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Pest Control

Protect your home from pests this winter with Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons approach. If you have noticed any signs of a pest infestation on your Bridgewater property, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our professional team is thoroughly trained and can promise pest-free results. Claim your home with our services today! More on Bridgewater Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

With summer right around the corner, pest infestations will be in full force. Fortunately, Truly Nolen in Bridgewater offers professional services that will ensure your home remains pest-free from these culprits mice, ants, spiders and more all summer long! Contact us today for more information about our services.

As the warm summer weather arrives, you should expect to see more carpenter ants. Seeing them outdoors is normal, but if they are in your Bridgewater home, contact Truly Nolen immediately. We offer a Four Seasons Pest Control program that will protect your property from infestations throughout the year.

Bed bugs do not like the cold, but this does not stop them from finding an opportunity to spread. With people travelling for the holidays, they may hunker down in your luggage for you to take back to your Bridgewater home. Contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of a bed bug infestation and learn how to prevent them with our Four Seasons approach. More on Bridgewater Bed Bug Control.

Spring is in the air and with it comes the resurgence of life all around us. For many homeowners in Bridgewater, this also means a resurgence of unwanted house guests in the form of rodents. Rats, mice, and other pests can cause extensive damage to your home and property if left unchecked. This spring, contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of an infestation. Learn more about our services today. More on Bridgewater Rodent Control.

Summer is a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors on your patio or deck. Unfortunately, bees and wasps are back in action this summer and may wreak havoc on your fun. Truly Nolen can help prevent them from nesting on your Bridgewater property with our removal services. Contact us today.  More on Bridgewater Bee and Was Control.

As spring arrives in Bridgewater there is so much to look forward to. However, as a homeowner, you may face some unwelcome guests in your home. This time of year spiders start to emerge, but Truly Nolen is one step ahead! Defend your home with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. More on Bridgewater Spider Control.

News & Notes

As Truly Nolen expands across Canada, we are excited to serve our new customers in Bridgewater. Your local pest control expert understands local pest trends in Canada and, more specifically, trends in your individual community. With our Four Seasons approach, you can rest assured that we will use the highest quality materials and environmentally conscious methods to get pest-free results to keep you and your family safe.

Rodent Control

Spring is in the air and with it comes the resurgence of life all around us. For many homeowners in Bridgewater, this also means a resurgence of unwanted house guests in the form of rodents. Rats, mice, and other pests can cause extensive damage to your home and property if left unchecked. This spring, contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of an infestation. Learn more about our services today. More on Bridgewater Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, is a unique town with plenty of rich history and many activities and places to go and see for its residents and visitors alike. From art festivals to a wide variety of shops and the beautiful LaHave River, Bridgewater is quickly attracting new residents and business owners. At Truly Nolen, we understand the need to protect your home or business from pests year-round, including spiders, ants and rodents. Our Four Seasons plan can help you with pest control in Bridgewater and offer you peace of mind that comes from knowing that you don’t need to worry about troublesome infestations.

Bridgewater Pests

Bridgewater has a wide variety of plant life, and the LaHave River helps support a range of wildlife including many wild birds. This lush environment also means there are plenty of insects and rodents present, and their ability to adapt and adjust to living near or with humans, including:

  • In backyards
  • In basements or attics
  • Around porch eaves
  • In storage spaces and mudrooms

These pests can invade your property all year round and may present a danger if they bite or sting. Our year-round services can help ensure these insects and rodents do not gain a foothold at your home or business, as most multiply quickly.

Identifying Different Pests

Because Bridgewater supports a wide network of wildlife, you may find signs of their presence in and around your home. While not all insects and rodents are invasive, others may enter your home in search of food or warmth and then set up shop there. A spider problem may mean a sudden increase in webs around the property and spotting specimens in more than one area. Mice and rats hoard food and chew insulation and other soft material for nests, and you may find their droppings in an attic or behind a large appliance. Once you discover signs of a pest invasion, it is time to call us for pest control in Bridgewater so these creatures are removed safely and permanently.

Our Services for Bridgewater

Our pest control technicians have the know-how and tools to keep your property free of pests, no matter the season. Spring and summer usually bring out ants, spiders, wasps and bees, while fall and winter encourage rodents to seek out warm places to nest before the cold weather arrives. Our Four Seasons plan can prevent this with a comprehensive plan that not only rids your property of pests but can keep them from returning as well.

Our coverage begins with an inspection of your home or business. If you currently have a pest problem, our technicians will seek out and remove them and their nests. We use a pressurized misting system for spider and insect pests, which reaches places that everyday sprays and foggers miss. This destroys adult insects and their eggs, which means the infestation is halted at its source. Once the pests are removed, our technicians will help you identify and seal up cracks, holes and gaps around your property that give insects and rodents the opportunity to enter.

We Are Ready To Assist You

We know that your Bridgewater property is important to you and want to help you protect it from pests, no matter the season. Contact us today for assistance and to schedule an inspection with our Truly Nolen pest professionals.

Pest Control

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Pest Control Image

Whether you are dealing with spiders, rodents, ants or any other type of pest, when you have an infestation in your home or business, you want to have the problem handled quickly. Truly Nolen offers timely and reliable pest control in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. If you want to keep the pests away, pick up the phone and call Truly Nolen today.


Safe and Effective Pest Control Strategies

Everyone should feel safe and comfortable at home. When you have a pest infestation, your house can start to feel less welcoming. Truly Nolen can help you keep your home pest-free all year with our Four Seasons solution.


This includes season pest control treatments aimed at stopping all of Bridgewater’s most troublesome pests. We use pet-friendly methods that will keep you and your family (including furry family members) safe.


Some of the key pests we look out for and prevent include carpenter ants, chinch bugs, bed bugs, white grubs and wasps. These are all common to Nova Scotia and can be especially frustrating as a homeowner.


Making Sure Your Pests Stay Gone

When you have a pest infestation, your first priority is always getting rid of it. However, Truly Nolen doesn’t just stop there. We also help to ensure that your home is protected against future issues. This includes inspecting your home to identify any possible attractants or other issues. We also apply preventative treatments as part of our Four Season program. Our experts will help you with a plan designed for full-year protection.


Comprehensive Pest Control

Our goal at Truly Nolen is to help home and business owners in Bridgewater reclaim their property from pests. We are experienced and knowledgeable pest control specialists who know how to identify, remove and prevent not just common pests, but more usual ones too. Whether you are dealing with a few pests or a serious infestation, we are here to protect you and your property.


Pests around your home aren’t just nuisances. They can carry a variety of diseases and can even damage the structure of your property. Don’t wait to address the issue. If you notice any unwanted visitors, call us to help.


Bridgewater Pest Control Services

Are you struggling with pests? Do you want to protect your home or business year-round? Contact Truly Nolen today for professional pest control in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Our skilled team members will address the problem promptly, safely and reliably.

Carpenter Ant

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Carpenter Ant

Despite their constructive-sounding name, carpenter ants can be a serious threat to your home or business. They are a common problem in Bridgewater and the rest of Nova Scotia. If you suspect that you may have a carpenter ant infestation, you should address it as soon as possible. Truly Nolen can help with carpenter ant removal in Bridgewater and the surrounding area.


Carpenter Ants in Bridgewater

Carpenter ants are relatively large ants ranging in size from 0.25 to 0.75 inches (0.6 to 2 centimetres). They are black, reddish-brown or brownish-black in colour. Typically, carpenter ants appear during the summer months and their lifecycle lasts several months before the colony gets ready for the winter.


The problem with carpenter ants is that they tunnel into wood. They use it to make nests, pathways and more for their colonies. A single colony can consist of hundreds or even thousands of worker ants. So, the damage from a mature colony can be enormous. Obviously, this is a problem for homeowners.


Signs of Infestation

The first sign of carpenter ants is often a few of the ants themselves. They may be scouting a new colony location or looking for food. This can be very easy to miss or ignore. However, if you spot even a single carpenter ant, it is time to take action.


There are two more noticeable signs of infestations. Sawdust and damaged wood may appear near any exposed wood in your home. If you see this, call for pest control services right away. For mature colonies, you may see swarms in the spring as the ants search for new homes. This is a sign of a major infestation.


Removal Process

When you call in Truly Nolen to address the issue, we will apply a three-step process:


  • Inspect and Identify: We start by looking for traces of carpenter ants. Our team can ensure that pests are identified correctly. We will also check for signs of other pest issues.
  • Create a Plan of Action: For each customer, we create a unique strategy to ensure the best results possible.
  • Control and Prevent: We then implement our plan. This also involves both pest removal and the prevention of future issues.

Protecting Your Home All Year

Carpenter ant infestations are often detected too late; serious damage has already been done. So, we encourage our customers to consider our Four Season program. This applies year-round preventative measures tailored for the unique pest problems of each season in Nova Scotia. We also offer preventative services for commercial properties.


Schedule Your Pest Control Appointment Today

Do you need carpenter ant removal in Bridgewater? Contact Truly Nolen today to schedule an appointment.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Bed Bug Image

Hearing you have bed bugs in your home or office could send you through the roof. Nobody wants to find out there are bugs in their beds, clothes or furniture. Fortunately, at Truly Nolen, we have a solution for bed bug removal in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.


How Truly Nolen’s Process Removes the Problem

The first step in our bed bug removal process is inspecting your property to identify the problem. Bed bugs are great at hiding with their flat bodies that can just slip between seams and folds in your upholstery and other fabrics. The reason they are commonly found in beds is that mattresses have tufts, buttons, seams, pillows and other features that allow the bugs to hide out of sight during the day, but our inspection process allows us to find everyone.


After we’ve found your problem, we work at eliminating it. Following preparation of the area, we use a high-pressure misting system that will insert material into all the folds, tucks and seams where the bed bugs are hiding away. Our products are kid and pet-friendly, so you never have to worry that your loved ones are in danger due to treatment.


How You Can Keep the Bed Bugs Away

Whether you’re working toward prevention or recently had us out to perform pest control services for your bed bug infestation in Bridgewater, keeping those pesky critters away is essential. Some things you can do include:


  • Keeping your home or office clean – A cluttered area provides more hiding places for bed bugs. Keep the clutter picked up and vacuum frequently.
  • Being careful about secondhand items – Secondhand furniture and clothing are great when you’re on a tight budget, but you should be careful about bringing these items into your home or office without a good inspection. Check for signs of bed bugs before you bring any secondhand items inside.
  • Isolating your apartment or office space – If you live in a multi-family building or do business in an office building, bed bugs can travel from unit to unit. You can try to keep your unit isolated by installing door sweeps, sealing cracks, and repairing broken baseboards and light sockets.
  • Being careful in shared facilities – If you go to the gym every day, you have to be careful that you’re not bringing home bed bugs from someone else’s gym bag. If you share a laundry facility, you have to be equally as careful that you’re not bringing home bed bugs from someone else’s laundry. Use sealable plastic bags and don’t let your personal belongings touch any surfaces.

Contact Us for an Inspection

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Truly Nolen is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection so we can get the problem handled.

Rodent Control

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Rodent Control Image

Rats, mice and other rodents are such a nuisance, but they cause other problems as well. Rodents are carriers of disease, and when they move indoors for a long winter, they bring those diseases into your home or office. Rodents are always chewing things in an effort to wear their sharp teeth down, and if that means gnawing on electrical wires and the wooden structure of your building, they’ll do it. Fortunately, at Truly Nolen, we offer all the latest services for rodent removal in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.


Truly Nolen’s Process To Remove Your Rodent Issue

Before we can rid your home of mice or rats, we need to determine where they are and how they’re getting in. Our inspectors have years of experience finding the nooks and crannies where rodents sneak in. Taking a moment to understand what you’ve noticed already, we are able to spot the problem.


After learning why and where your rodent problem is happening in Bridgewater, we are able to determine a course of action. All of our pest control services are effective, successful and safe, using exclusion, trapping and sanitation measures.


What You Can Do To Prevent a Rodent Infestation

One of the best ways to safeguard your home or office against a rodent infestation is prevention. Some things you can do right now to prevent a rodent invasion include:


  • Properly disposing of trash and keeping the garbage cans sealed with a lid
  • Securing food containers, both pet and human, with tight-fitting lids
  • Keeping your home or office clean and tidy, always wiping things down after meals
  • Finding and sealing up entry points in the foundation or structure of your home or office

At Truly Nolen in Bridgewater, we also have a Control and Prevent program. With an ongoing monitoring process, we make sure any of the exclusionary measures we used are intact at all times. We’ll inspect and watch to make sure the prevention plan we came up with is working. If not, we’ll make some adjustments to ensure it’s always effective.


One of the aspects of this process that makes it most successful is communication. We stay in touch with every one of our customers to understand what they’re noticing when we’re not around. With educational materials, we are able to help each home and business owner discover what to do next to achieve a rodent-free environment in the long term.


Call Us To Schedule an Inspection

Whether you’re taking preventative measures or have actually noticed signs of rodents, we’re happy to take a look. Contact Truly Nolen in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia so you can schedule an inspection today.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Bee and Wasp Control Image

Understanding bee and wasp patterns will help you to be prepared the next time you have a sighting. While these pests are seasonal, protecting your home or office is essential at all times of the year. At Truly Nolen, we are committed to helping you with wasp and bee removal in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. With our Four Seasons Pest Control program, you never have to worry about an infestation getting out of hand.


How To Spot an Infestation

The first step in spotting an infestation is knowing what the pests look like. Bees, yellow jackets and other wasps are often mistaken for each other because of their similar design and colouring, but they are different in a variety of ways. For example, bees have fuzzy bodies that make them look cute and gentle, while yellow jackets and wasps have a sleeker look that makes them look mean. Bees can’t fold their wings, though wasps can fold theirs along their bodies. When a bee stings someone, it loses its stinger and dies. Wasps can sting multiple times, all in succession, leaving a serious amount of venom in their victim’s bodies without dying.


Wasp nests are made from a paper-like material that the wasps create using chewed vegetable fibres, chewed wood pulp and saliva. These nests usually start small, about the size of a golf ball, and can get as large as a football. A bee’s nest is made of beeswax and has that distinctive honeycomb design you’re used to seeing. Both wasp and bee nests can be found in empty roof spaces, hollowed-out trees, underground and other similar locations.


Your Solution for Bee and Wasp Control

At Truly Nolen in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, we understand the seasonal behaviours of all pests in the area. This is why we’re able to control your problem with our Four Seasons Pest Control program. Instead of doing the same things over and over again, we have a series of materials and processes that stop pests in their tracks.


Spring, summer, winter and fall all play a different role for bees and wasps. In spring, the queen wasps are coming out of dormancy and building their nests. By summer, bee and wasp colonies can be quite large. At the end of summer, overwintering queen wasps are mating with males and seeking a place to overwinter. Once fall hits with the first hard frost, most of the wasp colony will die and the nest will begin to disintegrate over the next few months. Our Four Seasons Pest Control program has a solution every step of the way.


Contact Us To Schedule Service

When it comes to bee and wasp removal in Bridgewater, it needs to be handled by professionals to get done safely. Contact Truly Nolen to schedule service today.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Spider Control Image

Spiders in your home can make it feel a little less comfortable. Most spiders are harmless, but if you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t want them in your house regardless. Plus, a handful of spiders can pose a risk, especially if accidentally disturbed. Truly Nolen offers spider removal in Bridgewater, so you can get back to feeling relaxed and comfortable in your home.


Common Types of Spiders in Bridgewater

There are a variety of spiders that appear in Bridgewater and the rest of Nova Scotia. Nearly all of them are harmless, although a few are a little scary-looking.


  • House Spiders: Common house spiders build webs and can be a nuisance. There are also giant house spiders in the area, which are a little larger but no more harmful.
  • Orb Weavers: Named for their distinctive, spiral webs, these spiders are often found in gardens and wooded areas.
  • Cellar Spiders: This family of spiders loves the dampness of basements. They often live in large groups, which can be quite unpleasant for homeowners.

Nova Scotia is also home to the yellow sac spider, which can bite and cause irritation that lasts for weeks. They aren’t deadly or even particularly dangerous, but they can be unpleasant. The much more dangerous brown recluse spiders and black widows also call Canada home, but they are very rare in Nova Scotia.


How Truly Nolen Protects Your Home Against Spiders

The Truly Nolen team is made up of pest control specialists who can help you protect your home against spiders. All our pest control services start with evaluating the home to identify the pests. This allows us to formulate a strategy that will achieve maximum results. For spiders, our approach typically centers on four steps:


  • Treat the area/remove the pests
  • Clean the affected area
  • Seal entry points
  • Monitor the home

By cleaning the area and sealing it against future infestations, we can help to minimize the risk of a repeat issue. Additionally, we encourage homeowners to consider our Four Season program. This involves seasonal inspections and treatments to ensure that your home is safe from pests all year round.


Schedule a Pest Control Appointment Today

Whether you have a current spider infestation or just want to protect your home, Truly Nolen can help. We offer spider removal in Bridgewater as well as a variety of other pest control services. Our goal is to make you feel completely at home and safe from pests. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your pest control needs.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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