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Pest Control

If you are searching for a reliable winter pest control company in Markham, Truly Nolen is the place to call. We offer professional and effective protection against rodents, bed bugs and many more. With our Four Seasons approach, we can remove any existing infestations and prevent future ones. Contact us today to learn more about our services! More on Markham Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

Summer is the prime time for pests to cause damage to your home. Not only can they wreak havoc on your property, but they can also provide significant health risks to you and your family. Take back your Markham home with Truly Nolen’s Four Season Pest Control service. Learn what this and more by contacting us today.

Carpenter ants are attracted to moist and warm environments. Springtime provides both of these things, which means you should contact Truly Nolen! We can ensure your Markham home will remain carpenter ant-free with our prevention strategies. Give us a call to learn more.

Bed bugs use winter to their advantage by hiding in your thick blankets and winter clothing. These infestations can spread quickly, so hiring Truly Nolen for our skilled removal services as soon as you detect one is crucial. Protect your home from bed bugs in Markham with our winter pest control solutions. Contact us today to learn about our pest removal services. More on Markham Bed Bug Control.

Once the Fall weather arrives, rodents are actively preparing for the long winter ahead of them. Your Markham home could be at risk of a mouse or rat infestation if you don’t take the proper precautions to prevent it. Truly Nolen Canada offers professional and reliable Fall pest control services, sure to protect your property. Contact us today to learn more. More on Markham Rodent Control.

Bees and wasps are both stinging insects. As a homeowner in Markham, it is likely a priority for you to keep your property free from these pests, especially if you have small children or pets. At Truly Nolen Canada, we understand the need to protect your residence from bees and wasps during the Fall, and offer a Four Seasons Pest Control program to help with that. Read here to find out more. More on Markham Bee and Was Control.

The humid weather that summer can bring is the perfect climate for spiders to thrive. If you are noticing an increase in spider activity around your Markham home, contact Truly Nolen immediately. Our team is professionally trained and can promise successful results. Learn how we can help protect your property this summer by visiting our website.  More on Markham Spider Control.

Worried about ticks this summer? Truly Nolen in Markham is here to help with our proven pest control services. We specialize in removing them efficiently and keeping your outdoor spaces safe for you and your loved ones. Take action against ticks today and schedule an appointment. Your peace of mind is just a call away!

Worried about ticks this summer? Truly Nolen in Markham is here to help with our proven pest control services. We specialize in removing them efficiently and keeping your outdoor spaces safe for you and your loved ones. Take action against ticks today and schedule an appointment. Your peace of mind is just a call away!

News & Notes

Our team at Truly Nolen is committed to keeping your family safe as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. As an essential service, we are making every effort to promote public health. With that in mind, our commitment is always to the health and safety of our customers.

Rodent Control

Once the Fall weather arrives, rodents are actively preparing for the long winter ahead of them. Your Markham home could be at risk of a mouse or rat infestation if you don’t take the proper precautions to prevent it. Truly Nolen Canada offers professional and reliable Fall pest control services, sure to protect your property. Contact us today to learn more. More on Markham Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Markham, ON

Those looking for an exciting yet affordable place to live near Toronto, Ontario, may find the city of Markham perfectly suited to their needs. Boasting a growing population of over 300,000 residents, the city has plenty to be proud of. Along with its human occupants, Markham is also home to a variety of wildlife, from insects to small mammals, and we at Truly Nolen are standing by to help you with your pest control needs.

A City on the Grow

Markham is located less than 20 miles from downtown Toronto, which makes it convenient for those who wish to commute to the city for work or education. However, Markham itself has quite a few large employers, including a major technology company and several car manufacturing companies as well.

For students, there are several secondary learning campuses in the city that offer a variety of studies. The areas of study include business, tourism, and information technology.

Markham also features many parks and recreational areas, where you might see some local wildlife. While the scenic paths and parks offer a haven for some of the area’s rare birds and mammals, there are other creatures that are comfortable encroaching on human habitats. Some of these can breed quickly and cause quite an infestation, especially rodents and insects, and we at Truly Nolen can help you reclaim your home when you experience this kind of problem.

Identifying Markham Pests

Most species of pests that live in Markham can be spotted almost year-round, including some types of birds, mice, rats and spiders. These animals do not hibernate and when cooler weather comes, they start to look for warm, safe places to nest over the winter. Squirrels, rats and even raccoons might invade your attic if they have access to your roof, where they can chew through shingles to gain access. Once there, they may tear up insulation and chew up stored materials to make their nests.

Birds can also cause more trouble than you may think. Their nesting material is often dry, and if they stuff your heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts with it, this could present a fire hazard. Feathers, droppings and dead chicks or adult birds could also cause a foul odour when the system is turned on. Fortunately, our pest control technicians are standing by to protect your Markham home from this type of danger.

What We Do

Once our experienced technicians arrive at your home, they will likely begin by identifying what kind of pest has made itself at home. In some cases, nests and droppings might be apparent and in others, the animal or insect in question may be more difficult to find. Once located, the pest and their nesting will be removed and the area thoroughly cleaned to ensure none are left behind to start a new colony. Finally, our technicians can advise you about how to prevent future infestations and assist you with finding possible entrances where pests might make their way back into your home.

Commercial Pest Control Experts

Here at Truly Nolen, we recognize the importance of pest control not only in homes but also in commercial buildings. We offer a comprehensive commercial pest control program to fit the needs of your business. Our program includes fly control, rodent control, bird control, bee service, mosquito mitigation, flea and tick service, and fire ant control. We want our commercial customers to experience the satisfaction and confidence in pest control that comes with our IPM advantage.

Always Here To Help

We know that you value your Markham home, which includes protecting it from insect and small mammal pests that could damage it. Contact us today for assistance and gain peace of mind from knowing that we at Truly Nolen are always here to help you.

Pest Control

Markham, ON Pest Control Image

Ontario wildlife is extremely diverse and includes a multitude of birds, rodents, insects and spiders. While most of these creatures do not approach human populations, some are highly adaptable and sometimes invite themselves into your Markham home to escape the cold weather or search for a meal. When infestations occur, you might be tempted to handle the problem yourself, but there are several benefits to contacting our pest control professionals here at Truly Nolen, no matter what type of creature has made itself at home on your property.


Long-Term Solutions

While hardware or grocery store bug sprays, foggers and traps might kill the pests you see, there are usually many more hiding out of sight that these products cannot reach. This means that infestations usually continue out of sight and new generations continue to cause problems. There are some pests that are particularly difficult to eliminate on your own, including:


  • Carpenter ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mice


Calling in our professional pest control technicians can provide you with long-term solutions to remove insects and rodents from your home and keep them away all year long.


Safer Removal Measures

While not all pests are dangerous, some may bite when cornered or sting when they feel their nests are being threatened. Even small birds may peck or claw when defending their nests and chicks. Our technicians are trained to remove potentially-dangerous animals and insects like wasps and spiders in a safe manner, protecting you and your family from the risk of painful bites or stings.


More Effective Treatment Solutions

Our treatment options can provide you with more effective pest control solutions than DIY measures may be able to offer. For example, our patented bed bug treatment uses a high-pressure mist that reaches deep into cracks and crevices where these insects hide during the day, such as behind light switch plates and along seams in mattresses. This misting service can also be effective for spiders and other crawling insects that find their way into your home.


Effective Pest Identification

Correctly identifying a pest is the most effective way to pinpoint control solutions that work for that particular species. Since it can be difficult to tell one insect from another or to identify a particular type of rodent, calling in our pest control technicians may help you to better identify what type of animal you are dealing with and discover a type of treatment that is best for your home.


At Truly Nolen, we understand the importance of your family’s health and safety. Contact us today and discover how professional pest control treatment in Markham can protect your property and the ones you love.

Carpenter Ant

Markham, ON Carpenter Ant

You probably don’t think too much about noticing a single ant crawling around outside, or even in your Markham home. They are small, after all, so what trouble could they cause? Not all ants are created equal and some, like carpenter ants, can do serious damage to a home. These destructive pests bore through the wood with powerful jaws to create nests. This leaves tunnels and hollow pockets that can seriously compromise structural integrity. As such, their presence should be taken seriously.


Are They Carpenter Ants or Something Else?

A good place to start is by identifying the exact type of ants you have. Carpenter ants can be distinguished from the other types found in and around Markham by these characteristics:


  • Large bodies, generally 6.5 to 13 mm long
  • A defined waist that is slimmer than the other body segments
  • Bent antennae that appear to have an elbow
  • One petiole, or protrusion on its waist
  • May have wings, but not always
  • When wings are present, the front ones are longer than the back pair

Why Are Carpenter Ants Entering Your Markham Home?

Contrary to popular belief and unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. Instead, they burrow through it to make hollow spaces for nests. So, if you suspect you have them in your home, it is probably because they had easy access through exposed wood. A few areas that make it easy for carpenter ants to get inside include:


  • Wooden window or door frames
  • Holes along the foundation
  • Inside firewood carried inside
  • Along air conditioning units or wires


Are Carpenter Ants Always a Problem?

If you are only seeing one or two ants, they are probably out searching for food and not a great source of concern. However, if you notice small piles of sawdust, piles of dead ants outside of holes, or hear scratching and crawling sounds inside of your walls, you probably have a more serious problem. Carpenter ant nests are difficult to locate because they are hidden away. Truly Nolan professionals are trained to identify signs of carpenter ant infestations and locate nests so they can be eliminated.


What’s the Best Way To Get Rid of Them?

If you suspect carpenter ants are nesting in your Markham home, it is best to call in the professionals at Truly Nolan Pest Care. Our technicians perform comprehensive inspections to locate any nests in or around your home, We can then work to develop a pest control plan for eliminating the carpenter ants at the source. Contact us today for your free, accurate estimate.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Markham, ON Bed Bug Image

Turn to Truly Nolen Pest Control to remove and prevent bed bugs in your home. Whether you’ve spotted the signs of a bed bug infestation or you’re enjoying our Four Season Protection Plan to avoid any unwanted pests, your home in Markham is safe from pests with our proven services.


Our Bed Bug Inspection Process

These tiny insects are parasitic. They received their name from their unpleasant habit of biting people while they sleep. It’s very difficult to spot a live bed bug, but here are common signs that we look for to determine whether your home is affected:


  • Brown spots on your bed, bedposts, bedding or other areas near your bedroom
  • Red dots on you or your family members that may itch
  • Exoskeletons or eggs


Bed bugs commonly live and feed in your bedroom, but they can also hide in other areas of your home. We start near your bed and bedposts, but search any upholstered furniture, behind wallpaper or picture frames and other small hiding spots. Despite their name, bed bugs can live in other rooms and can even in commercial buildings. These resourceful pests will cling to clothing and other objects to travel from home to home and commercial locations to homes. They can travel quickly in this way, so it’s important to work with a pest control service promptly.


Bed Bug Treatment in Markham

It’s commonly thought that bed bugs are attracted to dirty homes or untidy individuals. This isn’t the case. These persistent insects can find their way into even the cleanest, most well-maintained homes in Markham. Don’t be embarrassed if you think you have bed bugs in your home, but contact our team quickly.


At Truly Nolen Pest Control, we’re proud to offer bed bug treatment as part of our integrated pest management strategy. We identify the most likely hiding spots for bed bugs and use our innovative misting apparatus to penetrate crevices. This can eliminate bed bugs and eggs.

Next, we seal any small cracks in your bedposts or near your bed to reduce the risk of further infestation. Follow-up inspections and year-round services help you enjoy peace of mind and a pest-free property.


Restore Your Home With Truly Nolen Pest Control

Include bed bug treatment as part of your home or business pest control solution. Request an inspection in your home today to see how Truly Nolen Pest Control can assist you. Whether you believe you have an infestation or you’re hoping to avoid this unfortunate incident, work with leaders in pest services in Markham.

Rodent Control

Markham, ON Rodent Control Image

Rodents, especially tiny field mice, can look cute and harmless, but rapid reproduction and carriers of harmful bacteria and diseases mean these pests are nothing to play with. A homeowner who believes they have an existing rodent problem should act quickly to find a solution before a single rat or mouse becomes hundreds.


While Ontario is full of beautiful landscapes and residential neighbourhoods, people and property are not effective deterrents for rodents looking for food and shelter. The truly Nolan team in Markham is made up of experts who know how and why rodent populations migrate and invade properties. If you have seen a mouse or rat on your land, you might have a bigger problem than you think.


Rodent Infestations

Many homeowners feel that if they see and remove one mouse or another rodent from their home, their problem is solved, but that is likely, not true. One sighting does not represent the nests of critters in your home’s walls, attic, basement, crawlspace, etc. Even if you only see one mouse, if that rodent is pregnant or just had babies, you will soon have about six furry friends scurrying around your home. If given enough time, the group will quickly double, triple, and even quadruple in size because of the rapid gestational period in rodents.


Health and Safety Concerns

Rodents can and do bite, often children. While a rodent bite hurts and can break the skin, you should be more concerned about the bacteria or viruses that linger in the animal’s saliva. Rodent feces and urine also carries significant health risks and potential exposure to other diseases. Another common problem with the rodent population is that it can bring other pests, like fleas or lice.


Exclusion and Prevention

When a homeowner calls Truly Nolen, our priority is assessing the property and coming up with a plan for treatment and removal. Our team will most often focus first on the exclusion process, which is humanely deterring further population of the home and removing any existing infestation.

Our technicians will find any entry and exit points around the house, placing one-way exits, meaning the rodents can leave your home, but they can’t get back in. People often ask why we do not focus entirely on trapping, and the answer is simple, exclusion is more effective.


When we are confident the rodent population is gone, our team will focus on prevention, sealing any vulnerable entry points, and removing any enticements for pests. Part of our prevention process also includes the continued monitoring of your property to ensure you never have a rodent problem again.


If you suspect you have a rodent problem, start by filling out our contact form.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Markham, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

There is no denying the essential need for bees and wasps. The insects are responsible for pollinating Ontario’s crops and vegetation, and beyond promoting new growth, bees and wasps also help control the insect population and help recycle organic materials.


While Truly Nolen in Markham also shares in the awe over these species, bees and wasps can pose a danger to humans, especially when their nests invade private property or homes. Our experts are trained to know the bee and wasp removal techniques depending on the species and location of the nest.


Property Assessment

No homeowner should attempt to remove bee or wasps nests alone. Stings from any species can cause severe reactions. Do not believe that because you weren’t allergic as a child that you aren’t now as an adult. Sensitivity to stings can get worse throughout your life, and each consecutive sting leads to a greater likelihood of a reaction. Knowing this, we will never attempt removal without first securing the property and its surrounding area. Homeowners are encouraged to stay clear of the area until the bees or wasps are safely transported away. Our team will first inspect the property and identify the species.


Species and Identification

There are at least 400 species of bees in Ontario. Identifying the type depends on several factors.


  • Nest location (Traditional hive or hole)
  • Color (Black and yellow, black, or green)
  • A colony or small aggregation


Wasps are more challenging to identify individual species because they share many of the same characteristics, like appearance and diet, with the majority preying on other insects. Because of the similarities, we deal with most wasps populations in the same way.


Truly Nolen Pest Control

After contacting Truly Nolen, we will send a technician to your property to assess the area and determine the best course of action. As the homeowner, you will always have a say in the process, but know that the faster we get to work, the faster your property is free of bees and wasps.


If there is a bee or wasps nest in your home or around your property and are worried for yourself or your family, contact Truly Nolen in Markham for an immediate assessment. Simply fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you. Bees and wasps are necessary for the environment, but you do not need to have a nest on or near your home.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Markham, ON Spider Control Image

Ontario is beautiful, full of mesmerizing landscapes and clean friendly neighborhoods; unfortunately, like any other place in the world, it has its pests, especially spiders. While a majority of the arachnid species found in Markham are not poisonous, there are a few that are, but even those are not lethal to most people unless you have hypersensitivity to spider venom.


While it is not possible or advisable to eliminate all spiders from your property, it is desirable to limit the number that lives indoors or directly around your home. Unfortunately, because of the solitary and reclusive lifestyle of most arachnids, it is often difficult to notice an infestation until it happens.


Seeing Spiders Is a Hint of a Larger Problem

Spiders are cautious of people, and will often do whatever they can to avoid being seen. If you have one or several visible spiders in your home, you might have an infestation, but worse, you might have a couple of infestations.
Spiders are solitary creatures, and the most common reason for several congregating in or around one space is a significant food source. Therefore, if you have several spider sightings per day, you might want to see if there are other insects around as well.


Making Your Home Less Enticing

You can make your home less inviting to spiders both on the interior and exterior. However, it is crucial to address any underlying insect issues that led to a rise in spider habitation. If you have a lot of spiders inside, you can try a few methods to encourage them to leave.


  • Declutter spaces in your home
  • Eliminate or organize boxes and containers
  • Cover pet food and do not leave dishes around


While many people do not concern themselves with spiders outside, if they are too close to your home, they can find ways inside. To control the population around the immediate exterior, you can try the following:


  • Knockdown existing webs
  • Trim trees and plants that touch the house
  • Seal cracks and crevices to prevent entry


The Truly Nolen Approach

When contacted, Truly Nolen will send a technician to assess your property in Markham and the pest problem. Our tech will determine the best course of action and present a plan to you. With spider infestations, our team will probably use sprays, but these are safe for you and your family, including pets.


Are you concerned that you have a spider infestation, or do you want to ensure that spiders don’t get in your home? Call us today or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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