As Urban Redevelopments Increase, Rodent Populations Grow

As old buildings get renovated to host a new set of tenants, rats that have been inhabiting those buildings are left without their previous habitat. What usually happens with urban redevelopment is that rodents that have been living inside abandoned buildings get pushed out and left to find new living spaces. Since these rodents haven’t adapted to living in natural environments, they most often look for new homes to inhabit.

Displaced Rodents Seek Out New Homes

Rodents inhabit spaces that have been abandoned, like old houses and buildings. When a property is left vacant, it is dark and empty, which makes it a safe environment for rodents. Abandoned buildings are often neglected, which makes them a target for pests. The infrastructure of the buildings gets damaged, which allows the rodents and other wild animals to get inside, creating an ideal environment for rodents to live in. Once the re-development process of the buildings begins, rodents are driven away and will begin to move into the next urban neighborhood.

When this happens, surrounding neighborhoods are at risk from a genuine rodent invasion. Rodents will use the smallest cracks in fences and gates to get inside properties, where they will reproduce at a high rate. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to protect your home from a rodent invasion.

Protecting Your Home From Rodents

Being aware of the potential for a rodent infestation in your home gives you the opportunity to be pro-active in keeping rodents out. The absolute best solution is to hire professional rodent control company, which will properly assess and protect your home. There are a couple of things you can do to make your home rodent-proof:

  • Inspect fences, gates, roofs, windows, and doors for holes and gaps. Even if they’re small, rodents can use them to chew and claw their way in.
  • Inspect for any weak spots in the infrastructure, such as rotten and decaying wood and rusted wires.
  • Repair damaged infrastructure in your home. This goes for wooden and metal elements, but also for weakened and loose mortar. Performing all of these repairs will also make your home look neater and better kept.
  • Clear out the exterior parts of the property and get rid of trash. Keep the trash as further away from your home as possible. Empty the trash cans as frequent as you can so that the smell doesn’t attract rodents. Clear out the front and backyard of leftover leaves, old tools, chunks of wood and other things that could provide a hiding spot for rodents.

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