Why Are Mice Invading Your Home This Fall?

Mice Invading A Home This Fall

No, you’re not just seeing things. There’s a good chance that the flash of fur that just ran across your floor was a mouse. Chances are you’ve been more focused on carving pumpkins, cozy sweaters and raking the leaves. But if you’re not careful, you’ll be leaving your home accessible for pests. Fall is when you’re at your most vulnerable.

As the cold weather sets in it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors. Common pests will be as well. After spending the majority of their time outdoors, they’ll be looking to make a warm, secure new nest within your home. We’re going to discuss why they’ve decided that your home is just right for them. We’ll also have a look at the problems they can cause, and why you’re going to need help from the pest control experts to remove them completely.

Why Do Mice Move Indoors?

Mice are incredibly clever animals and aren’t given enough credit for their high level of intelligence. They feel the seasons change the same way we do and plan for the cold winter ahead. First of all, they’ll be looking for shelter inside your home. Mice aren’t big fans of rain and hail, never mind the ice and snow that appears in winter. A female mouse will be even more desperate for dry, safe confines if she’s going to give birth to a new litter as well. Your home is likely to provide that.

Mice are warm-blooded. This means that they need heat to survive and that the bitterly cold temperatures of winter are fatal. An average mouse will live between 1-5 years, and they do so by surviving the cold winters in the warmth of your home. They’re not particularly fussy either, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your garage, cellar and any piles of wood in the yard.

Finally, they’ll enjoy feasting themselves on your food when they make their way indoors. Unlike other pests that hide food stores throughout your garden, mice will need a constant supply of food to survive winter. Again, they aren’t picky when it comes to free food. Your pet food, any cooking crumbs or trash are a perfect source of nutrition for them.

What Problems Can Mice Cause?

They don’t sound like particularly nice house guests, do they? As well as stealing your food, mice can cause all sorts of other problems.

They carry a surprising amount of bacteria, and can quickly infect their surroundings. They’ll also leave droppings just about everywhere they go. If you don’t notice this on the food they’ve been treating themselves to, then you could find yourself with stomach issues and other illnesses. When they’re desperate, they’ll chew through wiring and destroy the walls and insulation of your home to get access to food or warmth. Don’t underestimate the damage they can cause – the structure of your home could end up needing expensive repairs.

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Mice are also notoriously quick breeders. A female mouse can give birth to 4-6 new mice every three weeks. In the space of a month, your problem could become a crisis. If you’re struggling to deal with a few mice, very soon you’ll be facing an army of them.

Leave that work to our professional team at Truly Nolen. Not only do we solve your mice problem quickly and efficiently, but we’ll also protect your home from future infestation. You can enjoy the changing colours on the leaves without the threat of mice on your property.