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Pest Control

Spring is in the air and with it comes the resurgence of life all around us. For many homeowners in Barrie that also means a resurgence of unwanted house guests in the form of rodents. Rats, mice, and other pests can cause extensive damage to your home and property if left unchecked. This spring, contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of an infestation. Learn more about our services today.More on Barrie Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and the flowers are blooming—spring is officially here! While this season is often seen as a time of renewal and new beginnings, it can also be a time of increased pest activity. If you're looking to ensure that your home remains pest-free this spring, contact Truly Nolen in Barrie.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year for the residents of Barrie. While humans are enjoying watching the leaves change, carpenter ants are preparing for the cold winter ahead of them. Contact Truly Nolen Canada today to ensure your home remains pest-free throughout the Fall.

If you're like most homeowners in Barrie, you may have started thinking about pest control as the weather has started to warm up. Spring is prime time for bed bugs, so it's important to take some steps to protect your home and family. Our professionals at Truly Nolen are industry leaders in bed bug extermination and won’t stop until we treat all their hiding places. We will not be satisfied until your home is free of pests. Learn more about our bed bug removal services today! More on Barrie Bed Bug Control.

Spring is in the air and with it comes the resurgence of life all around us. For many homeowners in Barrie that also means a resurgence of unwanted house guests in the form of rodents. Rats, mice, and other pests can cause extensive damage to your home and property if left unchecked. This spring, contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of an infestation. Learn more about our services today. More on Barrie Rodent Control.

Just like other pests, bees and wasps wake up in the spring. Your home in Barrie may provide the perfect place for them to raise a family. Luckily, you can contact Truly Nolen to discuss prevention, removal and cleaning strategies! Contact us today to ensure a pest-free home! More on Barrie Bee and Was Control.

Spiders prefer a warm and dry environment to live in. Once winter rolls around, your home fits this description perfectly, causing you to unknowingly welcome spiders to nest inside. If you notice signs of spiders in your home in Barrie, contact Truly Nolen. We will free your home of spiders with our winter pest control solutions. More on Barrie Spider Control.

News & Notes

Here at Truly Nolen, we care about the health of your family, including your pets. Our technicians utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and innovative treatment protocols to keep your home, pets, and the environment in mind. Contact our team today to learn more about our pet-friendly services.

Rodent Control

Spring is in the air and with it comes the resurgence of life all around us. For many homeowners in Barrie that also means a resurgence of unwanted house guests in the form of rodents. Rats, mice, and other pests can cause extensive damage to your home and property if left unchecked. This spring, contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of an infestation. Learn more about our services today. More on Barrie Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Barrie, ON

Located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie is a beautiful city in Ontario, Canada. It is located just 85 kilometres from Toronto. The city is home to more than 100,000 residents and features both summer and winter resorts so it is also a popular year-round tourist destination.

Barrie is situated in a natural snow belt and is blessed with lake effect snowfalls throughout the winter months. This makes it ideal for winter fun activities including downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing. Many people also enjoy the pristine cross-country ski and snowshoe trails.

During the summer months, our exciting city comes to life with many outdoor events at the Meridian Place which is the home of Promenade Day, Canada Day celebrations, the Downtown Barrie Craft Beer & BBQ Festival, and Lawnchair Luminata Outdoor Movie Series.

Unfortunately, Barrie is also home to a wide variety of pests that tend to infiltrate homes and resorts. Getting rid of these unwanted guests is top priority, so when you notice signs of pests in your home or business, you need to call in professionals who have the skills and tools necessary. Truly Nolen is staffed with expert technicians who can rid your home of unwanted guests quickly and efficiently.

Types of Pests We Deal With

Many small creatures and insects can infiltrate homes, and once they start breeding, it’s hard to keep a full-blown infestation from happening. Whether you’re dealing with a few unwanted guests or an entire infestation, Truly Nolen can help you get rid of them. Our technicians are experienced with removing many types of pests, including the ones listed below.

Services We Offer

Routine pest control services are the best way to deter nuisance creatures from entering your home or business. Our technicians will inspect your property several times a year to identify and resolve potential points of entry for rodents and other small animals. We will also treat both the interior and exterior to get rid of any insects that live there and prevent new ones from taking up residence.

While preventative visits are important, we also offer pest removal in case you already have an infestation. You can expect our technicians to find the source of the problem so we can be sure we eradicate the infestation and keep it from reoccurring.

Many people attempt to take matters into their own hands and try to get rid of pests themselves, but it often takes professional tools and experience to successfully remove pests from your home. Truly Nolen technicians will analyze your home to confirm which type of pest is causing the problem. We then find the root cause of the infestation, such as an entire colony of carpenter ants, and use high-quality chemicals to kill the pests before removing the nest. Finally, we identify what caused the pests to take up residence in your home and block points of entry so they can’t return. We’ll also go ahead and treat your home with chemicals to deter pests. By following these steps, we can be sure we take care of the problem completely.

If you live in or around Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada, and have a problem with any of the pests that are native to the region, Truly Nolen is happy to help. We specialize in removing a wide variety of pests so you can stay comfortable in your home. Contact us today to discuss your pest control needs and let our expert technicians help you regain control of your home.

Pest Control

Barrie, ON Pest Control Image

Barrie is a beautiful city in Canada that is located just 85 kilometers from Toronto. Located in Ontario, the city is a popular tourist destination with both summer and winter resorts. Not only is the city home to more than 100,000 residents, but a wide variety of common pests also thrive in the region. No one wants to share their homes with wasps, spiders and ants, so pest control services are important for keeping unwanted guests out of your house. The expert technicians at Truly Nolen have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep pests out of your home.


Pests We Deal With

Canada is home to a wide variety of common household pests. The temperate climate of Barrie makes the region an ideal home for many pests, and although they thrive outdoors, these insects and small creatures often venture inside. Thankfully, the technicians at Truly Nolen specialize in preventing many types of common pests from entering your home. In addition to mice, we work with the following types of pests.


  • Bedbugs
  • Wasps
  • Carpenter bees
  • Ants
  • Houseflies and fruit flies
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes and millipedes
  • Cockroaches

Steps We Take for Pest Control

If a pest infestation has already taken over your home, we can get rid of it by removing all of the pests and taking measures to keep them from coming back. However, we also understand that prevention is the best weapon for fighting an infestation so we recommend that you take advantage of our pest control services.


We’ll visit your home several times a year and examine it for any signs of an infestation. Our technicians will look for potential points of entry and close them before small rodents find them. We’ll also treat both the interior and exterior of your home with special chemicals that keep pests out but are safe for kids and pets. During these routine inspections, we’ll also examine hidden areas of your home to make sure you don’t have an infestation you don’t know about yet. This helps us catch potential problems before they become major issues.


Many different types of pests thrive in Simcoe County, and while you may not have a problem sharing the great outdoors with them, you don’t want them inside your home. Routine pest control services are the best way to keep unwanted guests out of your home, and the experts at Truly Nolen are happy to provide you with high-quality pest prevention. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Carpenter Ant

Barrie, ON Carpenter Ant


About 85 kilometres north of Toronto sits a thriving city named Barrie. Home to more than 110,000 people, the picturesque city is located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay in Ontario, Canada. The temperate climate attracts tourists who flock to the city throughout the year to visit the summer and winter resorts in Barrie. Residents in the city also have to deal with a wide variety of household pests that also thrive in the region.


Along with wasps and spiders, people also have to protect their homes from carpenter ants. Whether you need to get rid of a full-blown infestation or want to keep carpenter ants from taking up residence in the first place, Truly Nolen can help.



Signs You Have a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Carpenter ants are similar to termites in that they burrow deep into wood to make nests. Instead of eating the wood, however, they feed on dog and pet food in addition to other insects. Because these pests hide in the walls of your home, you may not know you have an infestation until it is significant. If you notice any of the following signs, it is time to call the experts at Truly Nolen for professional help.


  • Rustling noises in your walls: Carpenter ants are quiet but you may be able to hear them eating away the wood inside your home.
  • Swarming ants: Once a colony matures, it produces winged swarmers that leave to start new colonies inside your home.
  • Debris piles: Small piles of wood shavings indicate that you have carpenter ants.

Steps We Take To Remove Carpenter Ants

It isn’t enough to kill the carpenter ants you see in your home. To make sure we take care of the entire infestation, we’ll find the point of entry for the ants and then block it so they can’t come back. We’ll also search the walls of your home to find the nests and use high-quality chemicals to destroy them. Finally, we’ll help you implement preventative measures so your home is inconducive for carpenter ants to thrive. The process is extensive but ensures the ants don’t come back.


Carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home, and because they thrive in temperate climates such as the one in Simcoe County, it is important to enlist the help of the expert technicians at Truly Nolen in Barrie to protect your home from these pests. Contact us today to discuss your pest control needs and let us defend your home from carpenter ants.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Barrie, ON Bed Bug Image

The picturesque city of Barrie is located 35 kilometres from Toronto on the banks of Kempenfelt Bay. Home to more than 140,000 people, the city is Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada is also home to a wide variety of common household pests. Bedbugs are just one of the many pests that can be found in the region, and because they reproduce rapidly, you need professional intervention quickly if you suspect you are sharing your bed with a few unwanted guests. The expert technicians at Truly Nolen are experienced with removing bedbugs thoroughly so you can be comfortable in your own home.

How To Know If You Have Bedbugs

Bedbugs are notorious hitchhikers, so regardless of how clean you keep your home, they can still take up residence by hitching a ride on your clothing or new furniture. They are tiny, with adults being roughly the size of an apple seed, and because they tend to be most active at night, you may not know you are infested with them until they start leaving bites on your skin. A series of three or four small, itchy bites in a circular pattern is a good indication that bedbugs are present, but you may also want to look for the following signs.


  • Dead skin left behind when bedbugs shed their exoskeletons
  • Small bloodstains from dead bedbugs
  • A musty odour
  • Bedbug eggs, which are each about the size of a pinpoint

How Truly Nolen Gets Rid of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are almost impossible to get rid of without professional help. At Truly Nolen, our primary method of removing bedbugs is by using heat to kill them. We also spray infested fabrics with insecticide. Once the pests are dead, we thoroughly clean the area and treat it with chemicals that deter bedbugs from returning. As a final measure, we’ll guide you on how to declutter the room that was previously infested so we can be sure none of the pests remain. By making sure we thoroughly remove not only adult bedbugs but also eggs and juveniles, we can eradicate the issue so you can go back to sleeping comfortably.


Although bedbugs are not dangerous to most people, they are pests that can leave you with itchy bites all over your arms and legs, so if you have them in your home, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The technicians at Truly Nolen Barrie can eradicate a bedbug infestation and help you reclaim your home. Contact us today to get rid of the pests in your home.

Rodent Control

Barrie, ON Rodent Control Image

Rodents are alive and well in Canada, and Barrie is no exception. While porcupines, chipmunks and beavers are all part of the rodent family, you also have rats and mice, which give the species a bad reputation. Unfortunately, rats and mice are some of the most common pests found to infest homes, as they look for warm, comfortable areas near food and water where they can nest. If you have a problem with rodents, it’s time to receive Barrie rodent control services at Truly Nolen Canada.


Why Are Rodents Dangerous?


  • A house mouse could carry rickettsialpox, a mild disease transmitted by a mouse bite
  • A white-footed mouse could carry Lyme disease, which could result in headache, fatigue and a skin rash
  • A roof rat could carry typhus, a bacteria that leads to chills, fever, muscle aches, rash and vomiting
  • A Norway rat could carry salmonella, which is transferred through food and water and leads to severe abdominal pain


How Can Truly Nolen Canada Help?

When we receive a call about a rodent infestation in Barrie, we approach the situation in a way that will yield the quickest and most efficient results. After a technician takes some time to inspect your home and determine the type of infestation you’re dealing with, we’ll come up with a customized plan to take care of the rodent issue.


First, we rodent-proof the area, sealing off entry points and eliminating areas where the rodents can get into your home. Next, we engage in population reduction or trapping the rodents to remove them from your home. Finally, we sanitize the areas to prevent the spread of disease. This also includes the eradication of vectors such as mites, ticks and fleas, which are commonly found living with rodents.


What Should You Do?

If you have rodents in and around your Barrie home, it’s nothing to ignore, and you shouldn’t handle it on your own. Some of the diseases they carry can be transmitted through a bite, but you can also be infected through contamination of food or being exposed to their droppings. This is why it requires professional rodent control services. Contact Truly Nolen Canada in Barrie today to schedule an inspection. In the meantime, stay away from those rodents!

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Barrie, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

While bees are important for the pollination of crops and the destruction of other pesky insects, they pose a certain danger to humans and their pets. Out in the wild, as long as you leave bees and wasps alone, they typically won’t bother you. In concentrated residential areas, however, you face a different situation. Whether you have bees or wasps in Barrie, it’s important you don’t try to control them on your own. The professionals at Truly Nolen Canada can help!


What Kinds of Dangers Do Bees and Wasps Pose?

Perhaps the greatest danger posed by bees and wasps is an allergic reaction to their venom. When a bee or wasp stings a person or animal, it leaves that venom in the victim’s body. For most people, this will create a burning sensation and redness to the area. In others who may be allergic to the venom, it could cause a more serious threat. Those individuals might experience severe swelling to the injection site, and a small percentage of those allergic to bee and wasp venom will actually die.


One thing to keep in mind is when a bee stings, it loses its stinger, so it cannot sting again. If there’s a whole swarm of bees, however, they can all sting someone within a short period of time, making it more dangerous for that person. Wasps do not lose their stingers. They can sting over and over again, and often do so if they feel trapped or threatened.


How Can Truly Nolen Canada Help?

At Truly Nolen Canada, we are committed to removing all pests from your home, including bees and wasps in Barrie. Our process begins with an inspection and identification of your pests. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we come up with a customized plan to remove the pests from your home. Any chemicals and methods we use to rid your property of bees and wasps are pet- and family-friendly. Once the flying insects are eliminated, we’ll work to secure the area so you don’t run the risk of another future infestation.


What Should You Do About Bees and Wasps?

As soon as you realize there’s a problem with bees or wasps on your property, you need to contact us at Truly Nolen Canada in Barrie. Our professionals have what it takes to safely take care of the problem without putting your family and pets in danger. Call us or fill in our online form to schedule an inspection today.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Barrie, ON Spider Control Image

Although spiders rank among the top five phobias of residents of Canada, they don’t generally bite humans unless their webs or nests get disturbed. This may not be much of a consolation for those who fear the eight-legged creatures, but Truly Nolen in Barrie has a solution. Our spider control services get rid of your problem and help you get the area cleaned up so you don’t have to fear living in your own home.


How Might Spiders Affect Your Daily Life?

Everyone knows someone who is afraid of spiders. While this is a concern for many homeowners, there are also some physical risks posed to homeowners when dealing with a spider infestation. How might spiders affect your daily life?



  • A bite could cause an allergic reaction in some people. Results could include brain issues and nervous system problems.
  • Spiders feed on mosquitoes, flies and fleas, which carry other types of diseases dangerous to humans. When a spider bites a human, those diseases could be transmitted.
  • A severe wound, called an arachnidism, could result after being bit by a spider.
  • Spiders attract larger pests that might rely on them as a source of nourishment. This could include birds, mice and rats, along with all the diseases they track into your home.

To avoid attracting spiders and having to deal with these issues, there are some things you can do. First, keep the clutter picked up and put away so spiders don’t have additional places to hide. Second, keep the home vacuumed, including small crevices and cracks. Finally, don’t leave pet food out all day.


How Does Truly Nolen Canada Help?

At Truly Nolen Canada, we are experts at spider control in Barrie. First, we’ll conduct an inspection of your home to determine what type of spiders there are, as well as where they’re nesting and making webs. Our chemicals and methods of pest control are family-friendly and pet-friendly, and we work at eliminating future infestations by sanitizing the area and closing off any entry points. Some spiders are more seasonal, and we have the knowledge and programs to address those seasonal changes as well.


What Can You Do Now?

If you’ve run across a spider in your home, there’s a chance it’s the only one, but there’s also a chance there are many others. The best thing you can do is avoid the spider and call in the professionals at Truly Nolen Canada. We are committed to providing the best in spider control tactics to the residents of Barrie and the surrounding area so you can live without the fear of arachnids invading your personal space. Give us a call or schedule and inspection today via our online form so we can come up with a customized spider control plan for you.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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