Closing your cottage: How to keep pests away.


It’s a sad time of year when we have to say goodbye to the cottage for the winter. But, it’s only a few months until next spring. Don’t worry. However, it’s important to properly close your cottage. Don’t allow any pests to get in and create a larger problem than you need.

Clean up like you’re moving out.

Organize everything. Sweep, mop and vacuum. Dust. Leaving clutter offers multiple areas for rodents to hide. Also, take out all your belongings. Pots, pans and kitchen appliances can smell like food and attract rodents. It makes opening the cottage more efficient. Throw away anything that’s broken. Donate items you don’t need. Bring home valuables. Most importantly, clean out fridge, freezer and food cabinets. Small particles of food can attract wildlife from all around. Especially when dinner is difficult to find in the snow. Wipe down the fridge and freezer. Maybe unplug freezers and fridges. Leave the door slightly ajar. You can avoid mold and moisture from collecting.

Clean out the gutters.

Twigs, leaves and mulch can make great nesting materials for rodents. This attracts wildlife to your cottage. Also, they can build nests in the crevice of the eaves. Also, it allows proper drainage. When the snow melts in the winter all the water needs to go somewhere. Sitting moisture can create mold or soften materials. Water damage can create a lot of damage to buildings. It can also be expensive to repair.

Put outdoor furniture and equipment away.

Leaving furniture and accessories outside during the winter can results in significant damage to your belongings. Store your kayak, canoe, boat or paddle boat. The small covered areas of those objects can offer a safe place for wildlife to build their home. Properly storing outdoor furniture and equipment can prolong their survival as usable items.

Inspect the outer walls.

Small holes or cracks are invitations to pests. Mice and rats can squeeze through space about the size of a quarter. Make sure to seal any points of entry before closing the cottage for the winter. When it gets cold rodents will be desperate to find places to build their winter nests. Don’t give them that opportunity to make your cottage their home. Mice in your building can result in significant damage. They will gnaw on wires and could cause a fire. And you’re not even there to prevent it.


Take all food.

The smell of food is an open ticket for pests to find their way into your cottage. Throw away or take all food items with you. Anyways they could expire and go to waste. It’s a simple step to minimize rodents gaining entry to your home. If they suspect a food source pests will do anything to get in. They may make a hole in the outer walls of your cottage to get in.

Clean BBQ.

It’s probably best to store it in a sealed building. But, always give it a thorough clean. Food particles could be burnt to the grills. Or crumbs might of fallen into the bottom. This will attract wildlife from far and wide. Also, remove the propane canister. It could be a fire hazard.

Remove garbage and junk under cottage.

You’re providing clutter and small corners for rodents to hide. And they use cardboard and newspaper to build nests. Clear everything out from under your cottage. It will make the spring much easier on you for opening it back up.

Cabin windows and doors.

Make sure all doors and windows properly close. If there’s a tiny crack insects and mice might find their way in. Also, it can let in the elements. Do a walk around. Determine if there’s anything that needs repairs.

Goderich pest removal.

If you need assistance in removing any pests that might have found their way into your cottage make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.