Can Carpenter Ants Destroy Your Home?

Can Carpenter Ants Destroy Your Home?

Carpenter ants wreak havoc on homes in Canada year-round. The good news: They are unlikely to destroy your home since the signs of an infestation are fairly clear. For example, home, apartment or condo residents can spot ant infestations much more quickly than they spot termite infestations. Still, these ants manage to cause their share of structural damage. Take steps to address an infestation as soon as you notice the ants’ presence.

An Unchecked Ant Infestation Can Be Nearly as Bad as a Termite Infestation

Termites and ants have different goals for invading homes. Termites eat wood for nutritional purposes, while ants use wood to make nests. They burrow into the wood and dig galleries (tunnels).

Both termites and carpenter ants cause a lot of damage, but termite damage is easier to miss. Ants have to get rid of their wood waste somehow, and these sawdust-like piles are relatively easy to notice. Serious problems occur when the debris blends in with its environment and goes unnoticed for long periods.

In any case, the presence of carpenter ants does need to be addressed as soon as possible. The potential for staggering amounts of damage is high when colonies are allowed to nest unchecked for years. These signs may indicate an ant infestation:

  • Window holes (slit-like holes in wood)
  • Sawdust or piles of wood shavings, dead insects and other debris outside holes
  • A large number of ants under sinks, in areas of moisture or around wood
  • Trails of ants
  • Dry rustling noises behind the walls

Wine glasses or stethoscopes can help you hear these sounds behind the walls better. Overall, it’s unlikely for carpenter ants to completely destroy a home since their presence is fairly easy to notice. However, the damage they can eventually do if they’re not detected may lead to a home being destroyed for all practical purposes. Carpenter ants will ruin your home if you let them.

How Carpenter Ants Get Inside Homes

Many homes in Canada are built of wood, fully or partially (decks, porches, siding, etc.). Wood is strong but no match for a carpenter ant’s powerful, tenacious jaws. In addition to being forceful, these ants are versatile insects. They get inside homes in any number of ways:

  • Firewood
  • Porches
  • Windows
  • Air conditioners
  • Heating ducts
  • Power cables
  • Telephone cables
  • Tree branches
  • Holes and cracks in home foundations

For example, they could be inside a piece of wood you bring in the home, or they may walk straight inside through a crack. Likewise, they might cross a tree branch into the house.

How To Protect Your Home

Professional experts are in the best position to safeguard your home from an infestation. At Truly Nolen Canada, our professionals assess the interior and exterior of your home to:

  • Examine the damage
  • Pinpoint areas of infestation
  • Look for infestation causes
  • Determine a course of action

Professional Treatment Is Necessary

Carpenter ants are incredibly adaptable. Professionals are needed to apply the right amount of treatment to various nests. Otherwise, too little or too much treatment (or the indirect application of treatment) just means the ants will pick up and relocate to another spot in your home. Then you may have multiple nests if you did not before. It’s best to do it right the first time around.

After an Ant Infestation

The experts at Truly Nolen Canada can help you ant-proof your home after an infestation. Don’t let these ants return! We look for areas of concern and give you strategies to keep your home clear of carpenter ants. For example, you may need to address sources of moisture. It’s surprising just how many unexpected sources there can be. We work to find them all. Get in touch with Truly Nolen Canada today if you’re dealing with a carpenter ant infestation.