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Pest Control

Truly Nolen can take care of any residential or commercial pest control needs in Milton. When winter arrives, many different pests are searching for a winter home, and unfortunately, this could be your property. To learn more about our professional solutions and Four Seasons approach, contact us today! More on Milton Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

As summer arrives in Milton, you and your family surely have much to look forward to! Unfortunately, pests are in full swing this time of year and may decide to invade your home. Defend your property from these pests, mice, carpenter ants, wasps, and more with Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons Pest Control service and contact us today!

If you are noticing ants around your Milton home, don’t wait to contact a professional pest control service. These pests can be extremely destructive if not taken care of as soon as possible. But Truly Nolen is one step ahead with our proven removal services. Give us a call today!

More on Milton Bed Bug Control.

Many believe that once spring comes around, rodents will evict themselves from your Milton home. This is far from the truth because once they find a safe place to reside, they will remain there until removed. If you see signs of rodent activity in your home this spring, Truly Nolen can help you. Contact us to learn about our spring pest control services. More on Milton Rodent Control.

As the temperature drops, bees and wasps are searching for someplace warm and cozy to survive. Your home or business in Milton may be where they choose to stay. If you suspect there is a bee infestation on your property, Truly Nolen is the place to call. With our professional winter pest control solutions, you are sure to have a bee and wasp-free residence. More on Milton Bee and Was Control.

It can be difficult to enjoy the lovely Autumn weather if you have a spider infestation on your hands. Take back your home this Fall with the help of Truly Nolen Canada. We offer unbeatable removal and prevention services, sure to leave your Milton property spider-free! Contact us today to schedule an inspection. More on Milton Spider Control.

News & Notes

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes daily, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe during these uncertain times. We have implemented several services in keeping with social distancing efforts. No contact services and limited entry into a home are just a couple of precautions we offer as part of our response to COVID-19. Learn more here. More on Milton pest control.

Rodent Control

Many believe that once spring comes around, rodents will evict themselves from your Milton home. This is far from the truth because once they find a safe place to reside, they will remain there until removed. If you see signs of rodent activity in your home this spring, Truly Nolen can help you. Contact us to learn about our spring pest control services. More on Milton Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Milton, ON

Once a rural community, Milton is now growing faster than any other city in Southern Ontario. Life here is different than it was 20 years ago, and most residents agree that the changes have been for the better. One reason for its success is the care with which the city plans for development, ensuring that all members of its diverse population have a say in how space is utilized. Natural areas, good schools, bicycle-friendly streets, and a vibrant downtown business community are all reasons people choose Milton over other towns in the Regional Municipality of Halton.

No matter whether residents make their homes in live-work units downtown, sturdy old houses in Milton’s original neighbourhoods, or farmhouses in the rural area just beyond the city, they all must deal with unwanted insects and animals. Truly Nolen is an important part of the community that provides pest control to home and business owners.

Types of Pests in Milton

Residents of Milton can expect to encounter all the same pests that are common throughout Ontario. Here are some that Truly Nolen treats most often:

  • Bed bugs: These blood-sucking insects can follow you home on the Milton Transit and bite you at night while you sleep.
  • Carpenter ants: Any moist boards in your home might attract a colony of these tunnelling ants.
  • Bees and wasps: Pollinators are important for vegetable gardens, but swarms of them in your backyard pose a safety threat.
  • Rodents: Rats and mice cannot be eliminated with traps and poison alone, and require professional help to remove.
  • Spiders: Brown recluse bites can cause severe tissue damage to people unlucky enough to roll over on one in bed.

Four Season Prevention

The weather changes drastically in Canada, and so does the behaviour of pests. One reason the people of Milton choose Truly Nolen is that we protect your home with different strategies in every season of the year. Here are some of the changing conditions to which we respond:

  • Spring: Once the snow has melted, insects begin hatching or awakening from their winter hibernation. This is also the time of year when rodents begin looking for places to start a family.
  • Summer: The summer months are the time when pests are most active. Cold-blooded insects take advantage of the warm weather to breed and expand their colonies.
  • Fall: Tourists admiring fall colours in the Toronto area bring bed bugs to town and squirrels begin storing food in people’s attics.
  • Winter: When it’s cold outside, the people of Milton stay snug indoors. Unfortunately, the warm climate within a home allows pests to continue their life cycles throughout the winter.

Contact Truly Nolen of Milton

Whether you are a long-term resident of Milton or a recent arrival, we are happy to answer your call for help. Our technicians will listen to your concerns, suggest ways to prevent infestations, and eliminate any pests that have moved in without an invitation. Contact us for an inspection of your Milton home or business today.

Pest Control

Milton, ON Pest Control Image

Named after 17th-century poet John Milton, most famous for writing “Paradise Lost,” Milton is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada. Part of the Greater Toronto Area, specifically the Halton Region, Milton had a population of 110,128 as of the 2016 census. By 2031, it is expected to more than double its population to an estimated 228,000. Residents and visitors alike enjoy its many conservation parks and attractions such as the picturesque Mill Pond and its historic district, Main Street Downtown Milton.


While life here can be idyllic, it has its problems as any other Canadian city does. Your home may be vulnerable to infestation by insects or other pests. If you do detect an infestation, Truly Nolen offers time-tested yet innovative pest control.


What Pests Can Cause the Biggest Problems?

Milton’s ecosystem and climate determine the types of animals that can live here. Some pests may be seen more often than others, but insects and rodents are most likely to cause problems.


  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are obligate parasites, meaning that they must feed on the blood of hosts, including people and pets, to survive. They do not spread disease, but their bites can be very irritating. Bed bugs typically come out at night to feed and hide in small crevices during the day.
  • Rodents: Rodent pests in a home are usually rats and mice. When the weather is warm, these rodents typically spend most of their time outdoors looking for food. However, when it gets colder, they start looking for warm places to spend the winter. Rodents are nocturnal, so you may not see them, but you may see or hear evidence of their presence, such as chew marks or scrabbling sounds from the walls. Rodents can spread disease and cause extensive property damage with their chewing habits.
  • Ants: Ontario is home to 39 species of ants, many of which can cause problems if they get in your home. One of the most damaging species is the carpenter ant, which can compromise your home’s structural integrity by excavating tunnels in which to build nests.


What Is Special About Truly Nolen’s Pest Control in Milton?

Truly Nolen has been operating in North America since 1938. Since that time, we have been continually innovating, developing effective, pet-safe, environmentally friendly pest control solutions. Approximately 10 years ago, we started offering our Four Seasons Pest Control service that addresses changes in pests’ behaviour throughout the year. Contact our Milton team for residential or commercial pest control today.

Carpenter Ant

Milton, ON Carpenter Ant

Unlike other species of ants, carpenter ants are highly destructive to wood structures throughout your property. Don’t let these pests destroy your decking, wood furniture or home, but trust your local team at Truly Nolen Pest Control for carpenter ant removal in Milton. Identify the signs of ants in your home before calling our team for a thorough inspection.


Signs of Carpenter Ants in Milton

These tidy intruders make very few signs of entry, so it’s best to work with one of our experienced technicians to look for signs of an infestation. The most common time to find ants in your home is in the spring. This is when they’re looking for a new nesting location. A damp basement or crawlspace is a popular area for carpenter ants since it has water, wood and shelter for a colony to grow.


Our Carpenter Ant Removal Services

Our locally experienced team at Truly Nolen Pest Control will get to work quickly to promote a thorough carpenter ant removal process. We offer a Four Seasons Pest Program that targets carpenter ants throughout the seasons. Here are the basic steps we take to secure your home from the threat of local pests:


  • Control
  • Prevent
  • Cleaning

Controlling carpenter ants means removing an existing colony. An extensive colony can be encouraged to leave your property with our proven services. We make sure they don’t come back with dedicated prevention services. This can include removing dead branches and excess moisture from your home. We also prevent an ant infestation by filling cracks, gaps and other openings they can use to enter your basement or crawl space.


Finally, a thorough cleaning removes frass, dead ants and other residues. Ants may not be as messy as other pests, but our team in Milton still works hard to restore your home. We do this not only by cleaning your home but also by helping you with repairs for any damage that may have occurred.


Turn To Truly Nolen Pest Control Today

Enjoy peace of mind in your home with pest control services in Milton. Trust local professionals to identify, remove and prevent pests from taking over your property. Schedule an inspection today to see how we not only control ants but also other common pests with our Four Seasons approach.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Milton, ON Bed Bug Image

It is commonly believed that bedbugs are only found in dirty, unkempt or rundown housing. However, no one — not even the neatest clean freak — is exempt from a possible bed bug infestation. These wily parasites have evolved to become adept hitchhikers and can be easily transported between rooms, homes and businesses.


Bed Bugs Are a Serious Problem

Because bed bugs are more than a nuisance, their adaptability is a cause for concern. What seems like a small infestation can quickly spiral out of control, especially during Ontario’s peak bed bug season of June through October. That can carry illnesses and their presence may trigger increased allergy symptoms among household members.


If you notice bites on your legs or feet in the morning or constant itching when you sit on upholstered furniture, it is time to seek help. Truly Nolen Canada offers professional bed bug control services to eliminate the problem. Keep reading to learn more about how we help conquer your pest problems.


Relief Starts With a Thorough Inspection

The first step in any pest removal is to positively identify the problem. That means looking for telltale signs of a bed bug infestation. Do you know the early signs of a bed bug problem? Here are a few things we will look for in your home:


  • Dark red or brown spots along the seams in mattresses
  • Spots or bugs inside of nightstands or behind draperies
  • Clusters of bugs inside of electric outlets, especially ones near beds, sofas or draperies
  • Reports of small bites around your feet and ankles after sleeping


We Develop a Personalized Plan of Action

Once we have confirmed a need for bed bug control services, we can work with you to develop a plan of action. At Truly Nolen Canada, we use a special high-pressure misting system that forces pest control products into small cracks, seams and voids where bed bugs love to hide. That allows us to effectively treat areas that commercially available products — or other pest control companies — may miss. Your safety and satisfaction are important to us. All of the products we use are approved by Health Canada, so when we perform bed bug removal in Milton you can rest assured that everything meets their exacting standards.


Eliminate Bed Bugs Today

If you suspect that bed bugs are in your home or business, don’t panic. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule an inspection. We have locations that can provide bed bug removal in Milton and throughout Ontario.

Rodent Control

Milton, ON Rodent Control Image

At Truly Nolen Canada, we understand how disconcerting it can be to find out you are sharing your space with mice or rats. Our rodent control services are specifically designed to help Milton’s residents resolve infestations so they can once again feel secure in their homes or workplaces. Consider a few key pieces of information that may equip you to identify and respond to a rodent problem.


Signs of a Rodent Infestation

The presence of rodents is not always easy to detect. When the population of mice or rats inside your building is small, they may find secluded areas to nest and only come out at night. Some of the evidence they leave behind includes droppings, tracks on the floor where they run and materials that have been gnawed on.


Unfortunately, rodents pose quite a few risks to homeowners and business owners in Milton. These critters can create fire hazards by chewing through electrical cords and can also spread diseases to humans. Because both mice and rats can multiply rapidly, it’s important to seek professional mice or rat removal services as soon as you notice the problem.


Preventing an Infestation

Our team at Truly Nolen Canada hopes to arm Milton’s residents with the information they need to deter rodent infestations. One of the main ways to reduce the risk of mice or rats entering your home is to thoroughly inspect your building for possible entry points. Be sure to fill in any gaps you see around doors and windows. Cutting off rodents’ food supply can also be an effective strategy. Be sure to store foods in airtight containers and regularly clean your kitchen to get rid of any stray crumbs.


How We Can Help

If you suspect you have uninvited guests staying in your home, be sure to reach out to Truly Nolen Canada right away. Our approach to rodent control in Milton is threefold. First, we aim to seal all potential entry points so these critters cannot return to your space. Second, we trap and remove any mice or rats that are currently in your building. Finally, we help sanitize your area to eliminate any mites, fleas or other insects the rodents may have carried in with them.


When you require rat or mice removal that is meticulous, dependable and customized to your specific situation, Truly Nolen Canada is the team to call. Contact us today to learn more about the rodent control services we offer to residents throughout the Milton area.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Milton, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

Few insects are likely as troublesome for you and your Milton, Ontario, family as bees and wasps. When the warm weather arrives, the queens of both species will choose a nesting spot, where colony members will begin to build a nest. This can cause swarming and painful stings which can be dangerous; however, we at Truly Nolen are ready to help out with wasp and bee removal services and offer you peace of mind that your family and property are safe.


Where Do Bees and Wasps Build Hives?

While bees and wasps are different species of flying insects, they have similar behaviours. Both build nests or hives, but in different locations. You may find hives or the oblong nests of wasps in a variety of locations on your property, including:


  • Trees
  • House eaves
  • Under porch roofs
  • Outbuildings


If you find a nest near or on your home, call us for wasp control services before you approach the nest. Wasps, in particular, can become quite aggressive when defending their colony.


Our Services for Bees and Wasps

When you call us for pest control in Milton, our technicians will come out and inspect your home to identify and target what kind of insect is present. Bees are more likely to make their hives in hollow trees or on the undersides of wood piles, while wasps create closed, paper-like nests. Once our technicians find a nest or hive, they can treat it with effective sprays that reach the entire colony and keep you updated on the progress so you can feel confident that the bee and wasp control services you receive are as effective as possible.


Once our treatments are complete, the assistance we offer does not stop there. We can also offer you a few helpful hints for discouraging bees and wasps from nesting on your property, such as:


  • Cleaning up outdoor clutter
  • Covering firewood piles
  • Sealing outdoor trash cans
  • Removing glasses and dishes from your porch

Consistent treatment of areas where these insects tend to build each spring may also discourage them. We can assist you with regular treatments each season and help you safeguard your home so you can enjoy your property without being bombarded by these aggressive pests.


Call Us for Help

At Truly Nolen, we understand that wasp and bee removal services are necessary for the everyday house owner because of the risk involved. Call us today for assistance and for more information about our reliable services that can keep your property free of stinging insects all summer long.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Milton, ON Spider Control Image

When spiders invade your Milton home, the results can be distressing. While most species that live in Ontario are harmless, larger specimens may deliver a painful bite if they feel threatened. This can spell trouble for your children and pets in particular, who could be more seriously affected by a spider bite. At Truly Nolen, we understand the need to rid your home of arachnids and offer spider removal services, as well as helpful information that can keep these pests away for good.


Spiders Are Adaptable

One reason spiders may come indoors is that they have adapted to human surroundings and may wander inside looking for protection from bad weather and to find food. Small flying insects, ants, roaches and other crawling prey may attract and encourage them to set up their webs in a variety of places, including:


  • Crevices in attics and basements
  • Closets
  • Under porch eaves

While some larger species of spiders actively hunt for prey, they still may enjoy the environment they find indoors. Bites usually happen when these creatures are startled or during an attempt to capture them. To prevent bites, leave the removal to our services for pest control in Milton, as our technicians have the experience and tools to deal with a spider problem.


How We Can Help

Because spiders tend to hide, it can be difficult to know when you have an infestation. Usually, an increase of webs around your home and seeing more live specimens are clues that you need assistance. When you call, our spider removal technicians will come and inspect your home to gauge not only the type of spider you are dealing with but target their hiding spaces as well. We use pressurized mists to ensure it reaches deep into crevices and other places where spiders may be living. This treatment is typically more effective than hardware store foggers that may not reach deeply enough into tight crevices to destroy adults and their eggs.


Once the treatment is finished, our techs can offer you tips for keeping spiders away from your home. Most of these are simple to accomplish, such as:


  • Keeping window screens in good repair
  • Fixing gaps between doors and floors
  • Trimming grass and trees to keep insects away
  • Cleaning up indoor and outdoor clutter


Our technicians can also help you find where spiders may be entering your home and seal these crevices or holes to prevent any specimens from entering in the future.


Reach Out Today

At Truly Nolen, we understand an arachnid invasion can be upsetting but are ready to help. Call us today for more information about our services and kick your uninvited eight-legged guests to the curb for good.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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