Carpenter Ants: Find Their Nest, Stop The Infestation

Among the various types of ants that commonly cause problems for Canadian homeowners, carpenter ants are some of the most troublesome. Carpenter ant control is a serious matter because an infestation that is left untreated can result in structural damage to a home, making it unsafe to occupy and causing expensive repairs. Carpenter ant colonies can thrive provided there are a number of ideal conditions, such as: shelter from environmental changes, protection from predators, appropriate temperatures and plenty of damp wood.

Know Your Carpenter Ant Nests

When looking to eliminate carpenter ants from your home, the first and most important step is to locate the nest. It is a good idea to get to know more about carpenter ants in general, and that includes learning more about carpenter ant nests as well. There are two types of carpenter ant nests: parent and satellite colonies. Parent colonies have an egg-laying queen, numerous broods and workers. Satellite colonies, on the other hand, are where the workers, mature larvae and pupae are located. These nests can either be located either indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor Nests

When creating their nests outdoors, carpenter ants will often select hardwood trees that contain imperfections and holes. They will also seek out rotten or moist wood as the nests require consistent humidity and temperature. If you find them nesting in your home in a non-wooden area, it means they have found an alternate site that provides them with protection from environmental conditions, security from natural enemies and steady temperature.

Indoor Nests

When talking about indoor carpenter ant nests, your safest bet is to search for nests in areas that have moisture damage. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood; they simply burrow into it. Unlike beetles and termites, carpenter ant workers burrow through the wood with their mouthparts as they excavate spaces for their nest.

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