, but pests are active all year long. Many of these pests enter your home for protection during the fall and winter. That’s why we offer a Four Season Protection Plan in Woodbridge. Your local Truly Nolen Canada team can target different issues in different seasons. Some seasons offer the best chance to prevent or safely remove particular pests, so work with our team for year-round convenience at your home or commercial location.

Protect Your Woodbridge Home With Truly Nolen

Restore your peace of mind and improve the value of your home in Woodbridge with the help of Truly Nolen. Schedule an inspection today to see how we can handle any pest issue. Whether you’ve identified pests in your home or you wish to create a prevention plan, we’re here to help.

Pest Control

Woodbridge, ON Pest Control Image

Pests can affect the quality and comfort of your home any time of year. From hundreds of ants to a single bird, pests in your home and around your property need to be dealt with quickly and safely. Turn to Truly Nolen Canada for a pest-free home in Woodbridge. Explore our proven services and the common pest issues you may have in your area.


Our Pest Control Solutions

At Truly Nolen, we specialize in a Four Season approach. This service offers the accumulated wisdom that we’ve been gaining for well over 80 years. It combines effective exclusion methods, safe removal steps and a commitment to protecting your home from a whole range of pests.


Our team of local, experienced technicians understands the season-by-season habits of pests in the area. We quickly identify any signs of a pest, communicate our findings with you and create a detailed plan. The inspection process is crucial for finding any sign of pests in your home. Some, like birds, are noisy and create obvious nests in your eaves or attic. Others, like carpenter ants, are much more hidden and harder to spot until there’s a large colony in your home.


The removal strategies vary depending on the type of pest. Not all removal strategies are safe for pets or children, so turn to Truly Nolen Canada to keep your home safe. Once the pest situation is fully under control, we work with you to create exclusion methods that keep out future ants, bed bugs, rodents and other pests.


Some pests in Woodbridge can seem like a nuisance, while others can severely damage your property and put your health at risk. We treat all pest issues seriously. That’s why our Four Season approach includes full pest removal and exclusion. You may only have a single infestation, or you may be dealing with multiple pests in your home and around your property. We handle any situation with professional equipment and a commitment to your safety.


Relax With Our Four Season Support

Schedule an inspection today to rid your home of unwanted pests. Whether you suspect an infestation or are certain you have unwelcome guests in your home, turn to Truly Nolen Canada for expert resources. Our trusted Woodbridge team proudly serves homeowners and businesses in your local area with proven, year-round strategies.

Carpenter Ant

Woodbridge, ON Carpenter Ant

Many species of ants in Woodbridge are attracted to food in your home and around your yard. Unfortunately, carpenter ants are also a threat to wood structures. Find out how these tiny intruders can damage wood furniture, decks and structural framing as they enter your property. Discover how your local team at Truly Nolen Canada can help protect your property.


How To Identify Signs of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can be found inside your home any time of year. They build nests in a similar way to termites, but don’t actually eat wood. Their destructive habits are purely for construction purposes.


Look for signs of a carpenter ant colony in damp areas of your home. Partially decayed wood deck material or in your basement are popular areas for carpenter ants to build their nests. Once inside your home, it’s very difficult to thoroughly remove a colony without professional assistance. Work with our team in Woodbridge to identify and remove these troublesome ants before they cause serious damage to your home.


Our Carpenter Ant Control Solution

At Truly Nolen Canada, our Four Seasons Pest Program removes the threat of carpenter ants and other pests at the same affordable rate. We start by identifying signs of damage to your home. Once spotted, we apply direct treatment to the target areas. Our removal strategy requires professional support, since improper use can cause carpenter ants to relocate within your home.


Once we’ve determined your home is free from carpenter ants, we offer prevention and ongoing inspection services to keep your property safe. This means removing access to your home and restoring structures damaged by carpenter ants. Effective ant removal treatments are safe for use in homes with children and pets, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your home or putting your family at risk. Here are some prevention strategies we may recommend or implement to reduce the risk of a new carpenter ant colony:


  • Remove foliage in contact with your property
  • Remove standing water from your basement or crawl space
  • Fill cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior

These small changes can significantly reduce the risk of a carpenter ant issue. By filling gaps and removing water sources for carpenter ants, you can enjoy a prevention tactic that may not require the routine application of a pest prevention product.


Request an Inspection Today

Trust your home pest control with local professionals at Truly Nolen Canada. Schedule an inspection from your local Woodbridge team to see how we can protect your home. Learn more about prevention strategies for your specific situation and enjoy proven removal services.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Woodbridge, ON Bed Bug Image

Keep your home or business safe with our dedicated support. At Truly Nolen Canada, we work to identify bed bugs, offer proven removal services and prevent further infestation. The peak season for bed bugs is between June and October, but these pests can move in at any time.


Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

While it’s rare to see an actual bed bug in your home, there are a few signs that you have these unpleasant insects on your property. Because they feed on blood, a common sign is a series of three small bite marks on your body. Brown and dark red spots on the edges of your mattress is another common sign.


Because of their flat body shape and hesitancy to come out during the day, it’s incredibly hard to identify and remove bed bugs on your own. Don’t attempt to handle them on your own, but trust our team at Truly Nolen in Guelph to rid your home or business of bed bugs.


Our Bed Bug Pest Control Solution in Guelph

We start by inspecting your property for signs of an infestation. We also treat areas with our patent-pending misting system. It uses a high-pressure mist to push control material into areas where bed bugs typically hide, such as cracks and seams.


This product is registered with Health Canada to offer the highest health and environmental safety standards. Bed bugs, unfortunately, aren’t seasonal pests, but you can trust us to help you remove an infestation and prevent further bugs from entering your home.


These aren’t the only pests that can set up a home in your building. Turn to Truly Nolen Canada for full-service pest control. Our Four Season approach ensures year-round prevention and removal for your property.


Schedule a Professional Inspection Today

Rid your home or business of any pests with our time-tested pest control services. Schedule an inspection today to see how a local team in Woodbridge can help you restore your peace of mind and keep your home safe from pests. Sleep easy without worrying about biting bed bugs.

Rodent Control

Woodbridge, ON Rodent Control Image

The first signs of a mouse or rat in your house typically mean there is already a large infestation. These cautious, quiet intruders build nests in walls, attic spaces and other hidden areas of your home. Signs of droppings or sightings of a rodent mean it’s time to contact our team at Truly Nolen. Find out how your local Woodbridge pest control team can safely remove rodents and protect your home.


How Rodents Affect Your Home

Rodents pose an issue for your health and your home. In terms of safety, rats and mice can bite individuals, either during the night or when cornered. Rodent bites can spread strep bacteria, rabies and other serious diseases. Feces, urine and fur can also spread diseases, so it’s important to work with a professional team for full-service cleaning after having a rodent in your home.


Mice and rats notoriously chew and gnaw throughout the day and night. Because they need to chew on materials to wear down their teeth, they can chew holes in insulation, plumbing pipes, electrical wires or HVAC ducts. A large infestation can cause serious damage to your home and increase the risk of a house fire or water damage.


Our Course of Action

At Truly Nolen Canada, we offer full-service exclusion and trapping services. This two-step process prevents new rodents from entering your home and safely reduces the population. After that, we sanitize and repair your home.


Exclusion requires sealing holes, cracks and gaps throughout your home that are at least 6 millimetres in diameter. Any space this large can allow a mouse to enter your home. We also remove nest materials and other materials that encourage rodents to make a home in your building.


We trap rodents without the use of poison or hazardous chemicals. Trapping takes patience, as most rats avoid traps for the first few days, but this proven approach keeps your pets and household safe and avoids unpleasant odours.


Once the rodents are removed, we perform a final inspection and sanitize any area affected by rodents. DIY cleaning isn’t sufficient to remove the risk of diseases being spread by rodent droppings.


Prevent and Control Rodents With Truly Nolen

Remove rodents and restore your home with the help of your local Truly Nolen team. Schedule an inspection in Woodbridge to identify the extent of the infestation and enjoy complete professional services. We communicate our progress throughout the process to help you stay informed and in control of your home.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Woodbridge, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem, but a dangerous part of your home or yard. A few honeybees in the summer may not be an issue, but if you see a large swarm, notice a nest or have bees and wasps in your home, it’s time to call Truly Nolen Canada. Learn about our proven control and prevention strategies to keep your home or business in Woodbridge safe.


Identify the Threat

Bees and wasps are often confused. Most species sting and live in similar nests, but there is actually a large range of differences between species. Our first step is to identify the type of flying insect you’re dealing with. This helps us identify their habits, type of nest and other issues to determine the risk to your property and health. A bee or wasp sting not only hurts, but can cause dangerous amounts of swelling or other adverse reactions.


Control the Existing Bee and Wasp Infestation

Next, we determine a course of action. Insecticides can be particularly dangerous to wild bees in Woodbridge and the surrounding area. The best time to control wasp colonies is in June when a colony is established but small enough to move safely. We often try to control colonies when they’re less active, which is typically at night.


Our primary concerns are your safety and the safety of wild bee colonies. Before implementing any control strategy, we’ll discuss your options and keep you informed of the situation. Our team has been operating since 1938, so we have the expertise you need to effectively deal with bees and wasps.


Prevent Further Dangers

Wasp and bee species look for particular features when searching for new nests in the spring. Once we understand the type of insect that’s building nests in your building or on your property, we can create a prevention plan.


Our team also helps to restore your property if it was damaged by a nest. We remove any old nests to keep your home looking fresh. Old nests aren’t reused by wasps, but they can still be an unwelcome sight to visitors.


Learn More About Bee and Wasp Control in Woodbridge

Discover more about bees and wasps by contacting us at Truly Nolen Canada. Request an inspection from our local team to identify any bee or wasp issues near your home. Browse our website or contact our team to discuss signs of a bee infestation, how to treat stings and how we offer Four Season support for all your pest control needs.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Woodbridge, ON Spider Control Image

Spiders are a common pest in the Woodbridge area. While most species of spiders in the area aren’t dangerous, some are poisonous. These pests feed primarily on insects, so a large spider population may be a sign of a large insect population. Whether you’re concerned about your safety or the inconvenience of webs in your home, turn to Truly Nolen Canada for effective spider control solutions.


Because many species of spiders in Canada build webs, this will be the most obvious sign of an infestation. Look for spider webs in the corners of your rooms, in your basement and near your air vents.


When our qualified technicians inspect your property, we also look for signs of the arachnids themselves to identify the species. Once identified, we get started with our indoor and outdoor control solutions.



Our Indoor Spider Control Solutions

Removing spiders in your home starts with removing their food sources and hiding places. Don’t leave pet food out. When our technicians inspect your home, they’ll also inspect for signs of insect infestations. By removing an infestation of ants, flies or mosquitoes, we’ll help remove the spider population in your home.


Next, we thoroughly remove spider webs throughout your home to remove the unwanted mess left by spiders. We recommend removing clutter, such as piles of boxes, books and laundry, as these are common hiding places for spiders.


Our spider removal services are integrated with other pest management solutions and designed to be pet and child friendly. We avoid toxic chemicals and insecticides that may harm pets or children in your home.


Outdoor Spider Exclusion Tips

Exterior spider control solutions include sealing your home and removing hiding places that are common for spiders. Here are some common places that spiders like to hide around your building as they look for an entrance:


  • Piles of wood
  • Vegetation
  • Trash bins
  • Tree limbs

We also seal cracks around doorways, windows and basement walls to prevent spiders from entering your home. Spiders can crawl into incredibly small cracks, so work with a professional team to identify any potential entrance. This service also protects your home from other intruders, like ants, rodents and bed bugs.


Schedule an Inspection in Woodbridge

Ready to clear your home of cobwebs and spiders? Turn to Truly Nolen Canada. Schedule a professional inspection in the Woodbridge area to identify the type of spider infestation, remove spiders and prevent a further eight-legged infestation. Choose our team for Four Season support using our Integrated Pest Management approach.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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