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Pest Control

Truly Nolen of Port Elgin, ON is an innovative solution to ongoing household pest problems. Our Four Season's Protection Plan combines advanced, proactive treatments with pests' seasonal behavior to keep your Southampton home protected year round. More on Grey and Bruce Counties Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

Most pests thrive once the warm weather makes its way to Grey and Bruce Counties. This spring, Truly Nolen can help protect both commercial and residential properties from a pest infestation! Contact our team today to learn more about our pest removal services.

When spring arrives, carpenter ants come out of their dormant state. If your home in the Grey and Bruce Counties is not properly protected, they may choose your home to wreak havoc upon. Contact Truly Nolen today to learn about our carpenter ant removal services.

Bed bugs favour warm environments, so once the spring arrives, don’t let your guard down. Truly Nolen provides professional treatment and prevention techniques for homes and businesses in Grey and Bruce Counties! Contact us today to ensure you enjoy a bedbug-free spring. More on Grey and Bruce Counties Bed Bug Control.

If you have a rodent infestation in your home in the Grey and Bruce Counties, your best bet is to contact Truly Nolen Canada. Mice and rats can reproduce at a rapid rate and cause significant damage to your property. Defend your home this Fall with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. Read here to learn more. More on Grey and Bruce Counties Rodent Control.

Bees and wasps are insects that almost no one wants to deal with, but in the summer, you can find them everywhere. If you have found a nest on your property in the Grey and Bruce Counties, be sure to give Truly Nolen a call immediately. Our team of trained professionals will safely remove the nest from your property and provide you with tips to prevent future intrusions. Contact us today to learn more. More on Grey and Bruce Counties Bee and Was Control.

Most pests thrive throughout the summer and it is no different for spiders. In order to ensure that your home remains spider-free, you should contact Truly Nolen. We offer proven removal techniques and prevention services in the Grey and Bruce Counties. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you. More on Grey and Bruce Counties Spider Control.

News & Notes

Truly Nolen is committed to keeping you and your family safe. As the environment quickly changes, we have implemented several services in keeping with COVID-19 social distancing efforts. We offer no contact services and limited entry into a home as part of our response to the pandemic.

Rodent Control

If you have a rodent infestation in your home in the Grey and Bruce Counties, your best bet is to contact Truly Nolen Canada. Mice and rats can reproduce at a rapid rate and cause significant damage to your property. Defend your home this Fall with our Four Seasons Protection Plan. Read here to learn more. More on Grey and Bruce Counties Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Grey and Bruce Counties, ON

Port Elgin, ON is home to a modest population of more than 7,500 people, but is best known as having the world’s best sunsets, making the city one of Canada’s greatest treasures. The homes in Port Elgin are also treasures to the large number of pests commonly found all throughout Ontario, which include:

Home and business owners in Port Elgin, Grey and Bruce County have chosen Truly Nolen for pest control services in the city time and again. We’re proud to protect these beautiful homes from the diverse pest population that ranges from annoying ants to destructive termites.

Truly Nolen’s reputation as an industry leader is owed to our technicians and research and development team, who have made several innovations to pest control that have resulted in unique protection services, such as our comprehensive Four Seasons pest control approach.

Our Four Seasons pest control approach is the most adaptive pest control service available in Port Elgin and the rest of North America; a series of treatments address changes in the behaviors of household pests during each season, increasing protection and preventing infestations.

All of our pest control services in Port Elgin, ON are performed by our certified and insured Truly Nolen technicians, who are trained in state-of-the-art facilities that arm them with 75 years’ worth of knowledge and experience; the result is quality protection and peace of mind and a technician that respects your home, its environment, and the comfort and privacy of the people living inside.

Port Elgin may be a bit of a drive from Ottawa or Toronto, but it’s certainly not forgotten. Contact Truly Nolen for residential and commercial pest control services or a pest inspection in Port Elgin.

Pest Control

Grey and Bruce Counties, ON Pest Control Image

Proactively protecting your Port Elgin home from ants in the summer to rodents in the winter can help keep your home pest-free during any season. Our innovative Four Seasons pest control approach protects your home from pests season to season while eliminating current infestations. Be proactive and call Truly Nolen Port Elgin today at (519) 832-9341 or schedule an inspection online.

Port Elgin Pest Facts

  • In recent years Port Elgin has seen a growth in pest reports especially bed bugs. Your home provides an ideal environment for bed bugs to enjoy year round. They enjoy shelter, moisture, and food without the presence of any natural predators (like frogs, toads, snakes and bats).
  • Moisture promotes serious problems with pests such as carpenter ants, termites, wood-boring beetles, cockroaches, flies, silverfish, millipedes, and others.
  • Proper fall maintenance can keep your home and your family safe, and bug free. You have enough to worry about. Leave your bug worries to the professionals.

Pest Control Services

Our Four Seasons pest control is proof of our experience as an industry leader. This innovative pest management program adapts to the behaviour of pests as the seasons change, offering a layered protection that lasts. Our licensed and insured technicians undergo rigorous training at state-of-the-art facilities and carry a reputation as being the most skilled and experienced in the industry. Above all, your comfort, time, and privacy are always a priority and receive the utmost respect. Truly Nolen Port Elgin offers a variety of pest control services including:


  • Ants, including Carpenter Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Flies & Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Pigeons & Birds
  • Roaches
  • Rodents (mice and rats)
  • Spiders
  • Termites

Carpenter Ant

Grey and Bruce Counties, ON Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants can easily find a way into your home or business as they search for food and shelter. They can chew the wood on your wooden structures causing damage or go after sweet and sugary foods left open on your kitchen counter. Once detected, a pest control professional should be contacted immediately. Truly Nolen Port Elgin can effectively treat your home or business for a carpenter ant infestation and incorporate preventative measures for the future.


Truly Nolen’s trained pest professionals use advanced techniques that introduce undetectable liquid products to the carpenter ants while they unknowingly bring it into their colony, thereby controlling the population. Our signature Four Seasons Pest Program includes protection against carpenter ants along with a variety of other pests.


Localized Facts & Advice:

  • Carpenter ants eat insects, sap, juices, over-ripe fruit, and household foods such as sweets, raw and cooked meats. Downtown Port Elgin is prime location for these pests to survive.
  • Port Elgin possesses incredible nature trails, and with nature comes decomposing and decaying trees that house carpenter ants. Without realizing it, you can easily bring those ants home with you.
  • Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, they remove wood as they create galleries for nesting.
  • Carpenter ants are wood infesting ants and can occur in almost any part of a home including interior and exterior walls, attics, ceilings, sub floors, under shingles, beams, logs, below doors, and insulation.

The keys to successful control of carpenter ants are to:

  • Immediately remove or repair any wet or rotting wood in your home.
  • Fix leaky roofs and plumbing leaks to avoid attracting carpenter ants.
  • Remove any clutter that creates shelter for carpenter ants to build their nests.
  • Trust your local Port Elgin pest control professional to periodically monitor for the ants.

Call Truly Nolen Port Elgin today at (519) 832-9341 for a pest control inspection.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Grey and Bruce Counties, ON Bed Bug Image

Port Elgin, a popular vacation destination on picturesque Saugeen Shores, welcomes throngs of visitors every year to the one of the “Top 10 Beaches” in the World, according to the Toronto Star. Some come for the extraordinary sunsets, others retreat to relax and play on the beach. However, with the growing numbers of overnight visitors to her Lake Huron shores, Port Elgin residents are advised to be on the lookout for bed bug infestations. These elusive little bloodsuckers traveling on clothing, luggage, handbags, laptop computer cases, briefcases, and more are known to take advantage of humans wherever they may sleep.


There is no threat of disease to Port Elgin residents from bed bugs. Now that does not mean that they will not cause physical discomfort and even psychological mayhem, but they will not be the “direct cause” of adverse health issues or disease.

Test your bed bug knowledge


  • Bed bugs continue to be on the rise everywhere in Ontario and other provinces.
  • They are fast, feed on blood and only come out at night.
  • They start as small oval shaped reddish brown bugs that swell into bigger, fatter, redder bugs once they have bitten their host.
  • They leave blood stains in the indentations of your mattress.
  • They love your breath, the carbon dioxide you exhale actually attracts them.
  • They also love warm bodies that are quietly sleeping. Simply being asleep in your bed will be an irresistible temptation for them to leave their hiding place and come to you for a blood snack.
  • Their primary hiding places are in and around the bed, in mattresses, in upholstered headboards, in cracks and crevices and on curtains. As their population grows they will begin to spread out to all parts of your house.
  • Small, itchy red welts on the head, neck and upper extremities may be one of the first signs you have an infestation.

What do you do when you find bed bugs or bloodstains when you are making the bed?

You could panic and throw away all your bedding, beds and other furniture. Resist the temptation to throw the huge red-spotted, smelly mess out. It is difficult to get rid of bed bugs but not impossible, a problem best left for professionals. Call Truly Nolen Port Elgin to schedule a thorough bed bug inspection and learn about our I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) system for getting rid of bed bugs.


The bed bug inspection will determine whether you have, or have had in the past, a bed bug infestation in your Port Elgin home. Once we have detected bed bugs, Truly Nolen’s trained technicians go right to work on treating your property:


  • Infested areas will be prepared for treatment.
  • All clutter will be removed and all affected areas will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • All sheets, blankets, comforters and even drapes and curtains will need to be washed and dried on high heat.
  • Finally, any item that has been in contact with the bed bugs will need to be securely bagged and removed for treatment.

Truly Nolen’s high pressure misting system eradicates bed bugs where they hide

Using Truly Nolen’s patent pending high pressure misting system, our skilled technicians apply material that controls adult bed bug populations and prevents them from procreating into any seam or crack where bed bugs may hide. Everything in the room is treated; mattresses, box springs, window treatments and upholstered furniture.


In order to prevent a re-infestation and protect your southwestern Ontario home, Truly Nolen Canada recommends installing encasement systems for all mattresses and box springs to seal out any future bed bugs. If you have upholstered furniture, it would also be advisable that you encase the cushions to be sure the bed bugs will not be able to return. As a bonus, any bed bugs trapped inside will quickly die.


You can’t totally relax, they can come back no matter how careful you are


Treated areas must be inspected after ten days. Technicians will advise and address any signs of bed bug activity. While Truly Nolen’s I.PM. system does use products that prevent eggs from hatching while also controlling the mature bed bugs, bed bugs can ride in on almost anything or anyone coming to your Bruce County home.


Let Truly Nolen’s Port Elgin service technicians show you how to spot a possible infestation. Proactive awareness of a potential problem will help residents in Kincardine, Owen Sound, Southampton, Larsen Cove and other Port Elgin neighborhoods to identify early warning signs of further re-infestations.


Call Truly Nolen Port Elgin at 519-832-9341 or schedule a bed bug inspection online to take care of your existing bed bug problem and help prevent re-infestations.

Rodent Control

Grey and Bruce Counties, ON Rodent Control Image

Port Elgin is a community located in Bruce County, Ontario. It’s the perfect port for exploring breathtaking scenery and exploring nature trails. Rats live and thrive in a wide variety of climates and conditions and are often found in and around homes and other buildings, on farms, and in gardens and open fields. The most important steps in controlling rodents involve sanitation and elimination of their home sites. Sealing off entry points into your home and limiting access to food, water, and shelter, is the first line of defense. However, once inside, rats and mice can cause structural damage, food contamination and spreading of disease.

Things to Know:


  • Large consumption of caffeinated beverages such as soda, tea and coffee can lead to cardiac malfunction, fast heartbeat, arrhythmia, and cardiac arrest in rats. So if you have an infestation, you may want to keep lots of Tim Horton Coffee lying round.
  • Rats may bite babies in their cribs, because the smell of milk or other food on the baby is attractive to a rat looking for food.
  • Port Elgin homes being in a rural community within the municipality of Saugeen Shores are exposed to rodent infestations due to the open fields and close proximity to woodlands.
  • Maintain an inspection procedure for all received goods, and establish procedures for rejecting anything that’s infested, leaking, or contaminated.


Each home is unique, with its own entry points and conditions that can make it ideal for a rodent infestation. The professionals at Truly Nolen Port Elgin take the time to thoroughly inspect your home, identify any entry points, and implement measures and barriers to entry.  A successful and effective rodent control strategy typically involves sanitation measures, rodent proofing (exclusion), and population reduction (trapping).


Truly Nolen’s Complete Rodent Control Program provides you with a one-year guaranteed warranty and the peace of mind that comes with it. We specialize in the expert removal of Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats that are most problematic to homeowners in Port Elgin and the surrounding areas. Call your local Truly Nolen Canada office today to schedule your rodent inspection.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Grey and Bruce Counties, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

Extraordinary sunsets, excellent beaches and exceptional marine sports make Port Elgin’s care-free beach town charm alluring. With visitors and residents fishing, boating, shopping, sunbathing and sunset viewing, Port Elgin is all-abuzz with outdoor entertainment possibilities. In the warmer months, residents and visitors may encounter the not so welcome buzz of bees and wasps.


Although honeybees and other bees play a major role in our eco-system as pollinators and nature’s pest controllers, bees and wasps usually strike fear in our hearts. Disturbing a colony of yellow jackets or wasps can create serious suffering and life-threatening situations for your family and/or your vacation renters. Wasps and bees can become serious pests.


If you think you may have a bee or wasp infestation, Truly Nolen Port Elgin can help. Contact us today for an inspection.


Whether you’re dealing with wasps or bees or another stinging insect, it is important to determine which type of wasps or bees you have at your home. The treatments will vary by type.

The Buzz on Bees and Wasps

  • Honeybees, bumblebees and other pollinators focus on collecting pollen to produce honey.
  • Pollinators are bigger and fatter than predator wasps and hornets, with round, furry bodies and flat legs for pollen collecting.
  • Pollinators can only sting once, and usually only to defend their hive’s honey. One sting and they die.
  • Yellow jackets, wasps and hornets are predators, preying on flies, roaches and other insects for food.
  • Predators are more streamlined and shiny, built to stab their victims multiple times with their stingers if necessary.

Truly Nolen Services

The discovery of a beehive or swarm generally creates anxiety and worry about the safety of your family, pets and property. This natural reaction creates a sense of urgency to take action against the bees. Remain calm and contact Truly Nolen Port Elgin. This type of situation is best handled by trained professionals with the appropriate equipment. We understand your concerns and our professional Truly Nolen technicians are ready to assist at a moment’s notice. During our visits to your home or business, your Truly Nolen technician will speak with you about your bee or wasp observations. For your safety, we will request that people and pets remain indoors during the inspection and treatment process.

Truly Nolen Inspection

Your Truly Nolen technician will verify the swarm or nest and evaluate the extent of the infestation, identifying the specific stinging insects causing your concern.

Devise an Action Plan

Truly Nolen Port Elgin’s professionals will formulate an action plan to eradicate bees or wasps from your property and discuss what to do with the empty nest. Your Truly Nolen technician will activate the plan to eliminate the swarm or nest from your Saugeen Shores property.


Licensed Truly Nolen technicians will advise you of all actions taken to eradicate the infestation and what you can expect in the 24 to 48 hours immediately following treatment, such as the presence of straggler bees.


At Truly Nolen Port Elgin, we also offer additional bee and wasp services including colony removal and preventative programs for bee reduction that include scout traps and swarm traps.


Truly Nolen Port Elgin: Better bee and wasp solutions. Call us today at 519-832-9341 or schedule an inspection online.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Grey and Bruce Counties, ON Spider Control Image

Spiders are everywhere. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some spiders are dangerous, while others are just annoying. A lot of the time spiders are found outside, but occasionally they can find their way into homes, basements and garages.


Although spiders will not damage buildings or structures, their presence is creepy and some spider bites can be painful. It can actually be quite helpful having some spiders in your home.


The insect can reduce infestation from other bugs. A spider’s diet consists of small insects. Port Elgin, ON Truly Nolen Pest Control uses advanced techniques to remove spider infestations. Contact us today for an inspection.


Spiders In Your Home

  • Look for spider webs. They can vary in size and shape depending on the species.
  • Not all spiders live in a web. Some live in burrows in crevices.
  • Some spiders are attracted to damp environments such as basements, walls and other damp locations.
  • Spiders can be found in attics, the junction of a wall and ceiling, closets and storage boxes.
  • Their diet consists mainly of other insects like flies and ants. Where you find other insects you might see spiders.

Spiders aren’t so bad.

Although spiders can be creepy, they might not be a terrible thing to have around. Their diets mostly consist of other insects, so they help control insect problems. Spiders can also be a good indicator of larger more serious infestations. Seeing a lot of spiders can mean there’s a lot of food around. You might have an infestation of the insect spiders eat. Just like every other pest, spiders are attracted to a reliable food source.

Some Ontario Spider Species

  • Grass Spiders
  • Cross Orbweaver
  • Banded Garden Spider
  • Longlegged Sac Spider
  • Six-spotted Fishing Spider
  • Orchard Orbweaver
  • Goldenrod Crab Spider
  • Common House Spider
  • Nursery Web Spider
  • False Black Widow
  • Hacklemesh Weaver
  • Black and Yellow Garden Spider
  • Ant Mimic Spider
  • Dark Fishing Spider
  • Woodlouse Hunter
  • Arrowshaped Micrathena
  • Spotted Orbweaver
  • Longbodied Cellar Spider
  • Tan Jumping Spider
  • Barn Funnel Weaver

Truly Nolen Spider Treatment

In controlling large spider problems we begin by securing the interior and exterior of the home. Treating the exterior starts with spot treating around windows, door frames, downspouts and other entry points. Moving indoors our professionals do a web wipe followed by targeted treatment to cracks and crevices where spiders like to hide. Insect monitors may be placed in areas with higher spider concentrations.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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