Basement Bugs – Expert Pest Control Can Help

If you’re disturbed by the number of bugs in your basement, you should know they are more a sign of a problem than a problem itself. Having your basement crawling with bugs is still very frustrating. If you want to get rid of bugs in your basement, you can count on pest control services in Niagara. Getting rid of them permanently will require a bit more work and effort, here’s what you need to know about those pesky bugs in your basement.

Moisture and Mold is Your Biggest Problem

Bugs that inhabit basements can cause some damage, but not as much as the excess moisture. Pest control services in Niagara will work with a variety of basement bugs species that become drawn by the wet environments, where they nest and multiply to excess. Some of these bugs are:

Mold mites

These bugs live and hide in dark, wet spaces. This makes basements ideal hiding places, since they’re both damp and often stacked with boxes of spare tools, old furniture and items are that the homeowner is currently not using. Some of the species are carnivores, like centipedes. They feed on smaller bugs and could possibly bite humans. This can happen if you grab an item, like a box or a tool with a bug on it. In this situation, the bug will bite in self-defense. These bites aren’t particularly dangerous, but are painful and can take a couple of weeks to heal. To avoid such outcomes, you should hire pest control contractors to completely take care of the problem.

Pest Control Measures that Work

There are a couple extra ways to control the bug population in your basement. Pest control companies in Niagara use specialized methods that systematically kill off bugs. They also have the knowledge and skills to find and remove the nests.

Ultimately, the best way to control the bug population in your home is the 4 Seasons Solution, a program developed by Truly Nolen. It is a specially designed approach for controlling pests throughout the year. We at Truly Nolen understand how different types of bugs and other pests behave throughout the year, and we’ve come up with a unique plan that addresses these changes. Based on the way pests migrate, breed, as well as their living habits, we’ll devise a plan using sustainable methods to pest-proof your home. Our Four Season’s approach includes a blend of different methods, tools, and materials that ensure year-round pest protection.

Take Advantage of Truly Nolen’s Expertise

Leaving the work to professionals not only gives you peace of mind but it provides an effective solution to prevent this from happening again. If you’re having trouble stopping bugs from getting into your basement, Truly Nolen Niagara offers a variety of services. We can help you with coming up with a four-season plan to keep pests in check, as well as perform audits to suggest necessary prevention measures. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today, we are here to help!