St. Catharines Rebate Program for Rat Control a Success

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Rats are a highly adaptable species, they can survive in the harshest environments and easily make themselves at home in wall cavities, attics, yards, sheds, drains, and basements. In fact, there is not a single space that is not rat-friendly in your average urban home, making rat control extremely tricky. And while your home may offer an attractive living space for rats, they do not make good houseguests. Rats are smelly, messy and noisy, and they can cause extensive damage to your property but worse than that, they also carry a number of diseases that pose a serious threat to people and pets, including salmonella, hantavirus, and rat bite fever.

Rats are not only attracted to sewers and landfills, there are numerous reasons for rat infestations in cities, including natural disasters, large scale construction and property development. Floods, wildfires and the clearing of ground for development, drive rats from forests and fields into urban settlements. Unfortunately, cities make great alternative homes for rats and because of this, the inhabitants of St Catharines are continually in need of the services of rat control experts in Niagara.

The Rat Rebate Program in St Catharines

To combat the ever-increasing rat problem in the area, the city council introduced a residential rebate program for the control of rats and other rodents in St Catharines. This program gives residents a rebate of up to 50 percent (to a maximum of $200) of the cost of the services of a licensed pest control expert to help with the removal and prevention of rats on their residential property. Local residents have lauded the efforts of the city council for initiating the residential rat control rebate program, as it has helped them to deal with rat infestation in an affordable way. And the good news for residents is that the city council plans to continue with the rat rebate program in the foreseeable future.

The Success of the Rebate Program

The rebate program for rat control set up by the city council has garnered a lot of praise from the residents of St. Catharines. All you need to do to take advantage of this service is to register for the rat control rebate program. Fortunately, this is not a complicated process and residents have been able to familiarize themselves quickly and easily with the process of applying for the rebate. As a result, the city is experiencing fewer rats, and homeowners have adjusted to the conditions presented by the rebate program such as proper disposal of waste and regular household sanitation. Some of the residents have also testified to the cost-effectiveness of the program as well as the quick response and excellent services of the local rat control experts.

Truly Nolen Niagara Can Help with Your Rat Problems

There are several methods that can be used to eliminate rats that are living in your home and prevent them from returning. You need to ensure that your home is properly sealed, that doors, windows, and roofs are in good repair and there are no convenient holes for rats to sneak through. You also need to clean out drains, repair pipes and remove litter from the outside of your property. Dealing with rats that have moved into your home all by yourself can be dangerous and hiring a professional pest control service is the best way to handle a persistent rat problem. Rat control experts in Niagara, likeTruly Nolen, will be able to help you safely deal with rats and advise you on how to keep your home rat-free.