Bridgewater Pest Control : Are Ants Active at Night?

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Seeing a few ants looking for snacks at your picnic may not be a big deal. However, finding a line of ants heading straight for your pantry is a bit more concerning. Even worse, you may find carpenter ants taking advantage of your home’s woodwork. If you have an immediate problem, call Truly Nolen for carpenter ant removal in Bridgewater and other ant control services. If you are just curious about ants, you may want to know whether they are sneaking into your home at night.

Ant Activity – It’s Complicated

The headline of all ant facts is that they are surprisingly complicated for such small creatures. There are many different types of ants (around 12,000 species) and they all have different behaviours. Plus, ants may do different things depending on the context they are in. In other words, ant behaviour is pretty multi-faceted.

This is true for sleep and activity cycles. Some ant species are nocturnal (they work at night and sleep during the day), some are diurnal, meaning they work during the day and sleep at night, and others are working both day and night. This is primarily influenced by the ant species. However, there can be various factors such as the availability of resources and the presence of predators that may cause adjustments in behaviours.

Day Ants and Night Ants

One of the most worrisome species of ants for homeowners is the carpenter ant. While not as bad as termite, carpenter ants can damage woodwork in your home. They tend to prefer dead wood that is decaying, but they will make nests in your home’s structure if it suits them. Carpenter ants are nocturnal, which makes them even more challenging to find and identify.

The pavement ant, a common black ant that originated in Europe and was introduced to North America, is another nocturnal ant. However, you may sometimes spot them in cracks in pavement during the day.

Conversely, the odorous ant, a common home-invading ant known for the smell it emits when squashed, is active during the day and at night. As you can likely see, there are no simple answers to ants.

Ants Catching Some Sleep

Even within an ant species, the sleep cycle can be different. The queen has a totally different cycle compared to the worker ants. She can sleep an average of 9.4 hours per day and may even have dreams, according to some research from the University of Texas. Worker ants, conversely, sleep around five hours in hundreds of microbreaks.

How Truly Nolen Can Help With Your Ant Problem

Whether you are dealing with ants in the kitchen or nesting in your woodwork, you probably want the problem solved. Truly Nolen is here to help. We offer ant removal services and long-term pest control.

Four Seasons Pest Control

We encourage homeowners in Bridgewater and the surrounding area to consider our Four Seasons pest control services. With this program, we will provide seasonal inspections and treatments to ensure that your home is protected against the seasons’ biggest threats. Plus, this service is tuned for each service area. So, we will be focusing on the types of pests we see in Nova Scotia.

Our pest control services are pet-friendly and safe for the whole family. This is a great way to have peace of mind all year.

Schedule Ant Control Services in Bridgewater

Now that you know a little more about ant behaviour, you may be wondering whether you have ants that only come out at night. If you are concerned, Truly Nolen can inspect your home to help identify and resolve any infestations. Contact us today to schedule carpenter ant removal in Bridgewater or any other services.