Buying a Home? Have a Professional Pest Inspection Done First.

That spacious and perfect looking home you’ve been eyeing could hide some unpleasant surprises. Many excited new homeowners who are on a mission to purchase their first home may rush the process and end up with surprise expenses in repairs due to pest damage. This is why we recommend getting reliable pest control contractors to inspect the home prior to purchasing. Why does this happen?

Undetected pest infestations can cost new homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.In addition to the monetary costs of buying a home with pest problems, you will also have the stress and frustration of not being able to move in and decorate your new home. Truly Nolen Canada explains how to inspect a home you are seeing for the first time for pests:

Look for Traces of Feces

Rodents like rats and mice drop feces all over a house, and you should be able to discover it if you look into dark, hidden corners. If possible, ask to take a peek inside the kitchen cupboards, storage rooms, the attic and basement to make sure there are no rodents in the house. If you buy a home already infested with rodents there will be more than just additional costs involved. There is always a risk of health issues for your family or pets if the problem is not dealt with right away.

Look for Wood and Infrastructure Damage

Bugs like moths, roaches, termites and bed bugs tend to damage the wooden materials in a home. Take a closer look at the floors, particularly areas near and behind the furniture. If you notice visible holes, cracks or damage, it’s possible that the floor is infested with bugs. The same goes if the floor crackles or areas of it sound hollow as you walk. Also, pay attention to beams and wooden frames on doors and windows. The presence of bugs will show in form of clusters of tiny holes and cracks in the wood.

Stains and Dead Bugs

Bugs like bed bugs and moths tend to leave stains. Bedbugs often leave rust-colored spots on the sheets and furniture, while moths make small holes. If you notice any of these signs in a home, refrain from buying it.

Any home that’s infested with bugs will also have dead bugs inside it. If you tend to notice a lot of dead bugs in the corners, around or underneath the furniture and windows, chances are there are also plenty of live ones you’re not seeing.

Looking for a Reliable Pest Control Company? Call Truly Nolen Canada

Before buying a home, the best way to ensure it’s pest free is to have a reliable pest control technician inspect it. It takes a lot of knowledge and skills to look for signs of pests that could have been hidden, either purposefully or by accident. Our licensed technicians will perform a detailed inspection to make sure your home is completely pest-free before you buy it.