Can Bed Bugs Survive Winter?

Bed bugs are pesky little critters that are both disgusting to see and dangerous to have in your home. A bed bug infestation can grow significantly if left untreated. Professional bed bug control services are crucial if you spot any symptoms of bed bugs or the critters themselves in your bedroom. Because they are so tiny and often difficult to notice, many homeowners believe that all it takes to get rid of them is to simply expose them to cold temperatures for a short while. This is not true, as bed bugs can survive winter. Keep reading to learn more.

Bed Bug Control: How Is It That Bed Bugs Can Survive Winter?

While it is true that winter temperatures do present a challenge for bed bug activity, you should know that they are more than able to survive this time of year. They can accomplish this so long as they have a blood meal. All of bed bugs’ feeding activities typically take place indoors and in heated areas. That is why they have no problem reproducing even in winter and causing a bigger infestation problem.

Bed Bug Control: DIY Freezing Tips

The biggest question here is what kind of winter temperatures can bed bugs actually withstand? Well, bed bugs have been known to survive short-term exposure to freezing temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius in a study at the University of Minnesota. On the other hand, they are not completely resistant to prolonged cold temperature exposure. When it comes to DIY tips to get rid of bed bugs on your belongings, using your home freezer is a good option. Decontaminating potential bed bug infested items includes following several rules, such as:

• Using a remote thermometer
• Placing items in plastic bags before lowering them in the freezer
• Keeping potentially bug infested items in the freezer for a minimum of 3.5 days at -18 degrees Celsius

Bed Bug Control: “I Don’t Have A Freezer, Can I Keep My Items Outdoors Instead?”

While it might make sense that keeping items outside in winter is the same as storing them in your freezer, that is not the case. You shouldn’t do this, at least not if you want to be absolutely certain that there are no more bed bugs in your items. The main reason why the freezer is the best option is that there are fluctuations in the weather throughout the day because of the sun and other factors. Continuous freezing temperatures are crucial for killing bed bugs.

Truly Nolen: Your Choice For Professional Bed Bug Control Services

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