Centipedes and moisture.

Ew gross. And terrifying. Centipedes are one of the creepiest crawliest bugs around. It’s one of the last things we want to stumble across. Look out in the bathroom and kitchen. Centipedes are attracted to moisture. And many times they’ll wander in buildings searching for food. Keep things clean. They eat small insects. First, make sure you can identify a centipede. Although it’s pretty obvious.

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Centipedes have anywhere between 15 to 177 pairs of legs.

They belong to the class of insects called Chilopoda. Centipedes have a long flat shaped with body segments containing a pair of legs. Found in many different colours and patterns centipedes can range from 4 to 152 mm depending on species. Their heads have a pair of long and sensitive antennae. Also, small mouths and large claws containing a venom gland. Centipedes are carnivores and forage at night paralyzing victims with their claws.

Centipedes love moisture.

They hide in moist and dark places especially during the winter. Eggs are also laid in damp soil during the summer or spring. Centipedes will enter your home, but are only active at night. During the day they hide around damp areas such as bathrooms, closets and basements. They also hang around other areas infested by pests. Moisture is very important to a centipede’s survival and reproduction.

Centipedes come inside a building searching for a food source or to avoid dry weather.

– Holes and cracks are common entry points.
– Gaps in foundation wall.
– Under or around openings between doorframes and doors.
– Crawl up drains and sump pumps.
– Brought in with articles stored outside.

Some can be harmful to humans.

Some centipede species can bite people. Bites aren’t fatal to adult humans, but are usually very painful causing swelling, chills, fever and weakness. Small children with allergies to bee stings can go into anaphylactic shock after being bitten. However, smaller centipedes can rarely pierce human skin.

Merrickville pest control.

There’s absolutely no signs of a centipede infestation. They can exist with leaving no damage. It’s just gross. If you discover centipedes in your home contact Truly Nolen.