Are You Seeing More Spiders in Your House This Fall?

Are You Seeing More Spiders in Your House This Fall

When you think of fall, you’re probably thinking about the changing colour of the leaves and cozy sweaters. The temperatures quickly drop and we spend far more time indoors. So much so, in fact, that we feel like we see spiders more and more. Are we just seeing things as we spend more time indoors? Or are these bugs crawling out of the woodwork when they smell our pumpkin spice latte?

In this post, we’re going to look at whether or not there are more spiders in your home come fall. We’ll have a look at the types of insects you might find and how pest control professionals in Niagara can help.

Are You Really Seeing More?

We’ll settle this one quickly – yes, you are in fact seeing more spiders in fall. This might not be for the reasons you think though. Unlike other common pests like rodents, cockroaches and stink bugs, spiders aren’t coming into your home for shelter and warmth during the cold winter months. It’s highly likely that they’ve been hiding around your home since early spring. When fall arrives, they’re fully developed and at their strongest, and they’ll be looking to breed before winter.

House spiders will spend the majority of their lives indoors. For most of their lives, they’re in your walls and flooring hiding, feeding, and hoping not to get caught. Come fall, they’ll be looking to mate, and more of their time will be spent looking for partners. They won’t find a partner by hiding like they normally do, so we tend to find more spiders during fall. Female house spiders will also be looking to find large, spacious areas so that they can lay their eggs. Once spiders have mated, they’ll normally go back into hiding for winter.

Types of Spiders Inside Our Homes

The types of spiders found inside our homes are almost always house spiders. Indoor and outdoor spiders are completely different and have adapted to live in contrasting environments. The spiders typically found indoors are harmless, and they’re normally only there to eat.

Occasionally, outdoor spiders will accidentally make their way inside. Perhaps curiosity gets the better of them, or maybe they’ve chased a meal all the way inside your home. This environment typically doesn’t suit them and they won’t like the bright lights, warmth or exposure. If these spiders do find their way into your home (normally black widow spiders or hobo spiders), they won’t survive long at all. They need much more food than house spiders in order to survive.

If you do find a suspicious-looking-spider in your home, don’t panic. It’s highly likely that the spider isn’t venomous, and probably won’t even be able to bite. Try to identify the spider, and trap it if that makes it easier to distinguish. Try not to corner or frighten the spider, because if it does bite, it will do so in retaliation. If you’re really worried about the spider or the number of them you’re finding, then call the pest control experts in Niagara.

Call Truly Nolen Today

At Truly Nolen, we’ve been handling pest control problems since 1938. There’s no pest we haven’t dealt with, and no spider even though we haven’t been a little surprised to find indoors. If you’re discovering an alarming amount of spiders in fall, chances are you’ve got a pretty serious infestation inside your home and you will need expert pest control

We guarantee to remove the pests from your home and we’ll even future proof your property in the process. If the spiders were a pest this fall, we guarantee they won’t be next year. Call us today for a free quote and see how we can help.