Are Kids More Sensitive to Bed Bug Bites?

Are Kids More Sensitive to Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug numbers are on the rise all over the world, and it seems there isn’t a single place they haven’t managed to crawl inside. Since the turn of the century, there has been an unwanted return of this blood-thirsty insect in huge numbers. Bed bugs will spend their day hiding in all sorts of furniture and wait for their blood hosts to rest at night when they’ll ready themselves for another iron-rich meal.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at bed bug bites. Specifically, we’re going to look at whether or not infants and toddlers suffer a harsher reaction to their bites. Kids can get themselves in trouble and find marks all over their skin for various reasons, how would you be able to spot the particular reaction to bed bug bites? Truly Nolen can help keep your child’s room free of pests.

The Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are very strategic guests and will do their best to stay unnoticed for as long as possible. Once they’ve made their way into your home (usually by hitchhiking via you, your clothing or your luggage) they’ll quickly scurry into whatever furniture they can find. Their favorite place is, you guessed it, your bed.

Bed bugs will hide in the springs of mattresses, in cracks and holes in bed frames and the corners of the structure. When their human host goes to sleep they’ll crawl over their body, stopping every few steps to enjoy another meal. Their bites are painless and since you’re in a deep sleep, you’re unlikely to notice.

After a few days, bed bug bites will slightly swell and appear as small red marks. They won’t be spread all over your body either. Instead, bed bug bites are normally found in small clusters, zigzag lines or straight lines. Areas of your body that are easy to access, such as hands, arms and neck, are where you’re likely to find them. Oh, and they can be very, very itchy and uncomfortable too.

Is It Worse For Kids?

You’re probably already aware of the mess your children can find for themselves! They’ll roll around in the mud, ignore obvious dangers and appear with all sorts of marks on their skin. What makes bed bug bites differ from other bites and marks?

For many adults, bed bug bites are itchy and uncomfortable, but they disappear after a few days. Most of us do well not to itch too much and make things worse. Small children, on the other hand, will itch repetitively and can even break skin in doing so. 

You’ll know if your child is suffering from bed bug bites because of the small red marks on their skin. The swollen red bites will be in clusters and your child is likely to have made them an awful lot worse by scratching at them constantly. Bed bug bites aren’t necessarily any different for infants and toddlers since bed bugs are doing what they always do. Your child’s reaction to those bites, however, could make it much worse.

Truly Nolen Can Inspect Your Home

If you suspect that your baby’s crib or room could have a bed bug infestation, please get in touch with our Truly Nolen team. Our experienced technicians will know exactly where to look and can remove the problem quicker than anybody else.

Not only that, but our team will be able to identify the signs of bed bug bites instantly. There’s nothing they haven’t seen over their many years of pest control treatment, and unfortunately, many people call us too late. We’ll confirm whether or not you have a bed bug problem and take care of it for you.