10 ways to prevent hornet stings.

Red-marked Pachodynerus

Hornets are one of the downfalls of summer. It seems like everyone’s afraid. Picnics are an event for the brave. Getting stung is what most of us are concerned about. Here’s 10 ways to prevent hornet stings.

  1. Think about what you’re going to wear. If you’re spending time outside consider hornets are attracted to bright colours. Walking around resembling a flower could be bad news.
  2. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne. This goes along with looking like a flower. Don’t smell like one too. Hornets will follow strong scents and land on the source.
  3. Don’t panic. It’s difficult to stay calm when a hornet buzzes around, but this is one of the best strategies to avoid stings. Swatting can anger hornets and cause them to attack. Usually if they’re flying around you hornets are determining if you’re a flower or not.
  4. Wear closed shoes. In the summer  it’s tempting to walk barefoot or in flip flops. However, lots of hornets can be found close to the ground. One misstep and you could step on one.
  5. Be alert while eating outdoors. Sweet food and drink attract hornets. At your next picnic check before sipping from a soda can or taking a bite of fruit. A hornet might have landed.
  6. Keep garbage and recycling areas clean. Hornets love food residue or waste left in the bottom of garbage cans or containers. Make sure to properly rinse anything before throwing it away. A tight-fitting lid to your garbage can will also control hornet invasions.
  7. Stay away from potential hornet nests. They can be found in trees or underground. Nests are the main source of hornets. If hornets feel the queen is threatened they will attack to protect the nest.
  8. Roll up car windows. It seems that whenever we’re driving with the windows down a hornet finds its way into the car. Hornets are as panicked as you. So, take time to pull over before it stings.
  9. Timing. Hornets are most active during the hottest part of the day. Take extra care during any midday plans. Hornets might pop-up at any time.
  10. For a hornet infestation call a professional. If you’ve noticed on your property an excessive amount of hornets or their nest make sure to contact Merrickville’s Truly Nolen Pest Control.