Are Stink Bugs Worse in the Fall?

Are Stink Bugs Worse in the Fall

Fall marks the end of summer, and we reluctantly ready our back yard for another cold winter. The leaves begin to change colour and it’s Halloween before we know it. Pumpkin spice lattes re-appear and we spend more of our time indoors. Most of these are the welcome stereotypes of fall. But there’s another common arrival in fall and it’s far less welcome: the stink bug. Or shall we say, lots of stink bugs.

Yes, it’s true that come fall, stink bugs will be spending a lot more time closer to your home. They’re aware of the arrival of winter too and they’re desperate to seek shelter and warmth. Let’s have a look at why they’re so much worse in fall – for you and for residential pest control professionals. We’re going to discuss the problems they could cause inside your home and why Truly Nolen’s Four Season approach can help.

Why Are Stink Bugs Worse in Fall?

Interestingly, stink bugs are one of many flying insects that arrived in North America from South-East Asia. You don’t have to be a geography expert to know that on the other side of the world and closer to the equator, temperatures are generally high year-round. Once the temperatures begin to fall, stink bugs will feel the cold much more than other insects which are native to North America.

They travel in groups, and together they’ll try to stay as warm as possible when the cold winter winds arrive. They’re likely to congregate on the eastern side of your property where there’s a good chance of there being a sunny, reflective surface. Like other insects, stink bugs release a chemical pheromone when they’ve found a warm surrounding. This is a signal to other stink bugs in the area that they should follow them there.

Stink bugs will be looking for warm, dark and safe places to hibernate for the duration of winter. If they manage to sneak inside your home, your walls, floorboards, and attic provide just that.

What Problems Do They Cause?

Stink bugs are very, very bad news for farmers. Because of their taste for the vitamins within fruit and vegetable crops, large colonies can wipe out entire fields of fresh produce. They’ve caused millions of dollars of damage to the agriculture industry. Inside your home, they aren’t likely to cause any structural damage but are certainly still a nuisance. And, as the name suggests, when they’re crushed they release a very unpleasant smell indeed. They may also die by crawling into lights and tiny cracks and crevices inside your home. If they die there you won’t be able to see them but the smell will certainly be noticeable.

Truly Nolen’s Four Season’s Approach

Thankfully, our Truly Nolen experts know how to take care of stink bugs no matter the season. Our trademark Four Season’s approach provides a year-round solution to residential pest control. Since 1938 we’ve been researching the pests we remove and studying their behaviours. We understand that they behave differently throughout the year and that their homes move too.

That being the case, we’ve designed a proactive residential pest control treatment for every season. Whether they’re desperately looking for shelter in winter or they’re aggressively defending their colony in spring, we approach the pests on your property in the most effective way. Our advanced application methods and high-quality materials ensure a safe and efficient solution. What’s more, no matter which season you call us in, we future proof your home from pests for years to come.