Businesses with rodent problems

Many businesses have different problems. Rodents are just a reality of most business. But, it’s important they maintain a clean environment and have regular inspections to make sure they’re up to code.

Restaurants, bars and cafe

Businesses that serve food have always been susceptible to rodent infestations. Although we don’t like to think of mice and rats in our favourite restaurants, rodents are inevitable to finding a way into kitchens. It’s up to the restaurant management to be on top of any potential rodent problems.

Areas storing food and garbage should be properly sealed off from the outside. If you allow space for rodents to enter, they will come and contaminate food supplies. There are several guidelines restaurant staff must follow in minimizing infestations. Every year restaurants undergo vigourous health and safety inspections. Each business must post their where customers can see it. Low scores might mean business have to close until they correct any issues.

Grocery Stores

Again, food, food, food. Rodents love warm safe places with an easy access to food. Grocery stores have the most food to offer for rodents to easily slip inside and make their home. Any size infestation can result in mass food contamination. Pests and rodents carry lots of various diseases and parasites that can spoil food items. 

Mouse droppings can seep and ooze through packaging and contaminate food. This can be a huge problem for grocery stores. Once contamination develops it can spread through different food items and can overcome the store.


Hotels are usually quite large buildings. They can be difficult to coordinate and make sure rodents cannot enter at any point. Hotels take a lot of cleaning. If some rooms are left untidy they can be an easy place for rodents to nest. The building can easily start to slip below a standard and when this happens rodent might find their way to the hotel.

Rodents are a sign of a dirty area. This can be one of the worst reputation for any hotel. Nobody will stay somewhere with negative reviews. Especially online reviews can severely harm business.


Schools are another place that is difficult to keep clean. There are many different people and children especially are normally untidy people. They might leave old pieces of rotten food in their locker or desk. These smells can attract rodents.

Not to mention all of the soft materials rodents can use to build nests. Paper and cardboard are the best materials for mouse and rat nests. As long as there’s a regular food supply, then there will always be rodents not too far away.

Farms, campsites and other outdoor business

Any sort of building that is close to a wooded area will attract wildlife. In the winter rodents will be looking for a warm place to hide. These outdoor buildings are easy for rodents to get into. Unfortunately this is a reality for these types of business. Being directly connected to the outdoors opens your doors to rodents and other wildlife to nest in that area.

Saskatoon rodent removal

Rodents are mostly attracted to food. They will go anywhere that has an easy access to food. If you discover any evidence of rodent infestation make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.