The Correct Way to Handle Canadian Spiders

Ideally, Canadian residents would prefer to never have to deal with any pests – it’s just better that way. Unfortunately, pests are pretty much everywhere, so dealing with them at some point in time is a reality. But if you had the opportunity to pick a pest to have inside or near your home, spiders are probably at the bottom of everyone’s list.

Spiders are intimidating creatures. Their large size, eight legs, and reputation, including a few dangerous species, make most children and many adults flee the room at first sight. While some common Canadian spiders are generally harmless to humans and pets, others can inflict severe pain and severely injure unfortunate victims.

There are over 750 species of spiders in Ontario alone, from the harmless grass spider to the venomous southern black widow, all trying to make it to the comfortable temperatures and food and water sources your home provides. Once a few spiders have made their way in, you can be sure a full-scale spider infestation is soon to follow.

Removing these spiders from your home can be difficult and risky. Only trained pest control professionals can properly identify a spider and determine whether it’s poisonous. Attempting to touch or approach one of these arachnids without proper training can put you at risk.

Signs of a spider infestation can include:

  • Webs near holes and entry points in your home
  • Frequent sightings of other dead insects

Prevention tips include:

  • Repairing torn window and door screens
  • Sealing door jambs
  • Caulking cracks, holes, and other gaps that spiders can use to enter your home

If one or more of the tell-tale spider infestation signs have been spotted in your home, Truly Nolen Canada recommends that you isolate the spiders and immediately call your local branch for a pest control inspection. One of our Truly Nolen experts can provide more information on the types of spiders in your home and the severity of an infestation.

Also, be sure to ask your Truly Nolen Pest Control Specialist about our Four Seasons Pest Control program, which protects your home against all kinds of pests in Canada and provides adaptable treatments that address changes in their behavior throughout the seasons.