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Pest Control

Winter weather can drive pests inside to seek shelter. During the cold months, they will look for warm, secure places to nest, and your property can be inviting. If you believe there is a pest infestation in your Vaughan home, be sure to contact Truly Nolen. Our professionals can remove current pests and prevent future invasions. To learn more about our pest control solutions, contact us today. More on Vaughan Pest Control.

Seasonal Spotlight

Summer is officially here in Vaughan which means warmer weather, longer days and pests being more active. Don’t let pests like carpenter ants, wasps and rodents wreak havoc on your home, instead give Truly Nolen a call for professional removal services! Contact us today to enjoy a pest-free home this season.

Carpenter ants may be out of sight during the cold winter months, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about them. If you have seen any signs of carpenter ants this season, contact Truly Nolen. Carpenter ant colonies can become dormant in the colder weather, but indoor colonies can revive from their dormant state once the furnace or fireplace brings heat to their nest. Contact us today to learn about carpenter ant removal in Vaughan.

Bed bugs are found in homes across the country and often find ways inside through cracks and crevices in the floors or walls. During the Fall, they may become more active, making Truly Nolen Canada’s removal services a must. Find out how our professionals can help get rid of unwanted pests in Vaughan and ensure your family remains safe this Fall. More on Vaughan Bed Bug Control.

There is nothing worse than finding mice or rats living in your Vaughan home. Not only can it be scary, but it can be very dangerous to your health. Truly Nolen offers a Four Seasons Pest Control program that is sure to keep your property rodent-free this summer. Contact us today to learn more. More on Vaughan Rodent Control.

Having bees or wasps on your property can be annoying, but it can also be dangerous. As the Fall approaches, you may notice more of them buzzing around. To ensure that an infestation doesn’t occur, you should contact the team at Truly Nolen Canada. We will inspect your Vaughan home, remove them and prevent them from coming back! Find out more about our services here. More on Vaughan Bee and Was Control.

With the warm spring weather, you may have noticed spiders in your home. But it can be intimidating to try to get rid of them on your own. At Truly Nolen Vaughn, we offer a dependable Four Season Protection approach. We can help identify, remove, and prevent pest infestations for greater peace of mind. Schedule an inspection today to keep your home protected during the spring season and beyond. More on Vaughan Spider Control.

News & Notes

As the weather warms up, numerous pests may be trying to enter your home. They are usually looking for water, food, and shelter, and your home may offer all of these essentials. Schedule an inspection today to learn about our Four Seasons approach that can help to keep your family safe and your home free of pests.

Rodent Control

There is nothing worse than finding mice or rats living in your Vaughan home. Not only can it be scary, but it can be very dangerous to your health. Truly Nolen offers a Four Seasons Pest Control program that is sure to keep your property rodent-free this summer. Contact us today to learn more. More on Vaughan Rodent Control.


More About Truly Nolen of Vaughan, ON

Truly Nolen is happy to serve many communities throughout Ontario especially the fine residents and local business owners of Vaughan. Our goal is to help the community protect their property from pests through our full suite of removal and preventative services. A community-focused company, Truly Nolen understands the unique attributes of each area we serve so we best provide our services to our neighbors, their neighbors, and everyone in the area who stands to benefit from keeping pests away from their property.

The Local Community

Vaughan’s growth speaks to the alluring aspects of its community. Its population has doubled since the early 1990s, which has, in turn, drawn businesses, non-profits, and other organizations to the city. The growth of the area has also made it a centre of innovation and new construction.

This innovation and growth are perhaps best reflected by the Cortelluci Hospital, the first full-service hospital within city limits. The hospital is expected to include a fully integrated technology system that allows medical devices to communicate with each other. This smart system will serve as the first one of its kind in the country.

Vaughan is truly a diverse community populated with caring people. The city offers itself as a great place to grow a family, establish your business, or even visit as a tourist. Its attractions run the gamut from shopping destinations, entertainment options, and outdoor spaces. All of these characteristics make us at the local Truly Nolen proud to serve this special community.

Pests of Vaughan

One of the things that most draws people to Vaughan is the abundant outdoor space. Parks, trails, and conservation areas dot the landscape and give the residents of Vaughan places to retreat from the urban landscape and soak up the surrounding nature.

However, nothing is perfect, and while the benefits to living so close to these natural spaces are real, the proximity of nature also invites the opportunity for pests to establish residence on your property or inside your home.
Residents and business owners should keep an eye out for the pests most commonly found in the area:

Our Pest Control Services

At Truly Nolen, our goal is to remove pests from our property swiftly and effectively then prevent them from returning. When you give us a call, we’ll send a skilled, experienced pest removal technician to assess the area, identify signs of pest presence, and take action to remove them. Depending on how the pests got into your home, we’ll also develop a plan that prevents additional creatures from invading your property and taking over the already created dens, nests, or hives.

Many people only need a single treatment to return their life to pest-free living. However, there are also times where you need year-round protection. Our Four Seasons approach to pest control anticipates the changing behaviours of pests throughout the year. This is the most effective way to ensure pests don’t make themselves unwelcome guests inside your home.

Contact Us Today

If you’ve detected signs of pets inside your home or business, reach out to us today to schedule an inspection. We’ll promptly send out a trained technician to examine your property and develop an effective pest control treatment plan for your property.

Pest Control

Vaughan, ON Pest Control Image

Enjoy a pest-free home in Vaughn with the dedicated help of Truly Nolen Pest Control. Whether you’ve just moved to the area or are a long-time proud resident of the Greater Toronto Area, discover how our team can identify, remove and prevent pests in your property.


Pest Control Services in Vaughn

There is a diverse range of wildlife in the area, but it’s best enjoyed at a distance. Watch for birds at the many local parks and outdoor areas, not in your home. Here are some common pests that may enter your home and cause problems:


These pests can create nests in your attic, live in your walls and damage your property. They may also affect the health and safety of you and your family. Attempting to remove pests yourself can be ineffective and dangerous, so work with our team at Truly Nolen for efficient pest control services that can help your home become free and clear of any wanted guests.


Protecting your home and family from each of these pests can require different techniques and resources. Our trained technicians are familiar with all the common pests that can affect a home in Vaughn. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after a spider infestation or avoiding harmful chemicals. We work with you to create a solution that works best for your home and lifestyle.


Our Time-Tested Process

We start every process with a thorough inspection of your property. Pests can live in your home, around your yard and in your basement or crawlspace. If we identify a pest issue, we use our proven process that’s effective at pest control in over 30 countries.


Our removal process uses family- and pet-friendly techniques to rid your home of pests, remove nests and prevent further infestations. Some pests, like spiders, often enter your home when you already have a pest infestation. That’s why we use integrated pest management solutions to fully protect your home in Vaughn. We continue to monitor and control pests in your area as part of our Four Season Protection Plan.


Schedule a Pest Control Inspection Today

Request an inspection today with Truly Nolen Pest Control. Work with your local team to enjoy a pest-free home and proactive prevention. From a few unwanted spiders to a vast colony of carpenter ants, trust us to protect your home and remove pests. Breathe easy knowing your home is safe from insects, rodents and harmful chemicals.

Carpenter Ant

Vaughan, ON Carpenter Ant

Vaughan is one of the largest cities in Canada. Home to more than 300,000 people, the beautiful city north of Toronto is also home to many common household pests, including carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are among the most destructive pests you could have in your home. Often confused with termites, these unwelcome guests burrow deep into wooden structures and can cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage to your home if left untreated.


Many people try to take matters into their own hands to get rid of carpenter ants but resolving this issue is often complicated and requires the help of a professional. If you think your home is harbouring a colony of carpenter ants, call the experts at Truly Nolen to remove the pests and keep them from coming back.


How To Know You Have Carpenter Ants

Unlike termites, carpenter ants burrow into and remove wood rather than eat it. They are attracted to damp wood, so any home with a moisture leak is a prime environment for a carpenter ant colony. While they sometimes enter the home from its foundation, these pests are also known to use low-hanging tree limbs as a bridge to the roof of the house. If you notice any f the following signs, you could have a carpenter ant infestation.


  • Rustling noises: Sometimes you can hear carpenter ants chewing through the wood inside the walls.
    Swarming ants: Winged ants indicate a mature colony that is ready to establish additional colonies.
  • Debris: Because carpenter ants don’t eat wood, you may start to notice small piles of rough wood shavings throughout your home from where the ants burrow into the wood.
  • Worker ants: Carpenter ants feed on hum and pet food as well as other insects so if you see ants foraging for food in your kitchen and can’t find a trail leading outside, you may have carpenter ants inside your home.


How Truly Nolen Gets Rid of Carpenter Ants

Once we have found carpenter ants within your home, we will remove them by seeking out the initial colony. By treating the entire nest with high-quality chemicals before removing it, we eliminate all of the ants instead of temporarily getting rid of visible pests. We’ll then determine the point of entry and fix it so ants don’t return to your home.


To avoid racking up expensive bills to repair structural damage, you need to seek professional help immediately if you think you have a carpenter ant infestation. The expert technicians at Truly Nolen have the experience and tools necessary to rid your home of the pests that are native to the Regional Municipality of York so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your home. Contact us today to let us take care of the carpenter ants in your home.

Bed Bug Control

Truly Nolen Vaughan, ON Bed Bug Image

Nestled in the middle of Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto is a thriving city named Vaughan. Boasting more than 300,000 residents, this busy city is one of the largest in the country. Many people, animals and insects call this beautiful region home. Unfortunately, some of these inhabitants are common pests you don’t want to share a home with, such as bedbugs. These tiny pests are notorious hitchhikers and can infiltrate even the cleanest homes. Because they’re so small and are active primarily at night, many people don’t know they have a bed bug problem until they are dealing with a full-blown infestation that requires professional intervention. As one of the top pest control companies in Canada, Truly Nolen can get rid of bedbugs quickly and efficiently so you can stop worrying about having these pests in your home.


Signs You Have Bedbugs in Your Home

Bedbugs reproduce quickly so having a few of the pests inside your home can turn into an infestation in just a few weeks. You may not notice them at first because young bedbugs are translucent. Once the pests start feeding on humans, however, they turn a reddish-brown color that makes them recognizable. Any of the following signs could indicate that you have a bedbug infestation in your home.


  • Bite marks: If you or anyone in your family starts waking up in the morning with small, itchy bites in a circular pattern, you may have bedbugs.
  • Red stains on sheets: Bedbugs are often crushed at night when you move in your sleep, so if you notice smears of blood on your sheets, you may have a problem with the pests.
  • Eggs: Bedbug eggs are small, about the size of a pinpoint, but they often come in small clusters that are noticeable.
  • Dead skin: Bedbugs shed dead skin as they grow so you may see exoskeletons on your sheets if the pests are present.


Steps We Take To Remove Bedbugs

Although bedbugs are typically not dangerous, they are nuisances and leave itchy bites all over your arms and legs so you want them gone as quickly as possible. For maximum results, the experts at Truly Nolen use a multi-pronged approach to getting rid of the pests. We’ll use state-of-the-art equipment to heat up infested rooms to create environments that will kill bedbugs. We then spray any infested materials with insecticide and help you declutter the space so you can be sure the problem is thoroughly taken care of.


At Truly Nolen in Vaughan, we take bedbug infestations seriously. We understand that you want to rid your home of these unwanted guests as quickly as possible, so we respond immediately when you call. Our expert technicians are ready to implement mitigation procedures to rid your home of bedbugs, so contact us today!

Rodent Control

Vaughan, ON Rodent Control Image

Most rodents that live in Ontario are content to live outdoors. You might occasionally see porcupines, chipmunks, ground squirrels, and beavers pose for pictures or grace the fonts of postcards, but you don’t have to worry about them coming into your Vaughan home. Not all of them are so innocuous, however.


Common Rodent Pests in Ontario

Of the 68 types of rodents that inhabit Canada, none have worse reputations than these five species of mice and rats.

With 13 species of mice known throughout Canada, they are quite common. However, only the deer mouse (Peromyscus keeni), house or field mouse (Mus musculus), and white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) are known to be household pests in Vaughan. All three thrive in natural areas, but will gladly move into your home if given the opportunity.


While Canada does not have any native rats, two main species now call it home. Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) dig tunnels around homes and buildings and tend to stay close to the ground. You may hear them called wharf or brown rats. Roof rats (Rattus rattus) are climbers who will enter a home through the attic. Also called black rats, they are known to nest in attics and the upper floors of homes.


Why You Don’t Want Rodents in Your Home

Rodents can carry and transmit diseases, particularly through their droppings. So, before you dismiss these diminutive pests, consider the possibility that they may be spreading disease. Mice have been known to transmit rickettsialpox, leptospirosis, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis, just to name a few. Rats can carry typhus, Weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, leptospirosis, and trichinosis. All reasons why not to try and take matters into your own hands if you suspect you have a rodent problem in your home.


Signs You Have a Problem

One small mouse may not seem like a big problem, but a single female rat can have a new litter of up to 12 babies every two months. Mice are even more prolific. If you see these signs that rodents are living in your house, take action right away:


  • Piles of droppings
  • Torn or shredding nesting material
  • Scratching or clawing noises in the walls or attic
  • Burrows along the outside of your home


How Truly Nolan Pest Services Can Help

Time is not on your side if you suspect rodents are nesting in your Vaughan home. Contact your local Truly Nolen location to schedule a pest inspection. We will locate and remove the nest, while also developing a plan to keep these unwanted pests out of your home in the future. Call today for a free estimate.

Bee & Wasp Control

Truly Vaughan, ON Bee and Wasp Control Image

Bees and wasps can be helpful in that they are excellent pollinators, they help recycle organic material, and they control many other types of harmful insects. However, they can also become a nuisance. That makes it important to know what type of bee or wasp you are dealing with. Vaughan area bees and wasps have many similarities, but they also have differences that can help you identify what type is in your home or yard.


Bees and Wasps in and Around Vaughan

More than 400 different types of bees call Ontario home. Bees are classified as solitary or social, depending on whether they live alone or in large colonies. While most have the classic black and yellow colour pattern, some can also be completely black or even green. To spot a beehive around your home, you not only need to look for the classic beehive appearance, but they can also nest in holes which they seal with mud.


There are some differences between bees and wasps. Wasps tend to be more slender at the waist and are commonly black and yellow, but just like bees have also been spotted in other colours. Only a few types of wasps live in holes. The majority of wasps make nests that are commonly seen hanging in trees or overhanging structures.


Bee and Wasp Life Cycles

Wasps and bees tend to be active from late spring to early fall, when they build their nests, tend to and raise larvae and forage for food and water. Once the cold weather sets in, any adults left in the nest will abandon it and the adults die off. Wasp queens hibernate underground or in sheds and garages, while honeybees remain active all year long.


Wasps tend to become aggressive in the early fall when their diets change and they must seek out their own food once the larvae in the nest mature. This is when you might notice them hovering around soda cans and other sweet foods. No matter the time of year you experience a bee or wasp problem, we at Truly Nolen can help.


How To Get Rid of Bees and Wasps for Good

You should never try to get rid of a wasp or bee nest. They might sting when provoked, and destroying their home is definitely cause to activate the defense systems. Considering that there could be hundreds of insects living inside, that’s a lot of stings to contend with. Instead, contact the pest removal professionals at your local Truly Nolan location. Our technicians have the training and equipment to safely remove nests from your Vaughan home.

Spider Control

Truly Nolen Vaughan, ON Spider Control Image

Vaughan and the surrounding areas are home to myriad types of spiders. While that may seem disheartening, you should remember that most of them pose much more of a nuisance than a danger. Most spiders found throughout Ontario pose no risk to humans thanks to their small and relatively harmless fangs. That doesn’t mean you want them moving into your home. A sound pest control plan can help keep wolf, cellar, and common house spiders — the three most common spiders — from settling in.


Types of Spider Found In Vaughn

Perhaps one of the most alarming looking spiders is the wolf spider. This type of spider likes debris and dark spaces, like your attic, garage, and basement. Keep these areas free from leaves, firewood, mulch, and other debris to avoid attracting them. Wolf spiders don’t make webs, so vacuuming rooms frequently is one of your best defenses.


Cellar spiders are commonly found in the basement, and one of the reasons you might avoid going into that space. Luckily, there are some things you can do to discourage cellar spiders from settling in. These spiders will make webs to keep their egg sacs. Regularly clearing these webs with a vacuum or broom will make your basement much less inviting. Sealing cracks and gaps around windows and doors and using a dehumidifier or ventilation fans to lower humidity levels will also help get rid of these common nuisance pests.


Common house spiders also make webs, so try to keep them cleared to discourage an infestation. Monthly vacuuming is usually enough to do the trick. If there are any holes in window screens, patching or replacing them removes an easy entryway for spider pests.


Your Pest Control Experts

When you need experienced and professional pest control experts, turn to Truly Nolen. Our local offices proudly serve homeowners throughout Ontario. So, whether you need one treatment to get rid of a sudden influx of spiders or you want to establish a regular maintenance schedule to keep them at bay, we have affordable and effective services that get the job done right. Contact us today to find out more and get a free estimate.


Note: Not all services are available at all locations.

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