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Pest Control

Truly Nolen of Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County is an innovative solution to ongoing household pest problems. Our Four Season's Protection Plan combines advanced, proactive treatments with pests' seasonal behavior to keep your Ancaster home protected year round. More on Haldimand-Norfolk Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

The summer is a great time to take advantage of the outdoors and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, pests like carpenter ants, mosquitoes and wasps are also making the most of the gorgeous weather. Truly Nolen is here to help you in Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County if you suspect there is a pest infestation on your property. Give us a call today for more information.

Your home is the one place you can go to relax during the day. Protect your beloved Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County property from carpenter ants with the help of Truly Nolen. We will inspect, identify and then determine a course of action to ensure your home is free of these insects. If you require carpenter ant removal, we are the place to call. 

More on Haldimand-Norfolk Bed Bug Control.

Truly Nolen of Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas's rodent control "CRC" program focuses on trapping and removing existing rodents and preventing new rodents and mice from re-entering through exclusion. Ensure your Ancaster home is protected from rodents. More on Haldimand-Norfolk Rodent Control.

Springtime is here in Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County! This weather means that bees and wasps are returning and ready to find a safe place to build a nest. Protect your home with the help of Truly Nolen’s professional bee and wasp removal services! Contact us today for more information. More on Haldimand-Norfolk Bee and Was Control.

Most pests thrive throughout the summer and it is no different for spiders. In order to ensure that your home remains spider-free, you should contact Truly Nolen. We offer proven removal techniques and prevention services in Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you. More on Haldimand-Norfolk Spider Control.

News & Notes

Our team at Truly Nolen is committed to keeping your family safe as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. As an essential service, we are making every effort to promote public health. With that in mind, our commitment is always to the health and safety of our customers. More on Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County Pest Control

Rodent Control

Truly Nolen of Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas's rodent control "CRC" program focuses on trapping and removing existing rodents and preventing new rodents and mice from re-entering through exclusion. Ensure your Ancaster home is protected from rodents. More on Haldimand-Norfolk Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County

The team at Truly Nolen is happy to serve the communities of Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County in southern Ontario. These are rural regions with a combined population of less than 100,000. With their natural beauty, outdoor activities, locally grown food, and high quality of life, they draw people from the big cities who want a life that is simpler and more peaceful. 

Of course, the downside of living closer to nature is that sometimes pests move right into your home. Fortunately, we offer pest control in Brant County and Haldimand-Norfolk so you can enjoy bucolic living without the stress that can come with an infestation of insects or other nuisance animals. 

Brant County Claims to Fame

One of the most notable features of Brant County is the Grand River. Offering aquatic activities such as fishing and paddling, the Grand River also provides opportunities for cycling, hiking, and snowshoeing along the 70 kilometres of trails twining through its watershed. Brant County is also home to 47 parks comprising over 250 acres of maintained green space. 

Each of the communities in Brant County has something special about it. Here are a few highlights: 

  • In a country with a reputation around the world for being kind and welcoming, the quaint village of St. George is designated “Canada’s Friendliest Town.”
  • The “Cobblestone Capital of Canada,” Paris, Ontario, has been dubbed “Canada’s Prettiest Little Town.”
  • Cainsville is an emerging center for business, development, and industry.
  • Located in the heart of farm country, Kelvin and Harley are great places to pick up fresh produce grown locally.

Haldimand-Norfolk Attractions

In 2019, Haldimand-Norfolk ranked number 13 among the 25 communities in Canada offering the best quality of life, according to Macleans. Like Brant County, Haldimand-Norfolk is a farm country, and you can find locally grown produce, meat, and dairy in restaurants as well as grocery stores and road stands. Living in a smaller community, it can sometimes be difficult to access medical care, but that isn’t a problem in Haldimand-Norfolk as there are 102 family doctors for every 100,000 people and the West Haldimand Hospital is located at the heart of town. Median household income is high, while property taxes and unemployment rates tend to be quite low. 

Forget any notion you have of Canada being nothing but frigid tundra. Sandwiched between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, Haldimand-Norfolk sees temperatures at or above 20 degrees Celsius for 30% of the year. During a visit to Port Dover, located on Erie’s north shore, you may well forget that you are not in the tropics. Port Dover offers an authentic beach experience, palm trees and all. If beaches aren’t your scene, the Grand River figures in the geography of Haldimand-Norfolk as well. Citizens of the region pride themselves on their proximity to nature and the recreational opportunities it provides. 

Hagersville is a prominent community in Haldimand-Norfolk. Its Grant Kett Park is home to Hagersville Rocks, a popular music festival that takes place during the summer, as well as family-friendly activities year-round. 

Pest Control in Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County

The regions of Brant County and Haldimand-Norfolk have a lot to offer year-round. Unfortunately, pests may be active throughout the year, but they need not spoil your quality of life. Our Four Seasons pest control program uses knowledge of behavioural patterns at different times of the year to effectively remove them. Contact us for more information. 

Serving these areas and surrounding communities:

Brantford, Paris, St George, Burford, Harley, Oakland, Onondaga, Mount Pleasant, Scotland, Harrisburg, Cathcart, Glen Morris, Falkland, Simcoe, Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford, Long Point, Turkey Point, Port Rowan, Caledonia, Dunnville, Hagersville, Jarvis, Cayuga

Pest Control

Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County Pest Control Image

If your home in Haldimand-Norfolk is infested with mice, termites, ants, or mosquitoes, you need to take action to ensure the wellbeing of your family. Truly Nolen specializes in pest control in Brant County. All of our certified specialists use environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control solutions to get rid of various pests. Hiring a professional at the first sign of insect or rodent activity is better than trying a DIY solution. If you are looking for pest control in Haldimand-Norfolk, Truly Nolen has the experience to take care of the problem quickly and affordably.

Truly Nolen’s Pest Control Methods

Our technicians offer several pest control treatment options based on the type of pest involved and the severity of the infestation. All of our treatments are safe to ensure the protection of your family and pets. Our technicians will first thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home. They look for signs of pests, including feces, nests, and damaged structures. They will also try to locate the source of the infestation and any contributing factors. 


After the examination, the technician will discuss the best treatment option. Our solutions are customized based on each situation to ensure you get the results you need. You will receive a quote and a paper outlining the treatment plan. Most treatment plans come with monitoring services after the initial extermination is complete. We want to make sure your home stays pest-free in the future. 

What Pests We Eliminate 

Pests such as mice, carpenter ants, fleas, and bed bugs can damage your property and impact the health of your family and pets. Truly Nolen has the expertise to eliminate pests the first time and restore your peace of mind. We can get rid of a variety of pests, including: 


  • Termites: While termites do not bite or spread diseases, they are among the most dangerous insects to have inside your home. Many species of termites create colonies in the ground, potentially reaching your home’s foundation before you realize there is a problem. Termites that are left unchecked can cause significant damage to the wooden structures in your home, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Calling a pest control expert at the first sign of an issue is essential.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are among the most invasive pests you can have in your home. They are typically found in bedrooms on curtains, mattresses, and bedding. Bed bugs bite humans while they are sleeping and are also known to bite pets. Calling an expert at the first sign of an issue is critical to keep them from spreading to other surfaces in your home. 

We also specialize in eliminating cockroaches, spiders, mice, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and birds. We provide pest control services to Brant County residents and business owners. We work with all types of building structures and can eliminate pests inside or outside of homes or businesses.

Contact Truly Nolen 

Do you have an infestation in your Haldimand-Norfolk home? Contact Truly Nolen today to set up a no-obligation home inspection. Don’t risk your family’s health and your peace of mind any longer.

Carpenter Ant

Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County Carpenter Ant

Many homes and businesses in the Haldimand-Norfolk area are made with a significant amount of wood, whether it is in the structure, decking, siding, porches or decorative panelling. While this looks beautiful, it can also become a liability if carpenter ants get into your property. Fortunately, Truly Nolen Canada can provide carpenter ant removal in Haldimand-Norfolk and the surrounding area.

The Trouble With Carpenter Ants

Normally, when you think about ants, you are probably most concerned with them getting into your food. Although this is a nuisance that could potentially cost you some money in wasted food items, it pales in comparison to the threat presented by carpenter ants. As their name suggests, they are very fond of getting into the wood.


Specifically, carpenter ants burrow into wood structures. Like a regular ant colony, a carpenter ant nest can sometimes extend a substantial distance, especially if the ants are left unchecked. Thus, they can potentially cause major damage to wood structures in your home or business.


Unfortunately, many home and business owners do not notice the ants until it is too late. Like other ants, they are fairly small. Plus, since they spend a lot of time inside the wood, they may not be visible unless you know what to look for. Therefore, many people only discover the problem by the time it to too late to save the wood structure.

Controlling and Preventing Carpenter Ants

It is important to be vigilant for signs of carpenter ant infestations. If you see the following, contact a professional for carpenter ant removal in Brant County and the surrounding area:


  • Piles of wood shavings
  • Noises from inside walls or doors
  • Winged ants climbing on ceilings, walls or emerging from crevices
  • Shed wings near wooden structures


Should you believe that you may have a carpenter ant problem, contact a pest control specialist immediately. While there are some types of insects that you may be able to manage yourself in some cases, carpenter ants are not among them. This is a problem that you want to address quickly and decisively.


To prevent carpenter ants, try to remove wood and decaying vegetation from your property. Store any firewood away from your home. Avoid letting wood get damp or otherwise build up moisture. Fill gaps in any wood parts of your home.

Getting Professional Help With an Infestation

When a Truly Nolen Canada team member comes to your home or business, he or she will first inspect for signs of carpenter ants. This will help with assessing the problem and determining the right course of action. Since there are other pests that can cause damage to wood structures or otherwise cause similar signs, it is important to properly identify the pest first. Following this, he or she will treat the area. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve the desired results.

Schedule Carpenter Ant Removal in Haldimand-Norfolk Area

Do you need help with carpenter ants? Contact Truly Nolen Canada for carpenter ant removal in Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County or the surrounding area. We will help you address the problem promptly and effectively.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County Bed Bug Image

Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers that can find their way into your house no matter how clean you keep your home. These tiny insects hide in crevices of your home such as in mattresses and furniture. At night, they are drawn out by the carbon dioxide we exhale and feast on the blood of the humans and pets that live in your home. Having a bed bug infestation is not ideal, and the best way to get rid of one is to partner with Truly Nolen Canada for bed bug removal in Haldimand-Norfolk.

Steps We Take To Remove Bed Bugs

If you wake up each morning with small bites on your extremities, there’s a good chance you have a bed bug infestation. When you call the professionals at Truly Nolen for bed bug control services, the first thing we’ll do is inspect your home for evidence of the pests to make sure we have the right culprit. We’ll inspect your bedding, carpet, curtains, furniture and any other piece of fabric in your home to see if we find bed bugs.


Once we have confirmed that you have a bed bug infestation, we’ll use a special patent-pending misting system to remove the pests. The system features a high-pressure setting that forces the fluid into every seam, crack or crevice where bed bugs may hide. The fluid is safe for you and your pets but will effectively kill bed bugs.


We then reinspect your home to make sure we eliminated the entire bed bug colony. If we find any surviving stragglers, we’ll retreat your house with our system so the problem won’t return. If we miss even a few pests, you could have another infestation in just a few weeks, especially if it’s summer and peak breeding season for bed bugs.

Tips for Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

There’s no guarantee you will never accidentally bring bed bugs into your home because the pests are hitchhikers. If they do come into your home, you probably won’t have any idea they are there until you have a full-blown infestation. The best way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is to prevent it from happening. There are a few things you can do to reduce the chance of bed bugs moving into your home. Practice the following habits:


  • Wash clothes every time you return home from travelling.
  • Reduce the clutter in your home.
  • Clean your bedding regularly.
  • Use mattress protectors.
  • Don’t lay clothes on your bed.
  • Keep from storing items under your bed.
  • Inspect your hotel room every time you travel.
  • Vacuum your home on a regular basis

Find Bed Bug Control Services in Brant County Today

A few bed bugs in your home can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. If you need pest control in Brant County, Truly Nolen is happy to help. Our experienced technicians have all of the knowledge and state-of-the-art tools necessary to completely rid your home of bed bugs, so if you’re dealing with a pest infestation, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Rodent Control

Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County Rodent Control Image

Mice and rats in your home pose a serious health risk. If you notice any signs of rodents, then it’s important to schedule rat and mice removal services. See how our talented team at Truly Nolen Canada can remove rodents and protect your home.

Inspect Your Home for Rodents

Work with a professional pest control technician from Truly Nolen Canada to inspect your property for signs of rodents. The first sighting of a rat or mouse likely means there is more hiding. Here are some of the signs we watch for as we inspect your home:


  • Droppings
  • Saliva
  • Bite or claw marks
  • Torn fibres or food piles in unusual places


Mice and rats need surprisingly small openings to enter your home. Once there, they breed quickly. Your crawl space, attic and wall cavities can hold a significant number of rodents before they start venturing out during the day.


Even a few rodents can cause serious damage to your home and your health. Rats and mice need to constantly chew on materials to wear down their fast-growing front teeth. In your home, this means chewing on electrical wires, framing, HVAC ducts and PVC pipes.


Rodents also carry viruses and bacteria. Bites, contact with droppings and even airborne particles from droppings can spread strep bacteria, Salmonella and other diseases.

Removing Rats and Mice

Trust Truly Nolen Canada to provide quality rat removal services to avoid these issues. Our Four Season Pest Control Program includes pet and child-safe solutions for removing mice and rats. We rely on traps, not hazardous chemicals, which can kill rodents while they hide in your wall cavities or other hard-to-reach areas.


Removing rodents is only the first step in our comprehensive pest control service. After setting traps in key areas, our team offers exclusion services to prevent additional mice and rats from entering your home. A mouse can fit through a hole or gap that’s only 6 millimetres in diameter. Our technicians inspect your house for any gaps or crevices that could be large enough for these resourceful pests.


Ongoing monitoring by our trained team ensures we’ve identified and removed every rodent entry point to your home. We offer year-round services to help you identify strategies you can take to ensure your home is safe and pest-free.

Restore Your Home

The final step in our rodent control in Brant County is cleaning and disinfecting your property. Droppings, urine, ticks and mites may all be left behind after we trap and remove rodents. Our technicians are trained to carefully clean and disinfect your home to protect your household.


We’re proud to offer an annual warranty program as part of our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Ask about our Four Season Pest Control Program and how it can rid your home of rats, mice and other pests.

Learn More About Pest Control in Haldimand-Norfolk

Schedule an inspection today to receive quality pest control in Haldimand-Norfolk. Our expert identification, removal and remediation process starts with a call to Truly Nolen Canada, so don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about rodent control in Brant County.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County Bee and Wasp Control Image

Bees and wasps serve an essential role in the ecosystem, but they can become a serious nuisance if left unchecked on your property. Many people develop serious allergic reactions to bee stings, and wasps can become aggressive in certain situations. Truly Nolen’s technicians can help if you have an infestation. We can help identify which type of infestation you are dealing with and recommend the best treatment option. Here’s everything you need to know about Truly Nolen’s bee removal services and wasp control services in Brant County and Haldimand-Norfolk. 

Bee and Wasp Pest Control Services  

Wasps and bees are common in the Brant County and Haldimand-Norfolk area, particularly in the summer months when wasps forage for food in garbage cans. While these insects perform many beneficial activities, they can threaten human health. It is estimated that up to 100 people die from bee stings each year in Canada. Other people may suffer skin rashes or flu-like symptoms after being stung by a bee or wasp. 


Bees and wasps often build their nests in wall voids, hollow trees, or cavities in the roof. Nests are also commonly found in sheds, thick grass, or abandoned rodent dents. You may notice honeybees invading bird feeders and swimming pools in the spring. Bees are usually less noticeable in the summer and early fall months. 


It is essential to differentiate between the various types of stinging creatures in Brant County because some species are more dangerous than others. Bees have hairy, oval-shaped bodies, while wasps are narrowed-waisted with black and yellow patterns. Both bees and wasps sting if provoked. It is crucial to call an expert if you discover a nest or hive. 

Truly Nolen’s Bee Removal Services 

Truly Nolen Canada provides reliable, pesticide-free bee removal services. It is best to work with a professional rather than try a DIY solution because of the high probability of getting stung. The removal process starts with a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property. One of our technicians will inspect your property for hives, identify the species, and assess the extent of the infestation. 


After the initial inspection, we will recommend a suitable treatment method. Most wasp colonies can be treated with a safe, pesticide-free solution. Honeybees are more challenging to eliminate, but we employ effective ways to eliminate them on the first try. Your technician will recommend a customized plan based on the nature of your infestation. 


The best time of year to seek wasp control services is in early June. During the early summer months, colonies are still small and manageable. They get bigger and harder to eliminate in the later months as they reproduce. Our technicians may perform services at night to ensure your family’s safety. Wasps are also less active in the evening. After our initial treatment process, most plans come with year-round monitory to ensure the infestation does not return. 

Pest Control Services You Can Count On 

Are you looking for affordable, reliable pest control? Look no further than Truly Nolen Canada. Don’t wait until your bee or wasp problem gets worse. Contact our Truly Nolen teams today in Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant County to schedule a free home inspection

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Haldimand-Norfolk, Brant County Spider Control Image

There are few pests that inspire quite the same fear in some people like spiders. Even if you love spiders, you likely don’t want them in your home unless they are pets. So, if you think you have a spider infestation in the Haldimand-Norfolk area, you should call Truly Nolen Canada to come help. We provide pest control services throughout Canada including spider control in Brant County, Haldimand-Norfolk and the surrounding communities.

What You Need To Know About Spider Infestations

Spiders are clever little creatures that seem to be able to get into almost any home if they have a reason to. They hide out in cracks and crevices, typically in relatively undisturbed areas of homes such as basements and attics. They also like to occupy patios, vaulted ceilings, play equipment or really anything else that is safe and gives them access to food.


Unfortunately, having spiders can also indicate that there is a more serious pest problem. They are drawn to areas where they can catch insects. So, if you are finding a lot of spiders, there must also be a food source for them. Some spiders spin webs to help them catch their food (one of the most noticeable signs of spiders) while others prefer to hunt more directly.


Most spiders pose a minimal threat to people and pets. In Canada, the main dangerous species are the Brown Recluse and (occasionally) the Black Widow. However, they are both relatively rare. Nonetheless, you will likely want to get rid of them and address any insect issues that are attracting them.

How To Get Rid of Spiders

Getting rid of spiders can be a bit of a challenge. The main strategy is to remove the food source. If you can control insect populations in your home, you can typically get rid of spiders. However, if the spiders are well-settled in your home, this may take some effort as completely removing insects can be difficult.


  • Remove clutter from your house, especially in the basement and attic.
  • Carefully vacuum any area that spiders have been found, paying special attention to cracks and crevices.
  • Make sure all food is properly stored and any pet food is cleaned up promptly.
  • Outside, use similar tactics to clear out sheds and patios.
  • Also, trim back any foliage that is touching the house.

The Importance of Professional Help

If you have a handful of spiders that you see periodically, you could try taking some DIY steps to manage your insect population. However, if you have a more serious problem, you should seriously consider professional spider removal services.


Furthermore, if you are seeing larger spiders or are unsure whether one is dangerous or not, contact a pest control specialist. At Truly Nolen Canada, we are happy to help you identify spider species. For venomous spiders, you should not try to get rid of them yourself. Contact a specialist with proper equipment and training.

Schedule Spider Removal Services in the Haldimand-Norfolk Area

Do you need pest control in Haldimand-Norfolk or Brant County? Contact Truly Nolen Canada today. We can help you deal with spiders, insects and other pests around your home or business.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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