Canadian Pest Control: Think You Know Termites? Think Again

Termites are the bane of homeowner’s lives, they chew through wood, destroy foundations and can cause untold damage to your property. The Formosan subterranean termite, otherwise known as the “super termite,” lives in large colonies that can consist of millions of members. These large numbers mean that termites can do massive damage in a very short time.

There are many myths and misconceptions about termites, and believing many of these myths can cost uninformed homeowners a lot of money. It is time to separate fact from fiction.

Ten Popular Myths about Termites

Myth: Termites are ants.

Fact: Termites are more closely related to cockroaches than ants and need to be treated accordingly. Ant removal treatments don’t work for termites

Myth: Super termites can eat through concrete.

Fact: The reality is that termites enter your home through small cracks in the concrete and slowly enlarge existing cracks.

Myth: Termites are only found in the warm southern regions of the North American continent.

Fact: Termites are found throughout North America, with the exception of Alaska.

Myth: Destroying forests gets rid of termites

Fact: When termites lose one food source they move onto another, and this could easily be the foundation of your home. Before building on a recently cleared site in Canada, it is important to have a pest control expert check the area for termites.

Myth: Termites will not attack a brick house built on a concrete slab

Fact: Termites are attracted to wood and they know how to find it. All houses have some wood in their structure and even your roof trusses are not safe from termite attacks.

Myth: Keep wood and mulch around your yard and the termites will have enough food and won’t target your home.

Fact: The truth is that all the extra wood will provide a good food source for termites and encourage the colony to grow faster, and when the termites finish eating the scrap wood, they will turn their attention on the house.

Myth: Spraying the ground and surfaces outside your home will kill termites.

Fact: Termite colonies can cover a large area and the nest may not even be on your property. The most effective way to eliminate a colony in your Canadian home is to call in a pest control expert.

Myth: A home treated for termites before construction will be safe forever

Fact: Termite treatments don’t last 20 years. Some Canadian treatments have a one-year warranty, however, environmental factors and the quality of the work pest control work will influence the effectiveness of the treatment.

Myth: Termites are not found in homes where there are carpenter ants.

Fact: Termites and carpenter ants like the same thing and are not natural enemies. Termites eat wood and carpenter ants use it to make nests, and it is common to find both in the same house.

Myth: The termites moved from my neighbour’s house after they had their home treated by a pest control company.

Fact: Termite colonies are extensive, and several homes in one area can be infested by the same colony. Termite control in one house may make termites more active in another home, but it will not drive them from one house to another.  

Advantages of calling in a pest control expert to deal with termites

  • It is important to have your home inspected for termites annually and pest control experts are trained to spot early signs of termite activity. They may identify small cracks in your concrete, where termites can enter, that you might miss. They will also identify landscaping or maintenance areas on your property that make your home vulnerable to a termite invasion.
  • Canadian pest control experts are professionally trained to use and handle chemical treatments responsibly. They have the specialized equipment and experience to rid your house of termites without putting you or your pets at risk.

Termites are an important part of our ecosystem, they are natural recyclers who break down dead wood in forests and turn it into nutrient-rich soil in which plants can grow, but you don’t want them invading your home. The best and most effective way to deal with a termite problem is to call in pest control experts, like Truly Nolen, who know how to deal with the problem and protect your home from termites.