Are There More Cockroaches in the Fall?


Are there More Cockroaches in the Fall

When fall arrives, our daily routine begins to change. We can’t help but spend less time outdoors as the hot summer air disappears. Instead of enjoying barbeques and gardening, we rake leaves and dig out our warm clothes. Many of us prepare for the cold weather ahead and unfortunately, certain insects are no different. 

Residential pest control in the Niagara area becomes extremely important when fall arrives. This is when pests can be at their most intrusive. Cockroaches are one particularly rude guest when it comes to arriving in your home uninvited. We’re exploring whether or not their behaviour changes when fall arrives, and why you might need Truly Nolens help.

Should You Expect More Cockroaches in Fall?

An average cockroach lives between 6 and 18 months. They don’t waste their precious time by hibernating through the winter. Instead, they’ll look to your home for shelter and warmth. This means that during fall, when the cold air slowly begins to arrive, cockroaches will be doing their best to sneak inside your house. They’ll know that they while they stand a chance of surviving a cold Niagara winter, they’ll be much more comfortable indoors. For that reason, you should expect to see more cockroaches attempting to move inside your home come fall.

How Can You Stop Them?

There aren’t many reasons you would want to find a cockroach inside your home. They’re normally thought of as disgusting and troublesome pests. Some species of cockroach are even known to carry harmful pathogens. Let’s have a look at how you can stop them from entering your home this fall.

First of all, you’ll need to keep your home clean. This can be as simple as cleaning surfaces after you’ve prepared food. Food crumbs and spills should also be tidied away, as these will attract the hungry pests into the kitchen. When the going gets tough, cockroaches can feed on just about anything. Make sure that your floors are regularly vacuumed so that there is literally nothing for them to survive on.

There are some less obvious things that will attract cockroaches too. If you have a pile of newspapers, magazines or paper bags lying around, cockroaches will happily nestle up there. That pile of paper will be giving them the hiding place they desperately need to survive. 

Some simple house maintenance also lowers the chances of cockroaches finding their way into your home. Leaky pipes and faucets will be creating a water source that cockroaches need – make sure to fix them before fall arrives. Any holes, cracks, and gaps on the exteriors of your home should be sealed as well. If cockroaches spot any easy access point into your home, they won’t hesitate to take it.

Work With Our Experts

Unfortunately, cockroaches are determined pests. Even if you do everything we’ve suggested above, they can still squirm inside your home. When that happens, you’ll need to contact the residential pest control experts in Niagara

Our Truly Nolen team consists of professional pest removal technicians. We use the most advanced techniques and modern technology to make sure that your cockroach problem is quickly removed. Not only that, after we’ve fully inspected your home we’ll have identified any weaknesses which the cockroaches have taken advantage of. We help to seal up any cracks and crevice and leave behind a long-term solution which prevents them from using that entry again.