Buying Second Hand Furniture? Check For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found literally everywhere, from upscale hotels to movie theaters. One of the most problematic things about these little critters is that their number is increasing because they’re becoming immune to old methods of extermination. If you’re faced with an infestation, remember that a pest control professional like Truly Nolen is the recommended option. Alternatively, there are some DIY methods you could use if you’re adamant about tackling the problem yourself:

• Don’t go dumpster diving
• Check for bed bugs in upholstered furniture
• Know your bed bug facts
• Buy items with hard surfaces

Don’t Go Dumpster Diving

Seams and cracks are where bed bugs prefer to hide. Once you bring them home, they’re tough to spot and even tougher to get rid of. As peculiar as it sounds, avoid getting furniture from iffy sources like dumpsters and alleyways. If an object seems ready for the city dump, move along and let it be.

Check For Bed Bugs In Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture can be a haven for bed bugs because they can be impossible to detect once inside. If a piece of furniture has been vacuumed before being resold, signs of bed bug activity may be gone too. You need to understand that upholstered furniture can’t be freed from bed bugs with simple steam cleaning. The extreme heat necessary to kill the bed bugs and their eggs can’t penetrate that deeply into the furniture. Many pesticides also won’t adequately permeate upholstered furniture. In any event, check thoroughly for signs of bedbugs, and try not to buy items that people have slept near or on.

Know Your Bed Bug Facts

“Bedbug-free” is a term you should absolutely look out for when it comes to secondhand items. It’s very difficult to be sure used furniture items are free of bed bugs. This is where it really pays to know some simple facts about the critters, as well as keep pest control companies like Truly Nolen on speed-dial. Here’s a list of simple facts about bed bugs:

• Excessive heat kills bedbugs (minimum 43 degrees Celsius for 3 hours)
• Cold also kills bedbugs (minimum -7 degrees Celsius for a week)
• You can’t starve them (adult bed bugs can last up to 18 months without feeding)
• Bedbugs are masters at stealth

Buy Items With Hard Surfaces

Choose hard surfaces like solid wood and plastic when buying second-hand furniture. Bed bugs have been known to hide on seams of lampshades, inside pleats, as well as inside books. They’ve also been found hiding inside fans, lamps and even electronic objects like clocks. The least risky bets are objects with hard, cleanable surfaces and few crevices or seams. Inspect all possible purchases thoroughly, cleaning them in detail before putting them inside your home.

Opted For Professional Help After All? Get In Touch With Truly Nolen

Getting rid of bed bugs the DIY way is not only gross but has a questionable degree of effectiveness. The simpler and better option is to hire a pest control professional like Truly Nolen. A company with more than 75 years of experience in helping homeowners be free from bed bugs and countless other types of pests. Thanks to pioneering a number of environmentally safe removal methods, Truly Nolen is definitely the pest control partner you need. Get in touch with them today and ensure your home is healthy and pest-free.