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Pest Control

Crisp days and chilly nights mean pests will be looking for a warm place to call home through the season. Protect your home with Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons approach. Our professionals will remove any current pests and prevent future infestations. To learn more about our removal services in Thornhill, contact us today! More on Thornhill Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

During the summer season, homeowners in Thornhill may be bothered by pests like bees, spiders, rodents and more. To prevent or get rid of an existing infestation in your home, give Truly Nolen a call. We offer reliable and professional pest control and removal services. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.

Carpenter ants can cause damage to your garden, wooden flooring, deck and many other areas of your property. But don’t panic if you notice them around your Thornhill home. Instead, contact Truly Nolen for professional pest control and removal services. We can help you in a safe and reliable way. More on our website.

If you're like most homeowners in Thornhill, you may have started thinking about pest control as the weather has started to warm up. Spring is prime time for bed bugs, so it's important to take some steps to protect your home and family. Our professionals at Truly Nolen are industry leaders in bed bug extermination and won’t stop until we treat all their hiding places. We will not be satisfied until your home is free of pests. Learn more about our bed bug removal services today! More on Thornhill Bed Bug Control.

If mice or rats find their way into your home, contact Truly Nolen as soon as possible. Not only can rodents carry diseases which can harm your family, but they can also cause structural damage to your home. To learn about our comprehensive services, including our Four Season approach, contact us today! More on Thornhill Rodent Control.

While bees and wasps are not a common sight in the winter months, it can be common to have an infestation of them in your home. During the cold weather, bees and wasps seek a warm place to survive during the winter, and your property makes an ideal location. If you believe you have bees and wasps in your Thornhill home, contact Truly Nolen today! More on Thornhill Bee and Was Control.

Not many people enjoy being in the presence of spiders. While they do provide benefits, you still don’t want them in your home. If you are noticing an increase in spiders around your Thornhill home, contact Truly Nolen. We can help by inspecting, removing and preventing future infestations. Schedule an inspection today. More on Thornhill Spider Control.

News & Notes

We are committed to keeping you and your family safe during these uncertain times. As the COVID-19 pandemic changes daily, we have implemented several services in keeping with social distancing efforts. No contact services and limited entry into a home are just a couple of precautions we offer as part of our response to COVID-19.

Rodent Control

If mice or rats find their way into your home, contact Truly Nolen as soon as possible. Not only can rodents carry diseases which can harm your family, but they can also cause structural damage to your home. To learn about our comprehensive services, including our Four Season approach, contact us today! More on Thornhill Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Thornhill, ON

Nestled along the northern border of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, Thornill is a quaint community in the Regional Municipality of York. It is located between Vaughan and Markham and is home to more than 100,000 residents. The region is also home to a wide variety of pests that can infest homes, so prevention and removal are key to maintain control of your home. Truly Nolen is one of the top pest control providers in Ontario and staffs technicians who are experienced with a wide variety of pests. If you live in the postal community of Thornhill, we are ready and able to help you keep pests out of your home with state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality chemicals and extensive knowledge of various pests that call the region home.

Pests We Deal With

Many types of common household pests are native to and thrive in Canada. Because many of them reproduce quickly, it is important to enlist professional help from the experts at Truly Nolen immediately if you suspect there are pests in your home. We have experience dealing with many types of pests, including the ones listed below.

Steps We Take To Remove Pests

Once pests have invaded your home, it is usually hard to get rid of them without professional help. Rather than focusing on just getting rid of the pests you can see, Truly Nolen technicians strive to get to the bottom of the problem so we can completely eradicate the infestation. We’ll confirm which type of pest is causing the problem and then we’ll identify the point of entry they used to get into your home. We then locate the main source of the problem, which in many cases is a hidden colony. Using top-of-the-line tools and chemicals, we’ll remove the nest. We then treat your home to deter the unwanted guests from returning and work to resolve the issue that led to them showing up in your home in the first place. This extensive process ensures that the problem is completely resolved.

Services We Offer

You don’t have to wait until you have a full-blown infestation in your home to call Truly Nolen. While we can certainly help remove pests once a colony has been established, we also offer preventative services. Several times a year, we’ll visit your home and inspect it to identify potential points of entry for various pests. If we find anything that could be a problem, we work to resolve it quickly. We also treat the interior and exterior of your home to keep insects out. By keeping up with these routine visits, we drastically reduce the chance of an infestation happening.

Truly Nolen is ready to serve residents of Thornhill with a wide variety of pest control services. Whether you want to get rid of a current infestation or need to keep common pests from taking up residence in your home, our expert technicians have the skills and knowledge needed to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs regarding pest control and schedule an appointment.

Pest Control

Thornhill, ON Pest Control Image

As a postal community that straddles the line between the cities of Markham and Vaughan in Ontario, Canada, Thornhill is home to more than 110,000 citizens. The town is located along the northern border of Toronto and houses many parks with picturesque hiking trails. Because many common household pests are native to Canada, the town of Thornhill is also home to a wide variety of small creatures and insects that you don’t want in your house. Thankfully, Truly Nolen is here to help with preventative pest control services.


What Types of Pests Do We Deal With?

Because most types of pests reproduce rapidly, we know that prevention is the best tool for warding off an infestation. We use high-quality chemicals to treat both the interior and exterior of your home. These chemicals are formulated to deter common pests from entering. Our technicians have specific training on dealing with many types of common pests, including those listed below.


  • Mice
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Houseflies
  • Millipedes
  • Carpenter bees
  • Spiders
  • Bedbugs


What Do Our Pest Control Services Do?

While our technicians can remove pests from your home once an infestation has set in, the process is often extensive because we must identify and treat the root cause of the problem. Preventing infestations from happening is the best way to fight them, and routine pest control services can help find and resolve minor pest problems before they become major.


When we arrive for a routine pest control service, which will happen several times a year, we will examine your home to see if there are any potential points of entry that pests could find. We’ll patch those up to keep pests out and then treat your home with chemicals that are safe for both kids and pets but not for insects. Throughout this process, our technicians will be on the lookout for signs of a hidden infestation. If we see anything that indicates you currently have a pest infestation, we’ll investigate further so we can resolve the problem before it becomes a more major issue.


If you are sharing your home with unwanted guests such as spiders, cockroaches or ants, you want to get rid of them quickly to prevent an infestation from happening. Keeping up with routine pest control services is the best way to keep small creatures and insects from entering your home, and the expert technicians at Truly Nolen have the skills necessary to remove pests if necessary. Take control of your home in Thornhill and contact us today to get set up on a preventative pest control schedule.

Carpenter Ant

Thornhill, ON Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants that take up residence in your home in Thornhill can pose a serious problem. They are attracted to wood sources, such as fences, firewood, stumps, landscaping mulch and lumber. They prefer saturated wood because it is easier to burrow through which means decks, structural framing and wood porches are prime targets.



Carpenter ants are larger than most ants. They are most often red or black, but can also be a combination of both colours. You may notice these ants in your home as they forage for food, moving back and forth from the nest. One visible sign of activity is sawdust piles that are left from tunnel-making. Another indicator is the presence of mating swarms that appear when a mature colony is ready to form a new one.


Canadians begin to see carpenter ants moving around in the spring. If you notice any of these signs, call Truly Nolen for professional help immediately.



Over time, carpenter ants cause serious damage to your home. Their constant tunnelling actions weaken support structures and can make a residence unsafe to inhabit. They also cause unsightly cosmetic damage. This leads to costly and complicated renovations to correct the issues.

It is critical to locate a carpenter ant nest before removal begins. Our technicians begin the process with a complete inspection of your property to determine the size of the infestation and the extent of damages.


When it comes time for treatment, we use our proactive Four Seasons treatment protocols to deal with pest populations. We belong to an international network of pest control experts who share the latest information and ideas to bring you the best technologies available.

Carpenter ants are tough to control, so multiple treatments may be required. We introduce insecticides to the colony through member food exchanges, and this effectively controls entire colonies and stops the spread.


Our professionals safely apply treatments and make sure your home and family are protected. Improper application techniques may lead to a larger infestation as colonies adapt and grow. A Truly Nolen pest control professional will assess the situation thoroughly and report their findings.


Your Pest Elimination Team

Homeowners in Thornhill appreciate the beauty of wood facades, decks and porches on their homes. Our pest control programs protect your property against unwanted pests that may destroy the beauty of the wood in your home. Contact Truly Nolen to schedule an inspection today! We can handle all your pest issues and help guard your residence against pest intrusions for years to come.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Thornhill, ON Bed Bug Image

Few insects invoke fearful and disgusted reactions in people than those that feed on the blood of humans and animals, but none more than bed bugs. These tiny insects, which hide in the seams of mattresses and other locations around where people and pets sleep, can invade a home and multiply in a matter of weeks. We at Truly Nolen can provide you with not only treatment solutions to eliminate them but prevent them from returning to your Thornhill home as well.


Bed Bug Signs and Symptoms

Any home can suffer a bed bug invasion, and their presence has little to do with the cleanliness of your home. These insects usually find their way in from another location, such as a hotel or another home, and hitch a ride on luggage or your clothing. They can even make their way in on the back of your pet.


While these bugs are not always easy to spot, you may find signs of their presence, such as blood smears on your bedsheets, rust-coloured stains on the bedclothes and marks on parts of the body that are uncovered or unclothed as you sleep. You may also find shed exoskeletons in your bedroom, and this is usually a sign of a larger infestation. Fortunately, our technicians have treatment options that can banish these pests for good.


Truly Nolen’s Bed Bug Solution

When our pest control technicians evaluate your home, they will review any signs that prompted your call for help and verify a problem. After that, treatment begins with a high-pressure fogging system that reaches deep into the bugs’ hiding places and kills both adults and eggs. This treatment finds the insects where name-brand foggers and sprays may not reach. Our fogging systems do not harm the environment and cause no health issues for people and pets.


Once treatment is complete, our pest technicians can offer you tips that may prevent reinfestation. There are several actions you can take, including:


  • Vacuuming carpets more often
  • Cleaning luggage thoroughly after use
  • Keeping backyard grass trimmed to reduce insect activity

Taking these steps and remaining aware of how bed bugs may get into your home can prevent future infestations and the struggle of breaking the insect’s life cycle.


We Can Help

Battling bed bugs on your own with canned bug spray may not be as effective as you need it to be for your home, but we are standing by to help you. Contact our Truly Nolen team in Thornhill today for solutions that kick these bugs to the curb for good.

Rodent Control

Thornhill, ON Rodent Control Image

Rodent infestations are problematic for homeowners because these little animals are productive breeders, and they gnaw on all sorts of materials inside homes. The house mouse is a common species in Canada. A single female births between three to 14 pups each litter and has as many as five to 10 litters every year. A few mice can become a large colony in a short period of time. Truly Nolen has the pest control solutions you need to prevent and protect your residence in Thornhill from rodent intrusions.


Rodent Infestations

If you have a colony of rodents, you may hear scratching noises as they run around the attic or inside of walls. A house mouse can fit through a pencil sized-hole. They go anywhere inside a home in search of places to build nests and find food. Mice are messy creatures. They leave feces almost everywhere they roam. A large group of mice in an attic can saturate insulation with urine and waste which will leave the appearance of water stains. But perhaps their most destructive trait is chewing. Mice constantly sharpen their teeth which are their primary defensive and survival tools.


Rodent Prevention

Prevention is always the first defence in pest control. Here are three reasons professional pest control is the answer to rodent infestations:


  • Exclusion: Technicians identify openings and gaps in homes where rodents enter and then cover those points with materials to stop future entry.
  • Trapping: Specialists place traps around your home and routinely check them to remove rodents.
  • Vector Control: This is our highly effective perimeter control method that reduces pest from entering areas around a home. Rodents bring in other pests, such as fleas, so it’s important to prevent them access before there are further problems.


Rodent Experts

Rodent infestations pose serious health risks to humans. They carry viruses transmitted through their droppings and spread bacteria around homes. Mice do structural damage and cause fire hazards with their instinctual chewing habits. Our trained technicians thoroughly assess your home and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. We gladly answer your questions about our pest control protocols and report our findings.


We treat all types of pest problems, so let us know how we can help.


Our Pest Control Advantage

Truly Nolen provides effective and innovative pest control solutions to our customers in Thornhill. Our Four Seasons approach takes care of issues before they arise through proactive measures, and our customers appreciate our commitment to professional service delivery. Please contact us today to schedule an inspection!

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Thornhill, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

The bees and wasps you see around your Thornhill home all serve a purpose in the local Canadian ecosystem, but when they start to build nests in your backyard, they can pose a danger to your family and pets. These social insects may become aggressive when protecting their hives, and we at Truly Nolen are standing by to help you identify, remove and prevent these insects from becoming a serious nuisance.


Bee and Wasp Identification

Bees and wasps share similar characteristics, which may make it difficult to tell them apart at first glance. There are several features both species have in common, such as:


  • Building/living in hives
  • Stinging as a means of defence
  • Forming a society around a hive queen

Despite these similarities, there are several ways you can identify each insect. Bees tend to have a hairy outer covering, while most wasps have shiny, hairless exoskeletons. Wasps also have narrow waists and large wings, while most bee species in Canada are smaller than wasps. If you find a nest, call us to assist you with identification, as it might be dangerous to approach it on your own.


Bee and Wasp Life Cycles

Wasps and bees tend to be active from late spring to early fall, when they build their nests, tend to and raise larvae and forage for food and water. Once the cold weather sets in, any adults left in the nest will abandon it and the adults die off. Wasp queens hibernate underground or in sheds and garages, while honeybees remain active all year long.


Wasps tend to become aggressive in the early fall when their diets change and they must seek out their own food once the larvae in the nest mature. This is when you might notice them hovering around soda cans and other sweet foods. No matter the time of year you experience a bee or wasp problem, we at Truly Nolen can help.


Ready To Assist You

Our Thornhill pest control technicians can identify and assess your bee or wasp problem and take immediate action to remove the hive. Bees tend to nest in logs and trees, while wasps build paper nests under porch eaves, inside sheds and along the edges of roofs. Once our technicians locate the nest, they will take steps to remove it, clear away remaining insects, and offer you tips and information about how to prevent future colonies from taking hold. When bees and wasps invade your property, they can pose a danger to everyone in your home.

Contact us today for further assistance and information.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Thornhill, ON Spider Control Image

While arachnophobia or a simple fear of spiders is common, there is little need to fear the majority of these eight-legged creatures. Most species, including the most common in Canada, are not poisonous, and those that are, pose no significant threat to human life. However, some people do have hypersensitivity to spider venom.


Spiders are a sort of natural pest control, feeding primarily on insects. While they are efficient killers, no homeowner wants their property overrun with arachnids, so it is necessary to understand how to control the population outside and indoors and call us for help if the problem is too big.


Frequent Sightings Could Mean Other Problems

It is crucial to recognize an infestation if you have one. Living in cracks, crevices, nooks, and crannies, Spiders do not like to be seen or attract too much attention. If you see multiple spiders every day in or around your home, you might have an infestation, in which case, you will want to take quick action.


Homeowner Tips for Spider Control

For minor infestations, you might be able to make your home somewhat uncomfortable for spiders. Using a few tried practices, you can make living around your house or property uncomfortable and impractical. To protect the interior of your home, you can try a few different techniques.

First, declutter your living space. Spiders love to find safe hideaways, and so do other insects. Second, vacuum your entire house, paying particular attention to spaces you have seen spiders in the past. Finally, cover pet food and do not leave pet dishes out all day. While people expect to see spiders outside, you will want to keep them off your home.

To discourage infestations, try all of the following:


  • Trim trees, bushes, or other plants that touch your home
  • Remove yard debris from around the foundation
  • Seal exterior cracks, especially those around entry points
  • Sweep or knock down any existing webs
  • Keep trash bins away from the house


Contact a Truly Nolen Professional

For significant infestations, contact Truly Nolen Thornhill. Our technicians can help identify species, problem areas, and vulnerable entry points. We also understand how pests act during different times of the year, allowing us to create an effective removal process. For families with small children and pets, we use integrated pest management with a focus on the environment, your family, and pets, keeping everyone safe.

If you see more spiders than usual around your property or in your home, simply fill out our contact form . We are always here to help.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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