Canada’s Top 10 Bed Bug Infested Cities

Bed bugs are pests that are notoriously difficult to get rid of, which is why calling in professional bed bug pest control services is always the recommended option. Many Canadian cities are experiencing a growing problem with bed bugs especially since these insects aren’t just restricted to living in bedding and mattresses. There have been cases and infestations that have included public transit and library books. Continue reading to learn more about where you are most at risk of contracting an infestation if you are in Canada.

Most Infested Canadian Cities

Bed bugs are highly efficient hitchhikers, it is extremely easy to pick them up when you are traveling in the summertime. They may crawl into your clothing or luggage and hitch a ride back to your home, where they can spread to rooms in your home, causing a chaotic infestation. That is why it is essential to be well informed not just about the insects themselves but also about some of the cities where they are most problematic. Here they are:

1. Toronto
2. Winnipeg
3. Vancouver
4. Ottawa
5. St. John’s
6. Edmonton
7. Halifax
8. Sudbury
9. Scarborough
10. Calgary

DIY Control And Prevention

When it comes to DIY tips and tricks on what you can do to prevent infestations in your home, there are a number of things you can try. Most importantly, if you are unsure whether your luggage and clothes contain bed bug stowaways, leave your luggage outside of your home and away from any upholstered surfaces upon returning. Change your clothes outside of your bedroom and thoroughly wash all of your clothes and luggage in hot water on the highest setting. Throw away any disposable items that may contain bed bugs by first placing them in sealed bags and then disposing of them in trash cans away from your home.

DIY Can Be Good, But There Is No Substitute For Professional Experience

When it comes to bed bug pest control, prevention is certainly the better option when compared to removal. If you currently have an infestation, remember that it is safer to contact a professional like Truly Nolen. They have been successfully solving bed bug and other pest infestations for more than 75 years. Truly Nolen is THE pest control provider for you thanks to the A+ team of professionals and technicians that will make sure your home remains bed bug-free for years to come. Call Truly Nolen today to benefit from the company’s experience and expertise.