Are Wasps More Aggressive in the Fall?

Are Wasps More Aggressive in the Fall

They’re a nightmare even at the best of times. Wasps ruin picnics, terrorize garden parties and cause problems all summer long. But have you ever noticed them getting worse in fall? You might think that with less food in the garden and less sugary drinks opened, that wasps would be less present. With the crisp air of fall settling in and cozy sweatshirts being worn, wasps are still finding a way to add fear to the day. Often, more so than they would during summer. And there are plenty of reasons for that.

At Truly Nolen, our wasp control calls noticeably increase come fall. Let’s have a look at why wasps may be more aggressive during that time. We’re also going to discuss what that means for you if you’ve already been suffering from wasp infestation in the summertime.

What Makes Wasps More Aggressive in Fall?

Wasps, along with bees, leave their hibernation after the cold months of winter ready to feed and breed. They’ll quickly assemble nests and establish their living space, attacking anything that dares to enter their territory. Their numbers will grow too, exponentially. As more and more worker wasps carry home more and more food for their young, they’ll grow in numbers. During summer, wasps are at their strongest and their numbers are high.

By the time the leaves change, wasp populations are almost maxed out. Incredibly, there are almost too many of them. Bad news for us, but even worse news for them. 

With an army of dedicated workers prepared to protect their queen, anybody that comes near their nest will soon know about it. The queen is their priority and she’s being readied for the winter months ahead. In the fall, wasps will be extra determined to steer you away from her.

Food sources also become scarce during the fall. Other insects are beginning to die off or hibernate, and worker wasps will find less food in their daily hunts. This isn’t great news, considering there are more wasps during the fall than at any other time. Since there isn’t enough food for everybody, many of the wasps are going hungry. They’re still working hard but aren’t being rewarded with the meals they expect. You’d be a little grumpy too, right? This makes wasps even more aggressive.

What Does That Mean For You?

If you’ve been suffering from a wasp control problem all summer long, then it’s about to get an awful lot worse. We highly recommend calling our team of expert Truly Nolen technicians as soon as you suspect you may have a wasp problem. The longer you leave it, the worse it becomes.

And it will certainly become worse for you in fall. A young and small nest is relatively straightforward to remove in spring. As wasps gather strength and numbers, the nest becomes bigger and there are even more wasps. A retaliation attack which may have been as low as a hundred could be as high as a thousand now.

It also means that with more wasps close to your home, your chances of being stung are higher. There will be more of them to protect a larger area, and you might intrude that without even realizing it.

Let Truly Nolen Deal with Your Wasp Issues

Wasps are a big concern in fall. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll remove the pests quickly and effectively. Our experienced technicians have seen everything when it comes to wasp control and they’re fully trained to deal with them in fall as well. Call us today and see how we can help you enjoy your back yard in peace this fall.