How to identify bed bugs.

Waking up with bites on your skin? This can be a preliminary sign of bed bugs. There first thing you’re going to discover are the painful and itchy markings of the bug. They look for blood and crawl in your bed while you sleep. Identifying bed bugs is crucial to not having the infestation get incredibly out of control.



Bed bug appearance.

Detecting bed bugs can be very difficult. They’re nocturnal creature so they’re only around during the night. Also, they’re very small. Seeing them at night can be impossible. Bed bugs are tiny flat with oval shaped bodies. They have six legs and two antennae. Golden coloured hairs makes their body look striped. Bed bugs do not fly. Adults are reddish-brown. Approximately 5-6mm long. After feeding the bug can swell to 10 mm and appear flatter and darker in colour.

Bed bug nymphs or babies are about 1 to 4mm long. Until they feed they’re white and gold colour. The light colour acts as camouflage to make it easier to blend into mattresses and carpets.

Signs of bed bugs.

They can live pretty much anywhere,  but typically they hide in mattress seams, behind pictures, box springs, in curtains, behind headboards, in sofas, behind baseboard, bed frames, along carpet edges and night stands. Bed bugs usually hide within three to six feet from their feeding area.

Regularly inspect sheets, pillowcases and mattresses for small brown blood stains. Little spots of blood in your bed is the first sign to possible bed bugs. Their fecal spots appear as rust coloured stains. Look for actual visuals of the bug. They can be difficult to spot. But, actually seeing one means there’s probably more nearby.


Bed bug prevention.

– Keep living areas clean. It can greatly reduce possible bed bugs.
– Thoroughly inspect luggage when returning from a trip.
– Wash all clothes after vacation or staying in a hotel.
– Call a professional.

Hamilton bed bug control.

Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to control by yourself. There’s many detailed strategies that are used to limit and remove infestation. Professionals have all the necessary equipment to kill bed bugs. So, if you identify bed bugs in your home make sure to reach out to Truly Nolen.