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Bed Bug Problem

Bed Bug Problem

What is a bed bug?

It’s a very small insect that feeds on warm-blooded animals, preferably humans. Its name comes from the fact that it takes a blood meal at night while the host is sleeping.

What does it look like?
The bed bug has a flattened, oval-shaped body. Adults measure up to 1/4 inch and babies can be a little bigger than a pin head. It is brown, but turns dark red after taking a blood meal . A baby or nymph that has just fed can look like a tiny blood droplet.

Where is the bed bug when it’s not feeding?
It hides in any crack, crevice, or protected place near it’s food source.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?
The most common sign is dark red blood stains on used linens, which can mean that bed bugs were feeding on your guests during the night. Spots might also be seen on wall surfaces near the bed. As the bed bug population in the room increases, there will be more small dark spots on wall surfaces and the room may have an unusual smell – a sweet and musty, yet offensive, odor.

How can I check for bed bugs?
Here are examples of where they are likely to hide:

What do I do if I think I’ve found bed bugs?
Having bed bugs doesn’t mean that you haven’t done your job. Don’t disturb the room; instead tell your supervisor immediately so that he can contact your pest control professional! Address the problem as soon as possible to protect your guests and keep the infestation from spreading to other rooms.

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