Battle of Bugs: Common Niagara Office Pests

A comfortable and productive working environment is vital for everyone, regardless of the type of business they are involved in. When that environment becomes a hotspot for bugs, productivity is bound to slump, not to mention the negative impression it gives to visitors and clients.

Commercial pest control in Niagara focusses on some of the most common insects and pests that enjoy nesting in business facilities, enabling workers to identify the little critters and giving advice on how to limit, or even eradicate, them.

Inevitably, different types of pest prefer different habitats and environments in which to feed and breed. Here are some of the pests most commonly found in the workplace.

Workplace Worries: Top 4 Commercial Pests

Ants – A single ant isn’t too much of a worry, but these insects tend to arrive in droves, attracted by leftover foods, garbage, and spills.

Silverfish – While harmless, silverfish can be a nuisance and definitely have that ‘yuck factor’ going on. They love damp environments and are commonly found in restrooms and basements.

Flies – Disease-ridden and extremely annoying, flies are drawn to rotting food and garbage commonly found in the break area or kitchen.

Termites – While termites are important for the decomposition of wood and plants materials, in the workplace they can cause havoc. Munching steadily through storage containers and wooden structures, termites are responsible for billions of dollars of damage to property each year and present one of the biggest headaches for commercial pest control in Niagara.

Keeping Your Office Pest-free

In the case of a severe bug infestation in the workplace, there is no real alternative to calling in a professional pest control company such as Truly Nolen. Not only will we get rid of your unwelcome guests, we also devise an ongoing plan for keeping your building bug-free. Some of the measures recommended by the professionals for commercial pest control in Niagara include:

  • Ensuring all carpets, floor and mats are vacuumed regularly
  • Making sure all furniture, floors and walls are free of spots and stains
  • Collecting garbage regularly and disposing of it carefully. Garbage bins and liners should also be cleaned and replaced on a routine basis
  • Keeping all sinks, urinals, toilets, and hand dryers sanitized and disinfected
  • Ensuring all windows and doors are clean and closed

All Aboard the Bug Buster

The most effective way of keeping any commercial building pest free is getting everyone to participate. Remember that some employees may be unknowingly contributing to the problem by bringing in pests from their homes. It is therefore crucial that your colleagues also inspect their homes and make sure they’re not responsible for the pest problems at work.

In addition to eliminating external pest sources, it’s important that everyone in the building adheres to an agreed set of rules pertaining to hygiene and cleanliness. This means making sure everyone is aware of rules for proper garbage disposal, advising them about eating and drinking at the workplace and cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen or restroom areas.

If the pests persist, the best option is to contact a professional commercial pest control company in Niagara for advice on how to deal with the problem. In instances where there is an established infestation, only trained pest control technicians have access to the pesticides required to eliminate the problem.