4 Tips To Help Control The Pest Population In Your Residence

4 Tips To Help Control The Pest Population In Your Residence

Wintertime is when mice, rats and other pests and rodents seek warmth and coziness. If they also happen to find locations that provide plenty of food and water at the same time, then they’ve hit the jackpot. People’s homes often provide all of the above which is why it is no surprise rodent infestations are so common throughout Canada in the winter. If this is something you are going through as well, then you are in need of professional residential pest control services.

Residential Pest Control: Prevention Tips

Keep in mind that these are just some of the basic tips for prevention and that the best option by far is contacting a professional company to completely proof your home. In order to do your best to eliminate rodents and other critters from making your home theirs, here are some of the things you can do:

• Seal & secure all food;
• Inspect your foundation and seal any cracks;
• Cap the chimney on your home;
• Use copper or metal grills to cover vents.

Sealing And Securing All Food In Your Home Is The First And Easiest Step

The crucial thing to remember here is that this tip involves both human and pet food alike. For example, if you go grocery shopping, don’t store food in the grocery shop packaging. Instead, transfer items like nuts, grains, and rice into sealed glass container like mason jars. Use sealed and airtight containers to store dog food and bird seed. It is also a good idea to wipe your pet’s food bowl daily to remove lingering crumbs. Neglect these and chances are you are going to need residential pest control services pretty soon.

Inspect The Foundation And Seal Cracks To Achieve The Best Residential Pest Control

This is something many homeowners neglect to do. The foundation of a home can give way to countless wildlife and rodent entry points into a home. It is important to remember that mice can squeeze through openings half their body size. When you consider the typical size of the average mouse, it becomes obvious why thoroughly inspecting your foundation is so important. Even the tiniest of holes can provide an entrance for these furry critters, so be detailed in your inspection. Seal any cracks you find. Also, it is wise to replace any broken screens on windows and doors for the same reason.

Inspect & Cap Your Chimney

The chimney is a part of your home that is appealing to wildlife for obvious reasons. It is not easily accessible to humans, it is dark, warm, snug and cozy. It also provides pests with easy access to the inside of your home where they can obtain food and water in no time. That is why it makes perfect sense to prevent unwanted pests from entering your home by capping the chimney. Aside from being effective for residential pest control, capping your chimney will also protect it from the devastating effects of the weather.

Use Metal Or Copper Grills To Cover Vents

Because rodents are so adaptable, they don’t shy away from using various existing entry points to gain access to homes like fan or dryer vents. One way to shield your home against this is to cover these vents by using copper or metal grills. The problem with using most other materials is that pests like rats and mice can easily chew through them. To make sure this doesn’t happen, opt for metal or copper as they are highly durable.

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