Bed Bug Surge: Products That Can Help You Stop It

Bed Bug Surge Products that can Help You Stop It

Along with politics, bad weather, climate change, and all the other bad news that’s fed to us every day, now you have another thing to worry about: bed bugs. Most people have either come into contact with bed bugs or know of somebody that has. And the likelihood of encounters is increasing.

The world is currently suffering something of a ‘bed bug epidemic’. Despite being at an all-time low just 20 years ago, bed bug numbers are now on the rise and they show no signs of slowing down. In this blog, we’re going to discuss a few newly-introduced products that claim to prevent bed bugs from spreading. And, as always, we’ll discuss why calling pest control experts like Truly Nolen is the surest way to remove bed bugs from any property. 

What’s Causing This Bed Bug Surge?

Yes, you read it correctly – there has been a bed bug surge recently, and North America has been one of the most affected areas. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult pests to remove, and they’re proving that on a global scale.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, budget travel has become much more affordable for people around the world. This means that more and more people are taking gap years and extended vacations. But more importantly, this means that more people are traveling to more exotic places than ever before. With all of these people covering incredible distances and returning home, they’ll be coming home with a little more than they bargained for.

Some types of bed bugs are also becoming resistant to treatments. Traditional pesticides and other treatments are becoming less effective and what used to remove colonies completely now barely makes a dent.

With a growing global population and increased traveler numbers, bed bugs are thriving. But closer to home, overcrowding and changing temperatures also have an impact on bed bug numbers. Some people living in big cities are living in smaller, more cramped spaces. Hotter temperatures create more laundry and all of this makes for a messier home. Piles of dirty clothing and clutter are places where bed bugs are likely to be found.

Which Products Are Available?

In an attempt to combat the spiraling bed bug numbers, companies are beginning to create ‘bed bug proof’ bedding products. Some of these are as simple as mattress and pillow covers are designed to keep bed bugs out. Other solutions include surge detectors, detection traps, and detection kits.

Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, these products are largely ineffective when it comes to bed bug treatment. Bed bug populations need to be targeted and eliminated using very specific techniques. As well as treating your bed, you need to tackle your clothing, closets, laundry, and even your sofas and carpets to remove bed bugs completely. There just isn’t the technology to create a product that will achieve that. 

Bed Bug Control with Truly Nolen

So, while there are certain products out there that might help to reduce bed bug numbers, the best solution is to hire a pest control professional. Our Truly Nolen technicians are well aware of the bed bug surge. In fact, along with other professional pest control companies, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of bed bug call-outs.

This means that along with our pest control training, skills and know-how, we also have a wealth of experience when it comes to the blood-sucking pests. Once we’ve confirmed a bed bug infestation, we’ll know exactly where to look and how to treat their colony. Not only that, our technicians will be looking for unhatched bed bug eggs and secret hiding places. Once our team have left your property, there won’t be a safe place for bed bugs to survive.

Call our team today and find out how you can avoid the surge with Truly Nolen.