Bed Bugs: Their Habits and Life Cycle in Your Home

Bed Bugs: Their Habits and Life Cycle in Your Home

As a Waterloo homeowner, few problems are as upsetting and frustrating as a bed bug invasion. These tiny insects hide in sleeping areas and come out at night to feed on the blood of people and pets. Once you discover their presence, removing them on your own can be difficult because of how quickly they multiply. We at Truly Nolen Canada can help you understand this insect’s habit and lifestyle and provide you with unique solutions for bed bug removal in Waterloo so you can reclaim your home.

How Bed Bugs Get Into Your Home 

Some people believe poor housekeeping or a lack of hygiene invite bed bugs, but this is not the case. Most invasions begin when a few of these insects travel on your luggage or your person from other locations, such as hotels or other people’s homes. They hide in the seams of luggage or your clothing and from there, they seek out places to hide in your home, especially your bedroom. Once there, they begin their breeding cycle again.

Bed Bug Life Cycles 

Once bed bugs enter your home, they will begin to lay their eggs. It is unlikely you will see them at this point, as they are no larger than a grain of salt. The adults will lay their eggs in several places around your home, including:

  • Furniture 
  • Mattresses 
  • Cracks in walls and baseboards 

Once the eggs hatch, bed bug nymphs will search out a blood meal right away. They remain in the nymph stage for several weeks and pass through several growth stages, known as instars until they reach adulthood, mate and start the life cycle anew. Once they reach adulthood, you might find signs of their presence in the form of shed shell casings, fecal stains and bloodstains on your sheets from a recent feeding. A single bed bug can live anywhere from four months to one year, which means each can contribute to your home’s infestation before they die.

Measuring an Infestation 

Once you discover bed bugs in your home, it can be difficult to gauge just how severe the problem is because adult bed bugs can hide where hardware store foggers and sprays cannot reach. You can treat your home but if you do not eliminate all the adults and the eggs, you might find yourself facing the same problem a month later when new nymphs hatch and start feeding on your family while you are asleep. Our experienced technicians can offer you a more effective plan for bed bug removal in Waterloo to destroy the entire population, no matter where they hide.

We Offer Unique Treatments 

Battling bed bugs on your own with name-brand pest sprays is usually a temporary solution, but our Truly Nolen pest control technicians can offer you a different approach. Once they gauge the degree of the infestation, they employ a pressurized mist that reaches even the thinnest of cracks and crevices which destroys adults, nymphs and eggs. This is the most important aspect of properly treating your home, as bed bugs are stubborn insects and even a few adults can start a new infestation. Once our techs treat your home, they can offer you tips for keeping these bugs away from your home, such as inspecting your luggage when you return from a trip and keeping your home’s grass trimmed down so your pets do not pick them up when they are outside.

Once bed bugs enter your home, dealing with their bites and the unpleasant signs they leave behind can seem like a never-ending struggle, but you do not have to go it alone. Contact us today for information about treatment options that can end the cycle of bed bug infestation and kick these bugs to the curb for good.