Bugs that bite

An insect’s ability to bite is what makes them scary to lots of people. Nobody wants to be bitten by a bug. They usually result in itchiness, swelling or worse. Heading into summer it’s good to be aware of the types of bugs that can bite.

Mosquitoes and flies

Canada is becoming known for its mosquito populations. In the spring, mosquitoes and flies are born and can be a real nuisance especially when travelling north to cottage country. Although some mosquitoes may carry west nile or other diseases, most of the time these insects are more annoying with them buzzing and flying around your face. Also, mosquito and fly bites are itchy and can be quite irritating.

Mosquito and fly bites are small red blemishes on the skin. They are commonly itchy and can form into a bump when swollen. Female mosquitoes do most of the biting. They have a piercing mouthpart they use to extract your blood. For children and people with immune system disorders, mosquito and fly bites may be dangerous or look different than bites on adults.

Bees and Wasps

Lots of people are terrified of bees and wasps. However, they will only really bite if they are provoked or feel like they’re in danger. So most of the time when people are panicked and swatting at bees and wasps flying close to them is not the best approach to avoiding stings. Their bites can be very painful and result in significant swelling of the area.

Bee and wasps stings can be dangerous especially for people with allergies. It can affect their respiratory system and can be critical to individuals with severe allergies. Bites can be treated with ice packs to reduce swelling and itchy. Upon being stung, immediately remove and stingers left over. Taking allergy medication can also reduce any swelling or side effects from the bite. If you have an allergy or experience any problem breathing immediately seek medical attention.


There are many different species of spiders and every type may have different bites and severity of side effects. Some species of spider may even be poisonous and any expected bites from these should be properly treated by medical professionals. However, many spiders found in common Canadian homes will probably only leave small bites and can even go unnoticed by the victim.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are usually found in dirty or unsanitary bedrooms. They live on mattresses or in sheets waiting for a host to lay down. Bed bugs will feast on blood of people sleeping in infested rooms. A bite is a small red blemish that is itchy. You can see if there have been bed bugs if there are small blood spots on the sheets. You can also spot the small bugs in the seams of the mattress or other crevices around the bed.

Treating insect bites

Always begin treating insect bites by cleaning the wound. Remove any stingers or other insect parts that might have been left behind after the bug bite. Clean the bite using soap and water or alcohol wipes. Any swelling can be reduced with a cold compress. Swelling may take a few days or weeks to completely go away and itchiness will remain for several days. Itchiness can be controlled with antihistamine creams for bites and stings.

Seek medical attention if the swelling or pain is so bad it prevents you from everyday duties. Or if the swelling continues to worsen more than a day after the bite. Some bites may also become infected and need medication to properly treat the area.

Hamilton pest removal

If you notice insects have taken over parts of your home, you may be hosting a larger insect infestation. These can be bad if insects bite individuals with health concerns. If insect populations become an issue in your building make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.