Bed Bugs are Found in Many Unexpected Places

As their name suggests, bed bugs are found living in relatively close proximity to humans, and these little critters have a knack for hitchhiking. Typically, bed bugs live within about 8-feet from a where a person sleeps. This gives them the ideal habitat for blood, warmth, and carbon dioxide, perfect for them to live happy lives. When we think of bed bugs, we most commonly associate them with dirty college dorm rooms or rundown hotels. But the bed bugs do not discriminate and will nest in any area they see fit. Due to their rapidly increasing numbers throughout the U.S. and Canada over the past number of years, pest control experts are reporting a relative increase in uncommon bed bug infestation hangouts.

Hotel Rooms

It’s not too surprising that bed bugs have made their homes more commonly in hotel rooms as of late. They are after all expert hitchhikers, and have been known to travel around on a person’s clothing and luggage, making hotel rooms their ideal place to stay. Even the cleanest and most well kept hotel rooms stand the risk of a bed bug infestation.


It has been reported that during an unusually heavy infestation of bed bugs, electrical outlets, loose wallpaper, and even wall hangings are ideal hangouts for bed bugs. They have also been known to make their homes in the corners of the wall and ceiling connections.

Movie Theaters

Across the country bed bugs have been reported in movie theaters. This should not seem uncommon due to the large number of humans that pass through a movie theater. Each one having the potential to bring bed bugs into a movie theater, although infestations reported in uncommon, non-residential areas are infrequent at best.

Schools and Daycare Centers

Infestations in schools and day care centers are becoming more of a problem. These pesky bugs brought into the school and daycare environment through staff or students that may have an infestation, or the like, at their home.

Office Buildings

Pest control professionals noted that in 2015, 45% of them had had to deal with bed bugs in an office setting. If you happen to work in an office building with a bed bug problem, store your belongings in plastic bags, and wash your clothes with heat, to avoid taking them home with you. This will help to prevent their spread to your bed.

Retail Stores

Bed bugs can wreak havoc on any retail business, seeing multitudes of customers pass through their doors on a daily basis. Catching a ride on a handbag, backpack, or other personal item, they can be found hiding in dressing rooms, employee locker rooms, and even upholstered furniture. It’s best to keep your personal belongings off the floor and inspect the clothes before making your purchase.

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