Ant Control in Canada: The Unwanted Houseguest

Ant invasions can happen in the cleanest home and during any season of the year. Ants will show up in our homes whenever it rains, snows, gets hot, or is cold. But an ounce of prevention can keep your home safe and the ants outside where they belong.

Ants in Canada

Canada has over 100 species of ants and while some are structure-damaging species, others are more of a nuisance than anything else. Ants are social insects that live in colonies with populations often reaching hundreds of thousands. Most colonies will build nests in soil while some, such as carpenter ants, will tunnel into wood to create nesting chambers.

How to Prevent an Infestation


Ants need to eat so they are skilled at finding food sources in your home that you might miss. They are attracted to crumbs on the counter and floor, uncovered food, and dirty dishes in the sink. Make sure your kitchen is tidy by wiping your counter and sweeping regularly. Take a peak around your home and locate any exterior holes where ants can enter and block them using a latex caulk or filler plug. Certain substances such as salt, cayenne pepper, and coffee grounds are unattractive to ants so spread a line of these repellents along windowsills and baseboards.

Ants During Winter

In nature, ants will spend winter buried deep into the ground. They will emerge during spring and resume normal activities. But for ants that have gained access to your home, the ants will continue looking around for food and water. The nest and queen will be located inside the home and will be very close to the foundation while worker ants are busy searching for resources to return to the nest.

Ants In the Spring

If you spot ants in your home during spring or summer, more than likely the nest and the queen are located outside. The ants are entering your home through crevices to search for food. Ants are drawn to warmth and will stay outdoors where temperatures are favorable during these seasons.

The Difference Between an Infestation & a Visit

If you spot ants crawling across the floor in a single file line you will probably feel that a huge problem awaits you. A few isolated ants exploring a room, counter, or window sill are usually not a cause for concern. It could be worker ants foraging for food or a queen looking for shelter to found her colony. Kill any ants you come across and be vigilant in order to keep them from spreading. However, if you do see a large number of ants in one area continuously, contact a Truly Nolen Canada pest professional to get rid of the problem. This is a good indication the ants have probably made a nest close by and the problem has gone beyond your control.