Bed Bugs: They’re All Over the City

To the surprise of many, bed bugs are not only found in the dark and dirty recesses of unkempt and unsanitary hotels and apartment buildings. These tiny little reddish-brown critters can be found all over towns and cities, including movie theaters, airports and airplanes, as well as libraries, schools, and even restaurants. A 2015 survey conducted by the University of Kentucky, with the aid of 236 pest control professionals from across the country, revealed that bed bugs are a more widespread problem that was once realized.

When learning about bed bugs, one comes to the realization that they can be found just about everywhere, and often in the most surprising of places. It may be a good idea to have a look at the local bed bug directory from your local municipality, to give you more insight and a better understanding about the habits of these creatures.

Bed Bugs in Nursing Homes

According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), nursing homes have seen an increase in professional pest control call-outs, rising by 58% since 2010. Due to the ease and frequency of both residents, staff, and visitor’s access to rooms, the transport of bed bugs is relatively easy and efficient. An additional factor to this increase in bed bug infestations is the natural resistance of the immune system of the elderly to the bite of the bed bug. Their immunity to the reaction to these bites, as well as the resident’s poor eyesight, hinders the possible detection of any bed bug activity within the residential quarters.

Schools, Hospitals, and Offices

Learning about bed bugs through the services offered by pest experts is extremely advantageous in the battle against the bed bug. Knowing the locations of bed bugs, as well as their habits, are going to help make you more aware and conscious of the potential underlying problems ahead. Schools, hospitals, and offices ranked rather high-up for bed bugs infestations, falling just below homeless shelters, and this information has shocked a few. Although infestations are not really common-place in these locations, their frequency of visitors and ease of access make them easy potential breeding grounds for bed bugs.

College dorm rooms are another not really uncommon place to find bed bugs. Students often spending multiple hours in each other’s’ dorm rooms, lounges, or other communal areas. Another notable point is that bed bugs in hospital settings, more notably emergency rooms, are on the rise. Not infestation as much as more regular sightings.

Professional Removal and Control

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