6 Encouraging Tips from Truly Nolen To Think Like A Bug

6 Encouraging Tips from Truly Nolen To Think Like A Bug

Bugs and insects can cause a wide range of problems for humans. It makes perfect sense since getting rid of and preventing infestations in your home requires you to think like the enemy. This is necessary because it allows you to understand where and what insects and bugs are attracted to in your home. By preventing them access to sources of interest like food and shelter, you minimize the risks of an infestation. Professional pest control companies like Truly Nolen should always be your first choice when pest removal services are needed. However, there are several tips Truly Nolen offers its customers that help with infestation prevention. These include taking care of your:

• Trash bins
• Pet food bowls
• Vegetation
• Attic space
• Water leaks
• Dirty dishes

Tip 1: Trash Bins Can Become Family Reunion Parties For Flies

The biggest attraction for flies and insects when it comes to trash bins is the smell. It is best to always keep your trash contained. Make sure to maintain a clean area where you store your trash bins so you can monitor new activity. Also put recycling bins and trash out for every pickup regardless of the actual amount of trash. In order to provide an unattractive smell for rodents and insects, periodically wash out your bins with a bleach mix.

Tip 2: Bugs Can Thrive In Pet Food Bowls

Ants, in particular, are very attracted to your pets’ food and water bowls, as are many other insects. Never leave dog or pet food out all day and do your best to feed your pets indoors if possible. Another way to ensure pest-free dog food is to wash the bowls thoroughly after each use. Not only will this prevent pesky bug visitors, but it will also make your four-legged companion happy.

Tip 3: Vegetation Is A Bug’s All-You-Can-Eat Café

Not only does mature vegetation close to the house provide a bridge for some insects from the outside into your home, but it also acts as pretty good housing. Always make sure to trim any vegetation close to your home to the point where you can walk between it and your home comfortably. This is important because these greens provide food for bugs, as well. In order to make your house uninviting to insects and rodents, as well as tidy and sharp, also ensure to clean up any old leaves and other foliage.

Tip 4: Rodents Consider Your Attic Their Personal Winter Cabin

Before the weather gets cold and drives wildlife to seek shelter inside your attic, do a thorough inspection. This means you need to ensure your attic is properly sealed around the sides and that all the vents are also sealed with appropriate wiring. Always keep your attic clean. Also, pay attention to any rodent droppings close to the entrance or anywhere in the attic itself. This will help you catch them before they breed and have babies, which further complicates the removal process.

Tip 5: Water Leaks Are Nothing Short Of Pest Water Parks

Leaky faucets are not only a nuisance in itself, but they can also attract unwanted visitors. That’s why you want to ensure you don’t have any leaky faucets anywhere in your home. Similarly, if your property or garden has an irrigation system, check it for leaks and problems periodically. Overwatering can easily provide a reliable and easily accessible water source for pests like mosquitoes, flies, and crickets.

Tip 6: Roaches Enjoy Dirty Dishes As Much As People Do Fast Food Restaurants

Storing food is best done using a pantry and refrigerator, not the kitchen sink. Grain weevils can easily cause stored food to spoil if not stored properly, so remember to use air-tight seals for this job. Additionally, food that is not stored properly and is easily accessible is at the same time highly attractive to rodents and cockroaches.

If You Do Have An Infestation, Truly Nolen Is Here To Help

When it comes to things you can do on your own to prevent unwanted visitors in your home, everything previously said should do the trick. However, if you do happen to have a pest infestation on your hands, then prevention simply won’t do. Removal is the only option you have left, and you better make sure it is done effectively and reliably. That means your best choice is to contact the experts at Truly Nolen; a company that’s been in the pest control and removal business for more than 75 years. Truly Nolen takes every intervention seriously and is dedicated to helping people stay safe in their homes. Call Truly Nolen today and let the professionals do the heavy lifting.